Saturday 9 December 2017

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Linkworld Hotel Taichung: A Close-To-Nature Stay Completes My Vacation

It's December!!!
I can't believe it is now DECEMBER, last month of 2017!!!
I guess most of you have planned your vacation?
If you like Taiwan, you can always opt for Taichung rather than Taipei.
WHY? Because you can witness sea of flowers now in Taichung~~
Let me share with you another hotel in Taichung today!
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This hotel is located at Beitun, quite near to FengJia night market, but rather quiet. 
Linkworld Hotel's philosophy is to make guests feel like home with high quality, thoughtful and friendly services. 
They strive to provide a relaxing and getaway-like business trip for guests who are coming from different countries.  
Now, let me tour you around in Linkworld Hotel, a hotel catered for global travelers.

Its location, however, is not very significant.
It's located next to Citibank and Mc Donald, which can be spotted easily. 
If you drive, you can enter their basement car park via Liaoyang 2nd Street.
And, you know what's the construction in front of this hotel?
It's the Taichung MRT which estimated to complete officially by 2020. 
By then, it's even more convenient to travel to Taichung!

When I entered the hotel via their main entrance, I did not see anyone welcoming me. 
I felt so weird though, and found out that their lobby is at Basement 1. 
Honestly, I felt a bit uneasy as I never came across lobby located at basement. 

As I arrived at basement, I realized that I had worried too much~~
The lobby looks spacious and glamorous with strong sense of Oriental elegance. 
Other than the waiting area at lobby, the hotel prepares a reading area with some magazines for their guests. 
It's cool!

Front desk was just on my right, and I spotted pretty ladies were there for me!😍
Let's not let the ladies waited for too long!

After checked in, I noticed there's a business centre next to the front desk. 
The centre offers various services to their guests, which inclusive of photocopying, scanning, facsimile, and printing for their convenience. 
Let's now check out my room!

I chose Deluxe King Room for my stay, where it uses Smart Card System for room entrance.
There's a working desk with table lamp and chair provided next to the entrance. 
I like their overall concept in providing a relaxing environment, 
yet it comes with the idea of productive working place for guests who are on business trip. 
I considered myself pretty well-experienced in business trip. 
Other than relaxing room with comfortable bed, 
I'm always concerned with the working desk and brightness of the room.
Dim light relaxes mind, however, not suitable for work. 
The hotel is attentive enough to consider these factors, 
hence they offer the flexibility to adjust room's brightness accordingly.
In fact, they made it so convenient that I could just adjust it by touching the screens.
And, guess what? They even play relaxing music for their guests in the room!
Guests are good to adjust the volume or turn if off, based on personal preference. 
International sockets are well-prepared for all guests, since this is a hotel meant for business travelers from all over the world. 
All these high-tech settings are just next to the bed, designed up to the top convenience of guests. 

Looking at this, I felt like I's in a Princess Room.
A room with simple yet elegant design and ambient. 
Oh dear~~ I's in loved with the pendant light again!

I like the main concept of the room design, simplicity.
I felt comfortable yet secured with the brightness in the room.
Yeah, brightness is my absolute sense of being secured. 
Bed and mattress were soft yet comfortable and elastic. It kept me warm in an autumn weather.
High-tech dawn pillows gave me a total comfort over the night. 

A 42" connected LCD TV was just right in front of my bed!
That's why I kept my eye on it before I slept and right after I woke up. 
Taiwan's TV programmes and news always gave me a great surprise by its content, kinda had some good laugh sometimes.😆
Did you spot a small coffee table with a Tiffany blue laid-back chair, that's my type.

This wardrobe with full-length mirror attached was a total bonus point, to both business travelers or casual travelers.
From my perception, it's a kind of courtesy to check on our appearance before we step out from the room for any occasion. 
That's why it's so important to me!
This mirror was made to be a sliding door for the wardrobe, which keeps digital safe and some hangers.
Fridge went missing?
Of course not!
It's at bottom left of the wardrobe, 
a compressor-free, environmental-friendly and noise-free bar fridge is provided. 

The first thing that I always do whenever I checked into a room is to boil a kettle of water!
Because I just can't live my life without water~~~
Other than electric kettle and some tea bags, delicious biscuits were also being prepared for all guests! Yummy~~

One thing to highlight here is, the attached bathroom was as spacious as the bedroom!
Hey, that's microcomputer bidet toilet seat, I'm spoiled!😝
This bathroom comes with an independent shower cubicle, 
with a powerful shower that did massage for my body!
But... the bathroom has more amazing facilities than this.
Let me reveal it to you in the next photo!

The best highlight of the bedroom goes to the Superb Bathtub!
It looks like ancient Gold Ingot, isn't it?😆
I wished it could bring me some wealth after bathing~~

Well, other than bathing, this could serve as a nice background for photoshooting!
Am I being too narcissistic? Ops...😅

The bathroom comes with a huge mirror and all the bathroom necessities that you could think of. 
Everything was kept neatly and nicely for guests. 

I found an international socket in bathroom!
Guys may not understand how important is this to ladies. 
Ladies, this is definitely useful to utilize hair tongs for hair styling. Don't you agree?
I heard that the rooftop is very impressive, let's take a look now!

Gym is available from 7am to 11pm every day, and it's on your right after coming out from the lift.
There's also a small relaxing area in front of the sports facilities, 
with a big bear saying hello to me~😍

As I always stressed, vacation or business trip should never be the excuses of not exercising.
I'm pleased that the hotel even considered this and prepared a gym for all guests.
Most importantly, guests could get some fresh air at the Sky Garden after exercising. 

Sky Garden is located next to the gym, with a glass sliding door in between. 
When the moon arises, this garden possesses another secret...
It becomes an outdoor cinema that enables me to get a close view of the night sky. 
The cinema operates from 7pm to 11pm, subject to weather conditions. 
Well, the weather did not make it happen for me...

But, it's okay!
I have got this! SWING~~
My last swing was more than 10 years ago...
It recalled my childhood memories, felt so much ease during those moments. 

It'd be just perfect if I could have a book and a cup of coffee while I's sitting on the Wicker chair. 
I think it's just perfect!

This laid-back Wicker chair is really designed for cinema, it came with the beverage holder at the side. 
Even though there was not any movie showing, I enjoyed myself by resting on the chair. 
I felt comfortable when the wind blows on my face, and had nothing in my mind but just to rest with it. 

It's very rare to spot a hotel with such nice relaxing scenery, are you interested to find out more?

Breakfast time, guys!
Complimentary buffet breakfast is prepared for all guests from 7am to 10pm. 
Because they have awesome food for you~~
The dining area is designed with simplicity concept and earth-colour theme.
This is my type, a close-to-nature dining area. 

They offers a variety of food offerings during their buffet breakfast, 
include Asian and Western cuisines with main meal and desserts served. 
My favourite was their salad bar and local fruits section, as usual. 

A full range of beverages including milk, coffee, tea, orange and cranberries juices were served. 
If you prefer Western food, you can definitely opt for cereal with milk or toast with fruit jam. 
For Asian food lovers, hot rice, porridge with minced pork meat and appetizing side dishes would be a great option for you.  

These were some great Asian appetizing side dishes that were meant to serve with either hot served rice or porridge, to warm up our stomach in the early morning. 

I couldn't believe myself having dumplings for buffet breakfast!
What? Not much left? Oh my!!😳
I have seen guests came back for a few rounds of dumplings.
It must be very palatable!
I better grab them now!😏

A warm porridge with appetizing side dishes and dumpling, served with a banana and cranberries juice,  this is a blissful meal to start off the day.
A nutritious breakfast makes you energetic throughout the day!💕

Linkworld Hotel Taichung in Beitun district looks simple but elegant. 
They attentively prepared everything for their guests and served them professionally. 
Other than a comfortable room, they also get you a relaxing and close-to-nature sky garden.
I'd like to recommend this to my readers who are travelling to Taichung anytime from now. 
Though it's not located within FengJia, it's just about 5-10 minutes drive. 

Advantage of having a little distance from happening places is to get a peaceful mind and spend my-time with yourself. 
If you interested to find out more from them, you may visit their:
Official website: Linkworld Hotel Taichung

Wish everyone a good vacation ahead!

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