Monday 28 March 2016

Monkeycup Cafe: Penang Thai Style Cafe

Hello~~ It has been a while since my last post on food review.
March is definitely a super hot month for all Malaysians, hit up to 35 or 38 degree Celsius. (hot!!!)

Oh my god! It's better to stay indoor, to prevent my skin from getting tanned!
Well, it's also advisable for heat stroke prevention too.
So, here's a good indoor cafe for you to spend your time after work as well as your weekends!

I started to visit this cafe about 2 years back. I remember my first crush with them was their Tiramisu.
Yummy~ call me Tiramisu lover. Yay! XP

Unlike other cafes, they mainly offer Thai cuisine together with nicely brewed series of coffee. 
That made them really outstanding from other cafes, isn't it?
Let's have a thorough view of this cafe..
They provide outdoor cafe who loves sunbathing or prefers to enhance their calcium absorption through vitamin D from sunlight. XD
Oh ya! this outdoor setting could be very cooling at night.
Cool air at night would refresh you from your whole-day tiredness. 

Honestly speaking, I wasn't a person who would addicted to a cup of coffee everyday. 
Coffee to me, is more for leisure and relaxing.
A cup of coffee would be perfect when I'm blogging or reading an inspirational book. 

Other than coffee (hot and cold), they also serve tea and fresh juices.

What surprised me wasn't only about the price of coffee which is considerably affordable, but the way they presented it on the blackboards.

I was totally impressed of their artwork, aren't this stages of life?
Started of with sweet dating, followed by a romantic proposal and live happily ever after.
Life isn't sweet forever, just like coffee, a little bitterness here and there. 
But what makes life perfect is the sweetness in heart, LOVE. 
Just like how they brewed their coffee: LOVE in coffee, serve with PASSION.

Hey guys, do you think these looks so familiar?
Oh my, they were our "Iphone" during school days, only legal after school exams. XD
Miss those days~~

And I accidentally found this! 
They were voted to be the WINNER for Best Restaurant Guide 2015/2016.
This contest were conducted online and voted by Penangnites who loves to visit cafes and restaurants.
So, do you think you should pay them a visit? Of course, you should!

Some people like me may not visit in gang, but prefer some quiet yet more privacy place with a cup of coffee. 
Here they are, side tables with high stools for people visiting alone or couple for dating (so that people don't overheard their sweet sweet stuff, XP).

There are plenty of desserts to top up your sweetness of the day. 
Enjoy them for your desire and workout for your fitness!

If you have any private function, you can always contact in advanced to reserve their Private Function Hall. 
Minimum pax to reserve is 15 with each person 1 beverage order. 
That's cool right? Getting own privacy of having happy moments with friends or a serious meeting by just ordering a beverage for each person. 

Plain water is always served for free. I really think this should be compulsory for all restaurants and cafes, this is the healthiest drink and contains zero calories. This is WATER.

Ops... dragged too long. Hmm.. What should I order?

Once you have decide your choice of the day, you'll need to place your order upon the counter or you could get assistance from their waiter too. 

Iced Doicetto, RM12.90.
Doicetto is a Thai style coffee which gives you all the taste. Starting from salty, sour, sweet and end with a little bitterness.
The amazing part of it is, they used Thai's method to prevent the taste get diluted after ice got melted.

And so, its taste remains the same even until your last sip. 
That's very cool huh!
It'll be a perfect match with Thai food served in their cafe such as Som Tum or Pad Thai, they just blend perfectly well.
Apparently, this is their top 2 hot selling beverages! A must try unique coffee. 
*thumbs up*

Iced Cocoa, RM13.90.
As you guys know, I'm not a cocoa person. 
But I can say this is definitely for cocoa person like you, super rich cocoa!
Having tasted a sip, its super strong cocoa taste really impressed me a lot. 

Proudly share this with you, their Iced Cocoa is No. 3 on their hot selling beverages!
Can you imagine how flavourful it is?

Iced Green Latte, RM12.90.
Their No. 4 hot selling beverage is here!

I've got to try this out during my CNY gathering with my friends.
The combination of green tea and latte tasted moderately sweet yet a little bitter after taste. 
My all time favourite during hangout. XD

Som Tum, RM12.50.
A great appetizer to kick start our meal, Som Tum. 
It's a Thai style green papaya salad with fruits. Apparently, green papaya is very hard to obtain from the local market, hence, they are using imported green papaya from Thailand.
Using the ingredients from the recipes' origin country would be very much helpful to create an authentic cuisine. 
And, this would be a good source of fiber for you!
Knowing fiber actually turns bulky in stomach, eventually, you will eat less for your main meal.
And guess what? You're cutting down calories!

Having said that, this appetizer is truly open up your appetite to the max!
Its sourness and sweetness came from green papaya, shrimp paste, small garlic and orange.
The texture is very crunchy due to the main ingredient, green papaya! 
A tip for you: Finish it fast, don't let it soak in the dressing for too long. 
Its taste was just at perfect when it's served, and it gets more sour overtime. So, don't wait!

Creamy Potato, RM7.90
Soup of the day! 
I had this potato soup, tasted fibrous and natural sweetness of potato with a little salty creamy flavour.
Quite palatable, especially dipping it with garlic toast bread.
A tip here: Potato and bread are both carbohydrates, hence, you may want to top with protein and vegetables to make your meal complete.

BBQ Chicken, RM15.50.
It's time for main meal!  Here served my BBQ chicken.
Main point is, there's some hidden potato and carrots underneath!
 XD oh my, too health-conscious!
Tender pan-fried chicken served with their special BBQ sauce, topped up with some vegetables stimulated my saliva glands once it was served.
I think the only thing here is, if they could just remove the oil leaked out from chicken, that would be perfect!

Angelababie, RM12.80
Creamy based angel hair pasta served with chicken ham, mushroom and spinach.
I usually favour non-creamy based pasta, such as tomato or stir fry based. 
This pasta is also rich in texture and creamy taste, very flavourful. 
However, it is best to eat while it's just served, it turns a bit sourish when it turns cold.

Seafood Aglio Olio, RM17.80.
My all time favourite- aglio olio!
Their aglio olio is served with big prawn! It's truly big, almost my palm size!
The spiciness and angel hair texture was just perfectly match together.
Using olive oil to STIR (not stir-fry) the angel hair increases its nutritional value.
The aglio olio was STIRRED to the right extent, not over-sticky but was considerably loose and soft. 

Phat Thai, RM11.80.
My first crush on their main meal was this - Phat Thai!
I love the way they prepared Phat Thai, it's slightly different from others.
Perhaps, I like the combination of sweetness and spiciness in this recipe, it's greatly appetizing for me.
And, look at it carefully, it consists at least half plate of vegetables. 
Definitely a healthier choice for you!

Salmonie, RM15.50
Another healthier western meal to recommend, Salmonie!
I did not try out this but my friend did. 
Looking solely at its presentation, it looks attractive yet palatable with colourful salad served.
Freshly baked Gipfel croissant is served with smoked salmon slices, scrambled egg and fresh salad.
Different colours of vegetables symbolizes different nutrient contents.
Hence, it's always advisable to eat a rainbow-coloured salad, meeting all nutrient needs in our body. Yay!XD

Peach Cheesecake, RM11.90
Unique part of the cheesecake in this cafe is, they're served in bottle!
And you guess what, you can pack home if you couldn't finish it.
 That's a good news for those who concern of their weight, you can opt to make it into several servings rather than one. 
Their peach are pretty fresh and its sweetness with creamy cheese was just nice to me. 
I'm a person who eat desserts that is not too sweet, so this suits me well.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, RM11.90
It's my first time getting to know there's PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CAKE?
I always like to spread my wholemeal bread with peanut butter chocolate,but I have never try it in cake?!
So, I decided to have a try. Well, it's truly rich chocolate cake.
It suits you perfectly, chocolate lovers!

Other than Thai cuisine, which is their main outstanding point for meals, they also offer western cuisine as shown. 
Don't have any idea?
 Let's take a look and I'm going to highlight to you some healthier choices.

Salad is always a good choice when you plan to keep you meal light and increased your fiber intake.
It's always a smart step to start your meal with a plate of salad. The bulkiness of fiber would make you feel full and eventually you'll have less calorie intake by the end of your meal.
See? This is nutritionist way of eating!
Provided I'm not at craving state XD! I'm also an ordinary lady right?!XP

Just a highlight over here:  
Pumpkin and potato are complex carbohydrates that are fiber-rich.
Mushroom are considered plant-based protein, which at the same time provide you ample amount of fiber.

Nutritionist choices: ALL OF THEM!
Despite some minimal less healthier ingredients, apparently they are serving wholegrain products, good protein source and salad.

Nutritionist choice: Phat Thai 
Personal choice: Seafood Aglio Olio and Phat Thai (I love their taste), yet to try Mato-mato and Sexy Angel.

Oh ya! This is their signature sign in their cafe. 
I'm sure you'll agree with them:
Men left, women always RIGHT!XD

If you come on Sunday, you could only get to try their coffee and pastry. 
However, you'll not getting their meals served as their kitchen closed on Sunday.

Another convenience part of their cafe is, you don't have to worry about parking lots.
There's plenty of them at the back of cafe.
Entrance fee was RM2 when I went on Saturday.

So don't forget to pay them a visit at:
Facebook: Monkeycup Cafe
Instagram: monkeycupcafe
Operation hour :
9am - 12/1am (Midnight)
Kitchen ops hour :
12pm-3pm , 6pm-9pm 
No cooking on Sunday
36c, Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Penang.

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