Sunday 24 December 2017

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Royal Inn Taipei Linsen: Beyond Inn, Exceeds Excellence

Hello all~
It's just a week before the year ends, have you plan your vacation?
Anyone planned to fly in Taipei for New Year countdown?
 I know right! Some of you might have planned for it.
In that case, you may face challenges in getting a good accommodation, 
as most of them could have fully booked. 
Don't worry! I have one for you. 
I will be introducing inns for you this round. 
If you ever follow my IG, you would have discovered it earlier. 
If you are not aware, follow me now!
Though this is named after Inn, their facilities and services are considered as TOP!
Let me introduce you the first one, Royal Inn Taipei Linsen from the well-known Hotel Royal Group.

Hotel Royal Group is one of the international hotel groups founded in Taiwan, 
which always prioritizes service quality at all time, without fail.
They own 5 Hotel Royals, 2 The Places and 2 Royal Inns across Taiwan, 
with another 4 invested hotels in other countries. 
Royal Inn Taipei Linsen is one of their hotel located in Taipei Zhongshan district. 
Let's figure out why this is strongly recommended by me!

The main lobby is located at 4th floor.
It is like pretty common in Taiwan for not having their main lobby at first floor though.
Did you notice there are instructions written in 3 languages?
This is quite rare in Taiwan but easily spotted in Singapore. 
Hmm, it kinda reflects a fact where by this is one of the Japanese's favourites?

Walking into the main lobby at 4th floor, I felt strong Japanese atmosphere from its interior design.
Let's get myself register now! (I don't like to let people waiting for me)
With the friendly and professional assistance provided, 
the check-in procedures became rather simplified. 
Let's guess which room type did I stay for this round?😁

There is a reading area next to the main lobby, with business-related reading materials provided for their guests. 
I like the coffee table though, it's quite rustic. 

Royal Inn uses proximity lock via a smart card system, security is definitely assured. 

This round I have tried their Standard Room, fits best for solo travelers like me!😜
Nah.. It's also suitable for couples or bff who goes on vacation together. 
The room is spacious, bright and quite well-appointed, with strong sense of elegance. 
From the moment I stepped in, I felt so much cosy with its overall design and room deco. 

The comfy double bed with duvet and feather pillows were seriously tempting me to sleep in for the day~😖
The pillows and bed were quite modest in term of hardness, they were all well for my back. 
Did you spot that sofa next to the bed?
It's a perfect match for the TV programme though!

Royal Inn is very enthusiastic in going green, hence they do not encourage daily change of bed sheet.
However, guest may still put on request based on individual preference by putting this card on the bed. 

I mentioned that I received a SURPRISE from Royal Inn when I checked in,
which was the famous food from Taipei Fu Hang Soy Milk!
If you never heard of that, you probably need to do some homework now.
It's one of the MUST EAT BREAKFAST in Taipei!😋😋
This brand had been founded since at least 50 years back, 
it's always the favourite of both locals and visitors.
I knew that some of my friends went to queue throughout the night 
in order to get that for their breakfast! 

Royal Inn must have known our bucket list, hence started to offer 
It was just nice that I checked in on Sunday and that was MINE!
I would say Royal Inn Linsen even took the extra miles 
to keep and heat up the special breakfast item for me, 
even though it tasted good when served cold. 
I felt SO TOUCHED~~😭

LED flatscreen TV has never fell off from my list of favourite items in any accommodation, 
especially when this came with the comfy sofa, perfect match!
Not to forget, the TV programmes cover all local and international shows!
There were also some basic items being prepared for guests, 
like the refrigerator, auto hot kettle, tea bags, coffee and so on. 

A little built-in wardrobe was filled with some hangers and indoor slippers. 
Unexpectedly, they prepared SHOEHORN!
This is quire rare though. 
I felt like every little things were well taken care off, 
which was very attentive. 
A full-length mirror next to the wardrobe was very crucial for me, 
as I always check my appearance before I go out, that's a basic manner.

Other than the electronic safe, what raised my attention were the luggage rack and freshener. 
Luggage rack allows guests to take out their necessities from luggages at a more ergonomic posture.
To be honest, it's my FIRST TIME to see freshener provided in a hotel. 
It somehow allows the convenience of guests to keep their clothes smells fresh, as well as the room. 
Again, I FELT SO HONOURED of them being so thoughtful!
Even though it might be classified as an inn in term of facilities (which I personally don't think so), 
their services exceed the standard of an inn but towards classy hotel. 
Services and small little things show one's sincerity and thoughtfulness, 
which is the warm-hearted factors during my trip. 

This room came with isolated shower-area and washroom, both were separated from each other. 
And, HEY! It came with the HIGH-TECH toilet seat!
You know how much I like this? It's just SOOOO convenient and hygienic. 
Toiletries like towel, shampoo and shower gel were all being prepared neatly for my great comfort before sleep. 😌

There was a open-concept make-up area in between washroom and bedroom, 
with a HUGE half-length mirror! 
International socket was spotted!
Time for hair tong!😝

For people who feel reluctant to bring your own toiletries, there you go!😉

Even though it's an inn, the facilities were quite sufficient. 
Other than meeting room and self-laundry area, they provide a business centre 
which allows guests to do their stuff over the internet. 
Regardless of free wifi is made available throughout the building, 
computers were being allocated for their guests as well. 
Not only do they provide computers, but services like document printing with additional charges applied. 
Feel free to approach the main lobby if you need these services. 

I found something NEW over here!
After some conversation over the counter, I got to know that this is an ESCAPE SLING. 
This says, they will use this to assist their guests to get out of the building if there is any disasters. 
Some of you may may feel uneasy to see this in a hotel at a visible place, 
however, I was totally into it!
As I worked in a hospital, I know that life could be unpredictable and preventive measures are essential to save lives within a split of second. 
I felt rather SAFE to see this, as this shows that Royal Inn has an established procedures and measures for emergency. 

The cafe looked pretty spacious and it's opened for breakfast from 7am to 9am on weekdays, 
and up to 10am during weekends. 

Royal Inn located at Zhong Shan district, the earliest development district in Taipei, 
which some of the Japanese architectures and heritage are still remained.
Some old photos from the past were displayed on the wall to tell people little stories in the past, 
pretty nostalgic.  

Breakfast offering was mainly Japanese and Oriental style, 
where miso soup and porridge were served. 
Other than Oriental side dishes, Royal Inn provides Japanese side dishes like Bonito flakes, seaweed and natto. 
I was stunned to see Japanese BREAKFAST!
OH DEAR~I couldn't hold my saliva back now~😋
For western style lovers like you, they do offer bread with jam, salad and omelette to fill you up!

Oh my~~ MANTOU~
It's been more than 10 years since my last try!
I must try it out!

Full range of beverages (hot and cold) was offered to their guests, 
from coffee and tea to juice and milk.
Not only does they offer such a full range of beverages, 
they provide their guests with 24 hours of coffee, tea and biscuit in daily basis!

I had a delicious porridge with Kimchi and side dishes for my breakfast!
My all time favourite!💕
Of course, I had my hot miso soup and Mantou, with cereal, bread and cheese!

Here you go, my complete meal!
This is how I started my energetic day! (Again, don't jealous~😂)

In overall, although Royal Inn is not categorized as hotel, 
 but how it presents itself from facilities and services are comparable to most of the hotels out there, or even beyond. 
They have won a few prizes over the past 3 years, which assured their good quality of services. 
For those who are planning for business trip, or travelling, check it out now! 

When I first know that it's located at Linsen North Road, I's a bit reserved due to its popularity of night life. 
However, I realized that I have worried too much. 
It was very safe even though it's at night. 
(Well, Taiwan is pretty safe in general, OKAY?!😍)
Even for solo traveler, it's SAFE.
And, you may get to know new friends from JAPAN!

If you would like to find out more about Royal Inn Taipei Linsen, you may approach them via:
Official website: Royal Inn Taipei Linsen

Wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAY!

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