Saturday 17 October 2015

Coffeeric - a relaxing cafe (Get your free coffee!)

Saturday is a relaxing day!
I enjoy my Saturday time spent in a cafe, a cup of coffee with the relaxing ambient, perfect!
Last Saturday, I accidentally found this cafe after having my lunch.
Why did I laugh non-stop? 
Haha... it's just because of the person who sat opposite.
Let's have an insight of the cafe now!

I love the interior design, using wood furniture to create a primitive ambient.
Soft beige colour tone soothes and calms the life tension. 
Can you spot the guy in pink behind me? (I guess that's the owner or barista)

They even put up some windows and trees as wall design.
Hmm... what should I get now?

Their menu is displayed on a blackboard written by chalks.
Chalks!! How nostalgic am I when I see that, reminded me of my old school days.
They offer juice, smoothies, coffee, not-coffee-beverages, signature sandwiches, bagel and croissant.
I should have try out their bagel for my lunch, T.T.
Soft reminder: Diabetic patients are not advisable to drink fruit juice.
Regardless whether sugar is added, it contains more then 1 serving of fruit and less in fiber.
Fruit juice can easily spike blood sugars after consumption, especially among diabetic patients.
For person who's not diabetic, it should not be much concern on blood sugar.

Another thing that really turned my eyes big and looked like this!

See... beautiful desserts and croissant. 
Oh my! I shouldn't have eaten so full for my lunch.

Look at that! Windows, staircase and trees enhance the relaxing ambient. Superb!

I really love this! A drawing by using chalks and blackboard to explain on coffee-brewing.
I'm not an artistic person, that's the reason making me always envy people with great art skills.

Waiting for my coffee to be brewed. Tik Tok~ Tik Tok~

Coffee-making in the progress...

Here was my order: Latte with a love-shape coffee art. (heart melted XD)
To me, their coffees are sold at reasonable price, from RM6- RM13.
Warm reminder for coffee lovers: Maximum coffee intake is 3 cup per day.
Exceeding the upper limit could put you at risk for GI issue in long term and dehydration for immediate effect.

 Click here to understand the different types of coffee: .

~A relaxing moment with my latte~
How much calorie is a cup of latte?
It's about 200 kcal, depending on type of milk used and portion.

Want to get free coffee? Here you go. 
Get the 6th coffee free after you bought 5.
This would be definitely worth if you are a coffee lover.

Visit them during these time at 
Elite Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru, Penang, Malaysia
Find them at their Facebook account: .


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