Friday 10 October 2014

旅游台北2014之住宿篇(2) ~Accommodation in Taipei 2014 (2)~

话说我上次在台北待过两家饭店,一是洛碁中華大飯店 Greenworld Zhonghua Hotel, 第二间就是今天要来介绍的

(2)愛客發時尚旅館萬年館 (ECFA Hotel Wan Nian)

地址:萬年大楼西門町, 台北, 台灣 108

Address: 6F., No.70, Xining S. Rd.

This hotel is located at 6th floor in Wan Nian Buidling, in the crowd area of Ximending.
Hotel exterior at night

Area nearby hotel

Reception area
Map is provided in the hotel
Small and rather narrow dining table 
Entrance to bathroom is just right opposite the bed
A bit narrow toilet joined with the bathing area
超大的“浴缸”, 好像没办法泡澡的“浴缸”
A big "bathtub", but it seems like can't be used for soaking

  1. 价钱比较平易近人,适合有比较低预算的旅客。Less costly, suitable for budget traveler.
  2. 宽敞,清洁。但是却有点吵闹,隔音没有很好。我会觉得床太软了,没什么弹性,不太适合像我这种有背痛问题的人。Spacious and clean. However, it was a bit noisy, the room did not have good sound proof system. Also, I felt the bed was to soft, not elastic enough to support those who has backache problem like me.
  3. 食物没多少选择,非常简单。Only simple breakfast being served, not much options.
  4. 因为在商业大厦六楼,所以楼下很多人来往,感觉有些杂,不太安全。我不建议一个人,尤其是女生住,最好有人陪伴。As it is located at 6th floor of the shopping mall, it is quite crowded and a lot of people walking around, therefore don't think it is secure enough. I don't recommend a female solo traveler to stay in, unless she has a companion. 
  5. 位置非常接近西门町热闹区,却和捷运站有点距离。It is very close to Ximending happening area, but there is a short distance to the nearest Ximending MRT station.


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