Thursday 28 April 2016

Are you giving the right weaning food for your little one? (it's worth reading, parents!)

Hello parents or parents-to-be!
Is your little one touching 6-month old? Or he/she is now 6-months old and above?
Ever since internet has being so advanced and convenient, GOOGLE has been always the most common tool or source to clear your doubts and answer your questions.
I'm sure you did your homework too, lovely parents.
However, there's always misinformation passing around the searching engines that may mislead you and causing irreversible impacts in life.
Weaning diet, is one of them. 

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As parents, I'm sure you want to give your boy or girl the best, especially the best food and nutrients for their growth and development. 
And, I'm pretty sure you've already exposed to a lot of "I heard" , "they said", "the website says", "my friends said" and "my mom/mother-in-law thought".
But, have you ever thought of asking an expert?
Food expert in health should be Dietitian or Nutritionist, preferably those with clinical experience. 

Saturday 16 April 2016

My first UBER (Get FREE RIDE promo code here!)

I was having some packed schedule lately and unable to update my blog that frequent.
I miss my readers! Do you guys miss me? XD
I just came from Singapore lately and tried out something extraordinary to me!
That's UBER!
Okay, that's not something new to some readers but to me, it was my first try!
UBER has officially launched in Malaysia for almost 2 years.
But I believe some of you have never experience it before, just like me.
Why? Simply because I could drive myself easily in the city, that's more convenient and flexible in Penang.