Thursday 29 October 2015

CRES Wellness - Body Detox Spa

Hi Peeps! It's Thursday again!
Another day to go before our favourite day arrives.
How're you doing?
Got torn by your workloads? 
Well, it's time to pamper yourself.
CRES Wellness had became my recent favourite place for relaxation. 
I wanted to try out a full body spa for months, but price was my barrier.
Being an normal office lady, a spa package that cost more than RM100 sometimes can be very taxing.

It suddenly hit on me when I was attending CRES Wellness Grand Opening Ceremony back in September.
There were several kinds of promotion going on that time. 
But, I was totally caught with Body Detox Spa when I know it's only RM49.90!
Ops, you know, ladies could have more than a thousand reasons to pamper ourselves. XD
So, I was wonder how would that low price spa experience gonna be? 
Let's find out together now...

Saturday 24 October 2015

[HAITAI] Tokpokki Spicy Snack - a Must buy Korean snack!

Hi Peeps!
It's my Korean time AGAIN! XD
I can't wait to share this (actually I've just finished this XP)
Look at my "in love" expression.
I only show this kind of expression to my love. XD

It's a must-buy-snack in Korea! 
Tokpokki snack!
(ignore the white earphone, that's my Vivo amazing earphone)
Let's reveal it now!

Friday 23 October 2015

K-Food - local or authentic taste?

Hi peeps! It's Korean time again!
I've accidentally found this place during my weekend food hunting couple weeks ago.

Enjoying my favourite Kimchi Jigae.
Want to know how's the food?
Follow me now..

Saturday 17 October 2015

Coffeeric - a relaxing cafe (Get your free coffee!)

Saturday is a relaxing day!
I enjoy my Saturday time spent in a cafe, a cup of coffee with the relaxing ambient, perfect!
Last Saturday, I accidentally found this cafe after having my lunch.
Why did I laugh non-stop? 
Haha... it's just because of the person who sat opposite.
Let's have an insight of the cafe now!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

St. Giles Wembley Penang - How's the food?

Last two weeks, I was invited to attend a nutrition-related seminar after work. 
Other than the interesting topic, the venue is the most attractive part!
Look at my excited-look, I was heading to the newest grand hotel in Penang!
St. Giles Wembley Penang!
I heard it is equipped with a heliport, first one in Penang!(I think so.. XP)

Elegant lobby

Outside conference rooms.

Not forgetting visit the ladies and get myself well prepared.
Now, let's take a look of my dinner of the night.
Scroll down...

Sunday 11 October 2015

Vivo X5Pro - Its value for money

Hi friends! 
Today I'm going to tell you a little about my recent "pet" after using for 2 months.
Bi~bo~bi~bo~XD the brand sound like siren.
It's actually Vivo.
Vivo X5Pro was launched in Malaysia back in June 2015, about 5 months ago.
~Touched by Beauty~Super AMOLED Display~
~Corning Gorilla Glass~Truly Resillient Strength~Nano Crystal Coating~
~2.5D Curvy Glasses on Both Sides~Truly Heart-touching Beauty~6.44mm~
~Extreme Hi-Fi and Slim Body~
~Sapphire Lens~Phase-detection Autofocus Super Fast Focus~

After all, the main advertisement focuses on its exterior design. 
Slim, elegant, handy, super AMOLED...
Sounds like another Iphone to certain extent..
What about the specs?

Sunday 4 October 2015

Instant noodle - eating it in a healthy way [with video]

"Instant noodles are bad for health", I told my clients.
And yes, they are not nutritious simply because they are high in sodium and serve nothing else other than refined noodles. 
But, but, but... There are times when we couldn't resist instant noodles:
no time to cook proper meal or craving, for whatever reasons that you could name it.
So, now there is a way to prepare your so called "Instant Noodle" to be a healthier meal.
Quick, appetizing, delicious yet nutritious instant noodle recipe - Korean style.
I name it "Kimchi Ramen - Jess version".

Saturday 3 October 2015


(离开家人出去走走 XD)。