Sunday 6 August 2017

Hunting for Food @ Hong Kong - First timer like me!!

There were a few funny moments when I knew I had a chance to visit Hong Kong in April,
one of them was to ask people around me: What are the must eat FOOD??
Yes!! It's FOOD! You did not get me wrong. 
As I was not too familiar with Hong Kong food culture, despite the fact of me being a TVB fans.😆
I remember the most epic answer I got from my colleague was:
And, I was like, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? (was feeling doubtful~😏)
Let me tell you more...
As we arrived Hong Kong in the late afternoon, both of us were quite hungry by the time we checked in to Regal Hong Kong Hotel .
We had no idea where to hunt for food, as we are not familiar with the place. 
Since I was told that EVERYTHING IS TASTY, I was just going to choose one down the street. 
We found there were a lot of Hong Kong style cafe (茶餐廳)and all menu were displayed outside the cafe in TRADITIONAL CHINESE. 
Well, luckily I understand TRADITIONAL CHINESE, just not really good in writing. 😮
We had a difficult time to decide what to eat, as we were not sure about the portion size. 
But, we were so desperate for hot soup, as it was so windy that day. 
Hence, we ordered Hong Kong chicken rice set(燒賣單拼-油鷄飯) with borscht (羅宋湯) (which we thought for 1 person, after communicating with the waitress) and fish fillet with corn (玉米石斑塊).

The soup was SUPER DELICIOUS!!! 😍
It warmed our body and pleased our tongues the moment we had our first try. 
I'd say, this is the best borscht that I ever had!💖💖
Okay, I'm missing it already...😩

It was a big shock, when 2 servings of everything was served!
We were stunned at the moment they were served on our little dining table. 
I thought... Single meant for 1 pax? 😆
Okay, but the price was the same as we saw, that's great, isn't it?

My food partner-in-crime was totally impressed with the food. 
She said, THEY WERE SOOOOO TASTY~~~ and couldn't hide her adorable smile. 
If you visit Causeway Bay, pay them a visit, you will not regret. 
Glee Cafe (樂心冰室): 
G/F, 54-58 Jardine's Bazaar , Causeway Bay

This was my only MUST TRY item in Hong Kong, my favourite mango beverage from Hui Lau Shan (許留山).
Simply because that's originated from Hong Kong and I just couldn't get it from Singapore. 
Surprisingly, it was pretty costly in Hong Kong. 

But! It was better than the one I had in Penang. 💕💕

Hong Kong typical breakfast set: silky milk tea with peanut butter toast, macaroni soup with ham, scrambled egg and croissant. 

Finally get to try my first toast in Hong Kong!

And she was totally in love with her macaroni soup~~
I bet she must have missed it badly after returning to Singapore. 😜
Ngan Lung Restaurant (銀龍茶餐廳):
G/F, Prosperous Commercial Building, 54 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay

This was our SUPER FAVOURITE one!!!
Remember my first visit to them was in Taipei, with my lovely Joewy. (Click here)
And, I recommended this to Natalie, was telling her this was the best beverage that I ever had!
It was an iced fruit tea, nutritionists (I'm referring to my partner-in-crime and me) favourite option~~

Waffles with Matcha ice cream!!!


Hot matcha latte, my choice during rainy day. 

Berries and cream cheese cornbread!!
You know what, as a nutritionist, we look out for keywords like fruits, nuts and seeds 
when we craved for desserts. 
A dining tip for you, too!
I'd highly recommend this to friends who are visiting Taipei and Hong Kong. 
And guess what, it's just opposite the hotel we stayed!
Coffee Alley (咖啡弄): 
(minimum order, 1 beverage item per person)

Late dinner (or I should say supper? 😝) like this, was a sinful meal. 
But, we paid off with a tedious adventure the next day! 
Will share with you guys soon.

We wanted Korean cuisine with stew options initially, but many restaurants were closing by the time we visited.
It was a random choice, but it was a huge surprise!

I couldn't forget how well my taste buds were pleased by this BBQ. 

My all time favourite: Kimchi. 
If I remember correctly, we refilled like 3 times or more? 
It's just so irresistible.

I enjoyed their pickled radish, recalled the yellow pickled radish that I had in Seoul.

Here comes the crime... 

At that moment, we were not nutritionist, but ladies that need some iron and collagen replenishment. 😝😝

 Minimum order of 2 servings BBQ set is required. 

And of course! Samgye-tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) to warm our body out of cold and windy night. 

It was a gem in the city which we were truly pleased to bump into them, and became their last customer of the night. 
Hallasan BBQ (漢拏山烤肉) : 
Facebook: hallasanbbq
Shop 1, B/f, Kimberley House, 35 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Dim Sum for breakfast is a MUST MUST MUST!
It's a serious crime if you visit Hong Kong without trying their Dim Sum. 😜😝

Their porridge was one of my favourite, very smooth and silky, the typical Cantonese porridge. 

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling was one of my favourites, as I call myself a "Seafood Lover". 
Well, everything is good at MODERATION. 
And steamed is rather a healthier option. 

Lastly, not to forget, Xiao Long Bao!
Hmm! It was a real retreat for that morning. 
Jin Lan Hu Dim Sum Restaurant (金藍湖茶餐廳):
G/F, 31 Jardine's Bazaar,, Causeway Bay

One of Hong Kong must eat items: Egg Waffles (鷄蛋仔)
Very crunchy and palatable street food in Hong Kong. 
Well, not really impressed me as compared to the following item😍

Pineapple Bun (菠蘿包)!
I prefer this over egg waffles 😝

We visited Chee Kei (池记) for our last meal before saying goodbye to Hong Kong. 
I heard they have the best wanton noodle in town, definitely not going to miss it. 

Er... It looks.. okay... 
Plain wanton noodle in soup. 

And, dried wanton noodle. 
However, never ever judge the book by its cover. 
The noodle was so tender and nice as compared to the one in my hometown. 
(Do you know where is my hometown?😏)
It was SOOO GOOD~💝

And we had our favourite mushroom for our meal, for both mushroom-lovers. 

Lastly, Hong Kong Style Tau Fu Fa. 
It was superb silky and smooth, without any powdery taste.

Chee Kei (池記-中環):
G/F-1/F, Chinese Club Building, 21-22 Connaught Road, Central

Now, I understand why did my colleague commented EVERYTHING IS TASTY, 
I found his words are true though. 

A few general tips for you to dine in Hong Kong:
1. Have a glance on the menu before entering the restaurant and make up your mind by then. 
2. Order straight away when the waiter/waitress come to you. 
3. Avoid asking for recommendations, as they are too busy to entertain you. 
4. The portions are usually huge, it's always better to share calories. 
5. Pretty pricey but the taste worth the price.  

If you have any favourite or must eat items from Hong Kong, do share with me!

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