Sunday 16 April 2017

Charles & Keith: 1 wallet, 4 different styles (pastel pink!!)

Hello readers~~
Who loves wallet/bag?
I believe all ladies out there will definitely raise your hands together~~~!
And, how can ONE SINGLE bag fits all OOTD and functions?
Nah... that's reason why we NEED different bags. Ladies, do you agree? XD
If a bag can transform into different styles, what do you think?

Thursday 6 April 2017

Singapore Michelin Awarded Restaurant: Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant (Bugis)

Hello readers~
It was pretty long since my last food review blog post.
NO WORRIES! I'm going to bring you to Michelin awarded restaurant in a while...
I got to know this from a bunch of good friends, 
who enjoy delicious food a lot more than I do! XD
I'm pretty blissful to have them ever since I moved to Singapore. 
You guys who know me well should understand that I am not good in searching delicious food. 
But, whenever I found one, I will definitely recommend it in my blog. 
So, here's one - Alaturka, a restaurant that found in Michelin Guide Singapore 2016!
To be honest, I know NOTHING about it when I was first told. 
The only thing that I know is, it's Michelin awarded restaurant. 
First thing in my mind, it must be EXPENSIVE huh!
That's fine, if the foods are really DELICIOUS!
Let's reveal its actual taste now..
Are you ready?