Saturday 25 July 2015

Walking into the history of Norway...

Walking into the history of Norway: let's start with Akershus Fortress.
It was built to protect the capital Norway, Oslo in the past. It served as military defense, prison and currently have transformed into a great place of attraction.
Akershus Fortress
It looks huge! So what's inside?

Entrance to Arkeshus Castle
Strong wind with beautiful sea and sky...

Their guards are just too pretty and handsome!
Resistance Museum (in Arkeshus Fortress) - This museum interprets the Norway's domestic World War II history.
Three Kings during the Norway's domestic World War II occupation.
Oh my! So many guns! I guess there might be more than few hundreds guns.
Ha! I should have wear it and snap a picture! XD
It wasn't that heavy as I thought.
Huge missile! It's taller than me (I'm not very tall either, just slightly shorter than 160cm XD)
Akershus Castle - a guided tour to enjoy the insight of the castle. You may find out more on their history.
Let's start our journey to Arkeshus Castle!
Underground tunnel? Oh my god! It looked so scary...
Royal Mausoleum. Here rest the kings, queen and princess. 
Hello Knight! My name is Jess! Nice to meet you!
Is that your collection of weapons, Knight? Ya, I guess so. Haha!
Arkeshus Castle Church
Gorgeous Princess, your highness!
The king was so handsome! (with the typical white wig)
Candle light dinner!
Long dining table for the royal family while treating guests.
Arkeshus Visitor's Centre - Of course, if you are lost or need additional information, don't forget to get some help here.
Hello~Are you alone? Can I date you? XDXDXD
Er.. Dancing??
1,2,3! I will follow you~~~
The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum - You will love it if you like military or weapons! Unfortunately, I'm not! But, I could still found some interesting things inside. Let's discover what I've found!
Monuments to remember their scarification and contribution done for their military history.
Oh my! It's real tank! First time in my life!
Scary long guns are everywhere in the museum!
여보세요?(Hello?) it's a telephone bag!
Helicopter! Please get me in!
Ops, these are just too serious! Missile, short gun, long gun... NO~~~

Right... So here is the last one!
Norwegian's Folks Museum - It's actually on the other side of the land. You could go by ferry + walking or via bus. I enjoyed my visit here as it covers perfectly on their cultural evolution throughout the years.

Take Bus 30 (about 30 minutes) and you will be right in front of the museum.
Here you are!

Starting from 18th Century, Norwegians believed the importance of play in the development and socialization of children!
In a rich people's house, they have different houses for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen.
Well, this was the house for a poor in the olden days, all in. 
Want to get something after walking so long? Get from the convenient store. Ops, things here are not for sale.

Old-fashioned cash machine.
Weigh before you pay!
I want to get some money. So, here is the bank?? 
Oh my! The lady was shaping a vase!
According to the lady, it takes about 2-4 weeks to complete a vase. Every piece is special and unique!
100% handmade vase!
A traditional skill of weaving which is disappearing by generations. 
I like this! Weaving shuttles!
A granny was demonstrating to us how to make simple patterns by using simple materials.
Can I have wine please? No one answered me. In that case, can I take some? NO~~they were all empty bottles!

Aha~ extremely old TV box!
Want to add some petrol maybe? er.. how do I use this old type thingy?
Looks like a fountain?

A jug? or a glass?
Rich women's accessories...

What did the rich men carried?

Rich family's house. That's really huge!

That's all from me! You may plan better by visiting their official website at !

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