Tuesday 30 August 2016

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】臺南關子嶺:儷泉溫泉飯店(一起來泡泥漿溫泉吧~)


Sunday 7 August 2016

My Journey to Singapore - Finally I'm settled down!

Hello readers~~ 
It has been like 2 months since my last update on Shinise. I'm surprised to receive drastic reading rate for this post, thank you all!
And, yes, that's my last blog post before moving to Singapore for my second stage of Nutritionist life. 
Soooo sorry for not being able to update my blog, was totally tight with settling down in a new country.
Received quite a number of inquiries from friends asking how did I end up with getting a job in Singapore and the procedures involved. 
Working abroad is never an easy task, especially things like working permit is kinda tedious process for some of us. 
So now, I'm going to share how did I manage to work in Singapore and little about the establishment.