Thursday 20 July 2017

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Regal Hong Kong Hotel: I met Moses Chan and Amy Chan in person!

Hello, readers~~~
My apology of getting this up later than I expected. 
As soon as I ended blogging on last Taiwan trip (which I hope I can fly soon~~😭), 
I decided to share with you a new country that I had visited for the first time. 
👏Welcome to Hong Kong👏~~
Well, it was definitely my first trip to Hong Kong (except transiting to Taiwan😫, I miss my trip).

It was a trip arranged a week ahead, hence I did not do much research and stuff. 
The impression that I had was that hotel rooms in Hong Kong are usually small and squeezy, 
due to the fact that HK has limited land.
Well, surprisingly, the accommodation was AWESOME!😍
I am going to give you a tour now at Regal Hong Kong Hotel !🙆

Photo taken from 
This is the exterior design of the hotel, located in Causeway Bay, 銅鑼灣。 
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 The location was extremely good with about 5 minutes walk to Causeway Bay MRT. 
You can find Ding Tai Fung and Coffee Alley (my favourite cafe!!!) within a minute walk.
Nonetheless, a lot of tea houses (茶餐廳)around, at least 5!
That's why I said the location was extremely GOOD!
I could get all HK delicious food within walking distance!😋

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Upon arrival, we checked in via a nice and classic lobby. 
Safety deposit (about HKD 2000, if I remember correctly) was required upon check in. 

Wifi was provided only up to 4 devices, which was just nice for a room of two. 

The room was surprisingly spacious!
As I really thought it's gonna be like little squeezy before I went. 
Well, that's not the only surprise I had in Hong Kong. 
I will reveal it in my upcoming posts. 

My first impression on this was a OLD FASHIONED RADIO~~
Silly me... It's a retro designed of multi-function switch box. 
It enables you to adjust air condition, lighting and other services. 

I liked this the most... 
Mirror mirror... tell me.... WHO IS THE PRETTIEST IN THIS WORLD??!!
(Hmmm, be careful with your words, okay?😏)😝😝😝

A set of wardrobe came with full length mirror that is always ladies' favourite. 
Hangers and safety box are made available for guests too. 

The only downside was... I was hoping to see Silk-Stocking Milk Tea (絲襪奶茶),
but I didn't get it from the sachets. 
Well, that's fine! I have tried it though!😋

Can you imagine how comfortable it was lying on a cozy bed with a huge TV in front of me?💘
And, I always switched to Taiwan's channel 😅
I pretty sure my roommate rolled her eyes more than once~😆

Look at this!
I was totally impressed~~
This huge-sized bathroom totally made my day, especially the oversized mirrors!😍
I believe ladies would love the mirror, especially for make-up purpose.

All toiletries were well-taken care by the hotel, just bring your clothes in!

Even the hair dryer is made available, but did not meet my expectation. 
Well, I'd prefer a salon type of hairdryer that could speed up my hair-drying process. 
(ops, I am pretty hard to please for this 😨)

Not sure why the bottled water was prepared and put in the toilet?
Which we moved them out later and boiled it as our drinking water. 
Both nutritionists just can't live without water... (or rather, are we mermaids?😅)

A separate shower area was spotted, which was pretty narrow. 
I could hardly place my toiletries on the little glass holder.

I would rather go for my spacious bathtub!!!
Which I was totally in loved with it and spent my own sweet time before sleep!😍😍
I would say... this was my best spot in the hotel.

Photo taken from
Simply because I did not get a chance to visit their rooftop swimming pool due to rainstorm warnings~😔

Photo taken from
This is the place that I have missed due to the rainstorm!

Photo taken from
So adorable...

Photo taken from
I wouldn't mind spend a morning here, with this stylish swing chair and the lovely pool. 

Photo taken from
They even have gym facilities!
I was not lucky enough to enjoy all of those during my stay, such a waste...😑

But but BUT!
I was lucky enough to have my lovely Natalie with me. 
She is my partner at work and companion of travelling, 
a lovely girl who doesn't mind to be my photographer throughout the trip. 💘💘💘

And, another lucky moment during the trip was when I met famous Hong Kong artists, 
Moses Chan and his wife, Aimee Chan!
My heart literally palpitated heavily when I saw them standing in front of me!
They were super friendly and being very sporting when I requested a photography session. 

I believe I am a blessed girl to have an excellent partner at work and great experience in HK for my first time. 
I am glad to have these good memories with me, until the next time we meet...

Official website: Regal Hong Kong Hotel 

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