Saturday 15 November 2014

Travelling tips for heart patients

Everyone is planing to go for a year-end vacation, to pamper ourselves after working so hard in the past one year. Somehow, some may hesitate whether they can travel if they are heart-patients, or their loved one has heart disease. Even one has heart disease, it doesn’t limit or restrict the individual from travelling. In fact, a relaxing trip could be helpful in stress relief and benefiting one’s health. If you are just diagnosed to have heart disease or your heart condition is uncontrolled or just had a heart surgery, perhaps traveling could be stressful for you too. So, there are some steps to ensure you are well prepared for a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Step 1: Consult your GP or cardiologist
·         Check your latest health condition and get advice from medical doctors (MD)
·         Make sure you have all necessary medication prescribed from MD
·         Get advice on SOS actions during emergency
·         Obtain an explanation letter from MD regarding your current health condition, drugs, allergies and any medical advice

Step 2: Preparation before trip
·         Plan a relaxing trip with sufficient rest time, avoid high altitude and extreme weather destinations
·         Choose a convenient accommodation that is near to any amenities
·         Update your medication list with appropriate dosage
·         Get the right travel insurance for your health condition
·         It would be better to get a companion rather than travel alone
·         Train your stamina if you are expecting a lot of walking during the trip

Step 3: Precautions during trip
·         Avoid rushing schedule
·         Avoid carrying heavy luggage, get wheeled luggage or bags
·         Always get your medications and the medication list ready for emergency use
·         If you have pacemaker or ICD, present your medical letter and inform the airport staff before security check
·         Do not allow the handheld metal detector to be placed directly on your inserted device
·         Wear comfortable socks and shoes to prevent leg from swelling.
·         Get plenty rest before, during and after traveling

In a nutshell, traveling is part of enjoying life and it shouldn’t be bothered by your health conditions. Proper planning and preparation can ensures you to travel with a healthy heart.
Happy holiday!

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