Saturday 25 July 2015

Walking into the history of Norway...

Walking into the history of Norway: let's start with Akershus Fortress.
It was built to protect the capital Norway, Oslo in the past. It served as military defense, prison and currently have transformed into a great place of attraction.
Akershus Fortress
It looks huge! So what's inside?

Wednesday 22 July 2015

My 17years old and hers, super huge difference!

What did I do when I was 17 years old? Hmm... Let me recall..(Oh my, it was almost 10 years ago!)
Right! SPM! Head Prefect! That's my 17. Sounds so amazing? (XP XP)
No, not at all when I saw her!
Who is that?

Friday 17 July 2015

Don't ask me where to go OUT in Oslo

Well, that's my business trip in Oslo. Thus, I did not really do a good homework on where to go during my non-working time (there was about 18.5 hours of daytime everyday). 
In fact, it was my first long-hours travel to countries at the North side. A cold, windy, yet beautiful land. In my previous two posts, I shared on the overview of Oslo and Nordic diet. Even though I went there without knowing much on their places of attraction, it was lucky that the hotel is actually located in the town area. The hotel even gave us a map with markings of Oslo city famous places. So, it's not that difficult though. Let's start our adventure!
The hotel for the conference venue. There is a bridge connecting to the central station which is very convenient for travelers who take Flytoget to and from the airport!
1. Oslo Sentralstasjon (Oslo Central Station) - Central station for Metro and Flytoget (express train from and to airport.

Don't you think this is just creative and beautiful design? It is the exterior design of the central station of Metro and Flytoget. Please ignore the man who smoked in the photo.
It's very big and spacious station. There are restaurants, fashion shops and groceries shops everywhere.

Pizza lovers out there! You shouldn't miss this! Only this branch offer 2 slices (it would be very filling) with a drink, otherwise, you will need to purchase the whole SMALL pizza. 
Don't like pizza? Don't worry, you can get from Burger King and their convenient store, Narvesen. It's their biggest convenient store in the station and they are everywhere.
Wanna get a photo of you? You can DIY here, Fotoautomat! 
In front of the central station, there is a huge outdoor place where people gathered here and enjoyed a mini concert with some flee markets during the weekend. There is a big leopard statue behind me, looks truly real.
2. Oslo Visitor Centre 
Just next to the open-air space, it is the Oslo Visitor Centre. Any travel information or help can be obtained from their officers here. Inside the centre, there are restaurants, groceries shops, chocolate shops and souvenirs shop. 
3. Karl Johans Gate - fashion and food are everywhere.
Karl Johans Gate. I don't know how you feel when you see there such beautiful flowers along the street. To me, it is GORGEOUS!

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Nordic diet in Oslo

Before I depart to Oslo, I know nothing about "Nordic diet". Honestly, I didn't even check. All in my mind is just SALMON, SALMON, & SALMON. Well, it's true! I had salmon almost everyday!
Salmon gives good source of fat which is high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly well known for Omega-3 fatty acids, essential fat to our body.  
Ta da~~~ SALMON!
Nordic diet is actually a traditional style of eating in few countries, namely Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Nordic diet greatly emphasizes on several foods including plentiful of

berries, fruit and vegetables, whole-grain products, low-fat dairy products, oily fish and rapeseed oil.

Friday 10 July 2015

Oslo, Norway- What's so attractive?

It was more than half year since my last post on Taiwan trip (in fact, I did not finish my Taiwan's story yet, opps!). Now, I would like to just share my experience about my Oslo business trip back in June.
I chose British Airway to fly from Penang to Oslo (about 22 hours flying), having a connecting flight at Heathrow, London. That's the best offer that I had, in terms of air fare and total flying hours. Sometimes, they give a good offer for Premium Economy class at less than RM3500 (you just need to check the website from time to time).
~Fly away with my brand new luggage bag and sport shoes~

Heathrow Airport is just too big, and it has extremely strict immigration that I ever experienced.

Don't forget to capture your memory there!

Here is the evidence of my visit to Heathrow Airport, London. (Please ignore my messy look...)