Friday 10 July 2015

Oslo, Norway- What's so attractive?

It was more than half year since my last post on Taiwan trip (in fact, I did not finish my Taiwan's story yet, opps!). Now, I would like to just share my experience about my Oslo business trip back in June.
I chose British Airway to fly from Penang to Oslo (about 22 hours flying), having a connecting flight at Heathrow, London. That's the best offer that I had, in terms of air fare and total flying hours. Sometimes, they give a good offer for Premium Economy class at less than RM3500 (you just need to check the website from time to time).
~Fly away with my brand new luggage bag and sport shoes~

Heathrow Airport is just too big, and it has extremely strict immigration that I ever experienced.

Don't forget to capture your memory there!

Here is the evidence of my visit to Heathrow Airport, London. (Please ignore my messy look...)

Oslo is the capital of Norway, which appears to be one of the most expensive city in the world. It is located next to the Norwegian sea which makes it rich of Salmon (my all time favourite!). So, the first thing that I did after checked in was to hunt for SALMON!
Fresh, Thick, and Delicious Raw Salmon!!! My first dinner after arrived in Oslo, NOK75 (approx. RM34).
Buffet breakfast from Restaurant Gaio at Radisson Blu Plaza. It's smoked SALMON, again, salmon! 
My first lunch in Oslo, Salmon pastry (don't really remember what is that called), NOK68  (approx. RM31)

Oslo has 4 seasons throughout the year, Summer is from June to August (average temperature is about 15 to 16 degree Celsius). Highest temperature could up to 30 degree Celsius in Summer while lowest could be -15 degree Celsius which fall in their Winter time. (Luckily I went in June, phew~~)
First time covered like a Chinese Rice Dumpling, but it's a need! Otherwise, I would become an ice stick!
Many of us may think that since Norway is so close to European, so do they use Euro? or we may use stable currency like USD? Norway is one of the Scandinavia Countries that use their own currency, which is known as Norwegian Krone. They do not accept any currency and their currency can hardly be exchanged in most of the countries (at least not available in most Asian countries, including Malaysia). Don't worry, you can bring your currency and get exchange in their airport upon your arrival, there is a DNB center that provides appropriate currency exchange. If you don't plan to change their currency, don't worry, you can use your credit card everywhere, eg. taxi, 7 eleven and even public washroom!
Colourful, advanced and spacious (I assume) public washrooms that can only be unlocked by swiping credit card, NOK5.
One thing that I never forget about Oslo is... their beautiful scenary. Sunrise commenced from 4am while sunsets was at 10.30pm, about 18.5 hours daytime. Clear sky, blue ocean and colourful flowers are everywhere at anytime. I fell in love with this piece of land, it was just so beautiful, lovely and romantic!
A panaroma view of the harbour side. Beautiful, isn't it?
A nice city view from the other side of the land.
A piece of art.

The cloud was just so 3D in visual.

It was one of my favourite photos. It looks like a postcard to me.

Sunset view.

Sunset view at 10pm.

Beautiful flowers (are they roses? I think so) were blossoming, so romantic!
In Norway, though Norwegian language is their mother tongue, but they could speak fluent English too. So, communication is not an issue as long as you can speak English.

Everything in Oslo is so expensive, but people are living well. A taxi driver told me their minimum wages in Norway is USD2500-3000 per month. I was like "WOW" with my jaw falling down. Goodness! No wonder a bottle of mineral water cost about NOK36 (approx. RM16), a bottle of coke cost NOK42 (RM19) and a pack of snack cost NOK45 (RM20). That's really crazy!

I will share more on meals, places of attraction, and some local cultural in my upcoming post. Stay tuned! 

#A warm reminder: you may check out their official website to find out more tips on visit to Oslo.

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