Monday 31 December 2018

【食在營養】何時需要營養補助品?Supplementation 【內附影片/Video attached】

今天呢 就和大家談論一下【我們何時需要營養補助品】?
那一般來說呢,只要有做到飲食均衡 我們平日裡是不需要任何營養補助品的。

1. 成年女性/懷孕時期 


2. 哺乳的媽媽 


3. 銀髮族(50歲以上) 

銀髮族因為年紀漸長,常常胃口不佳,在飲食上的攝取量漸漸減少,有可能導致營養不良。因此,一般都會建議銀髮族們攝取鈣質、維他命D和維他命B12 營養補助品,以保障骨骼和神經系統的健康。 

4. 黝黑皮膚的您 


5. 全素食者 



那就是找一位營養師或者飲食治療師 為您審核平日的飲食攝取,配合醫生的檢查,在他們的建議下攝取【適量】的營養補助品,而不是【過量】喔!過量的營養補助品反而會造成肝臟、腎臟的負擔,有弊無利喔!




Welcome to [Real Nutrition]!
Hello, I am a Nutritionist, my name is Jesslyn. 
Today, I would like to share with you about [When do we need nutritional supplements]? 
In general, as long as we achieve a balanced diet in daily basis, we do not need any nutritional supplements. 
However, there are several populations that require additional nutritional supplements, which I am going to walk through with you now. 

1. Women/pregnant mothers 

in addition to a balanced diet, women who are at reproductive age are generally being recommended the intake of folic acid to minimise the possibility of Neural Tube Defects among infants in the early stage of pregnancy. For anaemic women, I would recommended you to take iron supplements aside from your daily diet, too. In addition to folic acid and iron, pregnant mothers need additional calcium supplement to maximise bone density for both mothers and infants during the pregnancy. 

2. Breastfeeding mothers 

Breastfeeding mothers generally provide the best nutrients in their body to sustain the growth needs of the babies at different age. During this process, the most common issue that occur is that they often experience calcium loss as they supply calcium-rich breastmilk to their babies, especially when they do not meet the calcium requirements. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that breastfeeding mothers shall take calcium supplement in moderation to prevent osteoporosis in the later stage of life. 

3. Elderly (over 50 years old) 

Due to age concern, the elderly often experience poor appetite and when their dietary intake is gradually decreasing, that may lead to malnutrition. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the elderly group shall take calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 nutritional supplements to maintain or enhance bone health and function of nervous system. 

4. Dark-skinned group 

Now, our friends with darker skin tone should pay attention to this. As the skin is darker in colour, the ability to absorb sunlight is rather poor, which affects the ability of the body to produce vitamin D internally. In order to prevent from osteoporosis, I recommended our friends with darker skin tone to take calcium and vitamin D supplements. 

5. Vegans 

Along with the rise of vegan diets, many vegans may end up with iron, calcium and vitamin B12 deficiency if they do not plan their meal properly. Hence, it is recommended that vegans shall take these three nutritional supplements after a proper review of your vegan diet. 

Most importantly, there is one thing that you must do before go ahead for any nutritional supplements, which is to seek for a qualified Dietitian or Nutritionist to review your daily dietary intake, and with the doctor’s examination, you shall take the APPROPRIATE amount of nutritional supplements under their advice, instead of an EXCESSIVE one! 
Excessive nutritional supplements increase the burden on your liver and kidneys for excretion, and the disadvantages definitely outweigh its advantages!


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