Saturday 24 October 2015

[HAITAI] Tokpokki Spicy Snack - a Must buy Korean snack!

Hi Peeps!
It's my Korean time AGAIN! XD
I can't wait to share this (actually I've just finished this XP)
Look at my "in love" expression.
I only show this kind of expression to my love. XD

It's a must-buy-snack in Korea! 
Tokpokki snack!
(ignore the white earphone, that's my Vivo amazing earphone)
Let's reveal it now!

My first try on this credited to my sis, pretty Joewy who brought this specially for me during her trip to Korea 2 years ago.
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Yes, I fell in love on my first bite 2 years ago!! 
To a Korean and spicy food fans, this is truly my comfort food.

 Can you see the colour? 
Oh my, I love food in orange-red, that to me is appetizing!
Selina from Taiwan also enjoyed it!XD
Now you know how famous it is!

Before this, I got the similar type from the Kim's Mart at Prima Tanjung.
But, that's not spicy one, it wasn't so good to me because I love spicy.

So how did I get the authentic one?

This credit again goes to a friend of mine who just visited Korea lately.
That's my only order to her. 
Not cosmetics, not skin care, not mask.
But a SNACK!

Of course, people then ask. 
Do you (as a nutritionist) take snack? 
Why not? 
Look at my "lam" expression then you should know how much I love that.
I'm also a normal lady who loves to eat spicy food after all.
However, I do encourage you guys to check out everything that you're putting into your mouth.
Nutrition labeling helps you to understand better on this.

Read the label even though you've decided to put into your mouth.
But, it's in Korean! (I do not master Korean too, only know the pronunciation)
So, I make a guess, some words sounds very similar to Chinese. 
영양성분 = Nutrition facts/营养成分
1 pack serves 7 (total of 215g) , each serving about 30g.
Each serving contains (From the left to right):
Energy (열량), Carbohydrate (탄수화물), Sugar (당류), Protein (단백질), Fat (지방), 
Trans fat (트랜스 지방), Cholesterol (콜레스테롤), Sodium (나트륨)
Look at the tiny spicy look emoticon, that indicates this was the super spicy version. (My all time favourite!)
Overall speaking, this snack is not that unhealthy. 
It has no trans fat and cholesterol.
Sugar, fat and sodium are not that high too. 
But, saturated fat is not displayed, so it's unknown.

Try to check out the ingredients everytime we buy a product.
We spend money to buy good products, so spend wisely.
This pack of snack cost me about 2800 Korean Won = RM7 (based on current rate).
This snack is also available in Taiwan, their neighbour country.
I'll definitely grab some when I visit Taiwan! (Excited!!)

I found it very hard to get in Malaysia, perhaps the Korean's Mart has a higher possibility of selling it.
Check it out and let me know too if you found it!
Share this with your friends, they could help you take up some calories too!
Sharing is always caring!

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