Saturday 19 August 2017

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Homestay Ipoh Octagon - AWESOME stay with INFINITY POOL!

  My birthday this year was a bit special, decided to give myself a short getaway instead of staying in hometown.  
I chose to travel to Ipoh for a relaxed staycation. 
When I was pretty headache about the accommodation, I chose to go for AirBnb 
(lately became my favourite website for vacation 😊). 

And, guess what? I found a homestay that really gives me what I want for staycation!
A homey place for a relaxed trip with pool and bathtub!

And the interior design seriously impressed me!

Sunday 6 August 2017

Hunting for Food @ Hong Kong - First timer like me!!

There were a few funny moments when I knew I had a chance to visit Hong Kong in April,
one of them was to ask people around me: What are the must eat FOOD??
Yes!! It's FOOD! You did not get me wrong. 
As I was not too familiar with Hong Kong food culture, despite the fact of me being a TVB fans.😆
I remember the most epic answer I got from my colleague was:
And, I was like, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? (was feeling doubtful~😏)
Let me tell you more...