Sunday 11 October 2015

Vivo X5Pro - Its value for money

Hi friends! 
Today I'm going to tell you a little about my recent "pet" after using for 2 months.
Bi~bo~bi~bo~XD the brand sound like siren.
It's actually Vivo.
Vivo X5Pro was launched in Malaysia back in June 2015, about 5 months ago.
~Touched by Beauty~Super AMOLED Display~
~Corning Gorilla Glass~Truly Resillient Strength~Nano Crystal Coating~
~2.5D Curvy Glasses on Both Sides~Truly Heart-touching Beauty~6.44mm~
~Extreme Hi-Fi and Slim Body~
~Sapphire Lens~Phase-detection Autofocus Super Fast Focus~

After all, the main advertisement focuses on its exterior design. 
Slim, elegant, handy, super AMOLED...
Sounds like another Iphone to certain extent..
What about the specs?

Before purchasing, I read through the reviews and found one concern. 
There's one said it took 5 hours to charge fully!!!
I took the risk to try out.
Luckily, it only takes me 2.5 hours to charge to 100%, with wifi on. 
(phew~~cold sweat!)
The battery last about 12 hours plus for me as I am not a heavy user especially during working days.
(from 7am to 10pm, sometimes 11pm)

At home page, there's 3 parts: Widgets, dynamic sliding and hide icon.

There's a lot of options of sliding effects. 
I love this because I like some changes from time to time.XP

I can hide some icon with password, giving me a higher privacy protection.
Not to forget, aside from this, they also enable guest mode.
For guest mode, I could choose certain applications and contents to be hidden by using different passwords.

One super amazing thing that I found from X5Pro is their screen shot options.
They have more than 1 option!
As shown on the top, it shows "recording screen".
That's right! Recording screen is enabled and I could choose if I want to record voice as well.

Funny and rectangular screenshots with doodle features.

Another part that made me really crazy about it is the themes!
I was a Samsung user before this and I really got bored of its only theme.
To get more themes, I downloaded other apps which made my Samsung phone became so lagged. (Shaking my head)

See, not only themes, but there are variety of unlock modes.

The unlock modes could even have some music!

Another feature that is super useful for people who are very reluctant to wake up, just like me.
After 25 minutes of the alarm keep ringing and snoozing, it will send a sms to one of my contact.
I could even customize the message! (I customized one for my loved one, *shy shy*)

Some other interesting features: smart motion.

You could unlock the screen with specified pattern and go directly to the app.

Glance through screen once, I get to see the date and time (left).
Glance twice, I unlock the screen.

The main reason I bought this phone is because of its camera function.
And now, I'm going to reveal it...  
Primary camera is 13-megapixel while secondary is 8-megapixel.
There's 9 modes for primary camera. 
Aside from that, I could also do funny video out of it!
Sounds very interesting right?
Oh right! 
There's a children mode that comes with some music to attract children and animal when snapping them!


Festive mode allows plenty options of filter and watermark.
Festive: Photography, style, portrait, foods and time.
Note: they are in square photo size! Just nice for Instagram.
Different filters for different kind of foods.

Now, let's see the front camera. My favourite choice: Face beauty!
Their Face Beauty has gender detection - not making men's face as fair as lady's.
That works pretty perfect when I have different genders in wefie. 
The % of face beauty could be adjusted or customized accordingly (buffing, slimming and enlarging).
I like this, cause I don't need to do extra steps to beautify my face. 
(please ignore my noob expression XD)

"Please show your palm" is a palm detection for selfie timer.
Either 3 or 10 seconds.
3 seconds often is too fast for me, but 10 seconds sounds too long.
After trying out a few times, I think 10 seconds allows more time for posing! XPXP

Selfie also allows festive mode: filter and watermark. 
However, no face beauty when I selected festive. Too bad!

With Vivo phone, I don't need to install additional apps for photo editing.
Because it came with a thorough photo editing function!

I could adjust the % too.

Add in some text.

Adjust bokeh range
Be a professional photo editor by adjusting every single aspects!
This is very much helpful when the lighting is not perfect.
Just like this.

I could choose to put on more face beauty effects!

Also, if I took pictures with bare face, I could choose to put on some make up too!
Haha~ this made me laugh non stop!

Bare face? Don't worry, can still put on some make up here.

Of course, not forgetting to introduce its professional mode of photoshooting!
This require some skill and understanding on a few components.
Otherwise, you will end up getting a dark picture like the top right.
But it actually helps to capture excellent photos in the dark.
You may click the below link to view some photos taken with professional mode in darkness.

Adjusting the white balance.

Focus adjustment.

With this headset, the speaker is excellent!
In the box, I was given a transparent casing and the accessories.

I bought it from Gurney Paragon outlet and I am given the following as free gifts:
Power bank
After comparing with a few outlets, I chose Gurney Paragon because they gave 0% for credit card payment, free gifts yet free life membership for Vivo (get 10% discounts for their accessories).

Though it comes with only 2GB RAM, but it's more than enough. 
As I could always close the background apps by "speed up" the system.

For RM1599 smartphone, I guess it has met all my expectation, especially in photoshooting!
~in love~

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