Saturday 16 April 2016

My first UBER (Get FREE RIDE promo code here!)

I was having some packed schedule lately and unable to update my blog that frequent.
I miss my readers! Do you guys miss me? XD
I just came from Singapore lately and tried out something extraordinary to me!
That's UBER!
Okay, that's not something new to some readers but to me, it was my first try!
UBER has officially launched in Malaysia for almost 2 years.
But I believe some of you have never experience it before, just like me.
Why? Simply because I could drive myself easily in the city, that's more convenient and flexible in Penang.

And, to be honest, I did have my doubts on its safety issue due to some news reported lately in different countries.
Eventually, I tried it out because I was out of options during my last trip in Singapore!
Despite of its convenience and well-established public transportation in Singapore, there're still places which don't have good access to public transport, especially towards foreigners who are not familiar with the places.
So, here's some tips for first timers to begin with:
1. Install UBER from your Google Play Store or App store
2. Create your account by using your email.

3. After registration, you could just tap and ride, choose your pick up location.

4. Confirm your pick up location and request uberX. 
You can estimate fare for your ride by clicking "FARE ESTIMATE".
If you have a code, enter in "PROMO CODE". 
I will tell you my PROMO CODE in the end of this post. Be patient! XP
"Request uberX" and get to choose drivers nearby. 

5. Wait for your driver to arrive!
Here's my driver for the day, Gary!
Wohoo~~ Hyundai Elantra! My first UBER car.
The map showed the exact location of your chosen driver.

6. Pay bill by cash! 
After all, it was cheap and helpful when I was not familiar with the places.

7. Last but not least, don't forget to leave a comment to appreciate the kindness of your UBER driver.

Alternatively, you could also go into google map when you're trying to figure out the route to your destination.

Pick your destination and try to figure out your transportation options.

And, there's an option for UBER!
Surprise! I remembered last time was taxi option for that icon. 
Now, it's UBER!

I like they way the promote their services: win-win solution.
Once you tried out their service, you'll be given the promo code for your friends.
And, if you friend got on UBER, you'll also get a FREE RIDE!

Here you go, use my promo code and you'll get a FREE RIDE!

UBER is an international service that is easily available throughout most countries.
So, it saves your trouble when you travel around the world.
Install and enjoy your UBER today!
Official website: UBER
Facebook: UBER
Instagram: UBER  

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