Friday 17 July 2015

Don't ask me where to go OUT in Oslo

Well, that's my business trip in Oslo. Thus, I did not really do a good homework on where to go during my non-working time (there was about 18.5 hours of daytime everyday). 
In fact, it was my first long-hours travel to countries at the North side. A cold, windy, yet beautiful land. In my previous two posts, I shared on the overview of Oslo and Nordic diet. Even though I went there without knowing much on their places of attraction, it was lucky that the hotel is actually located in the town area. The hotel even gave us a map with markings of Oslo city famous places. So, it's not that difficult though. Let's start our adventure!
The hotel for the conference venue. There is a bridge connecting to the central station which is very convenient for travelers who take Flytoget to and from the airport!
1. Oslo Sentralstasjon (Oslo Central Station) - Central station for Metro and Flytoget (express train from and to airport.

Don't you think this is just creative and beautiful design? It is the exterior design of the central station of Metro and Flytoget. Please ignore the man who smoked in the photo.
It's very big and spacious station. There are restaurants, fashion shops and groceries shops everywhere.

Pizza lovers out there! You shouldn't miss this! Only this branch offer 2 slices (it would be very filling) with a drink, otherwise, you will need to purchase the whole SMALL pizza. 
Don't like pizza? Don't worry, you can get from Burger King and their convenient store, Narvesen. It's their biggest convenient store in the station and they are everywhere.
Wanna get a photo of you? You can DIY here, Fotoautomat! 
In front of the central station, there is a huge outdoor place where people gathered here and enjoyed a mini concert with some flee markets during the weekend. There is a big leopard statue behind me, looks truly real.
2. Oslo Visitor Centre 
Just next to the open-air space, it is the Oslo Visitor Centre. Any travel information or help can be obtained from their officers here. Inside the centre, there are restaurants, groceries shops, chocolate shops and souvenirs shop. 
3. Karl Johans Gate - fashion and food are everywhere.
Karl Johans Gate. I don't know how you feel when you see there such beautiful flowers along the street. To me, it is GORGEOUS!

Karl's Johan Gate. A long street where you can find abundant of fashion shops, souvenirs shop and of course, restaurants of different cuisines!
4. Parliament Building
Parliament Building. Nothing much but again, the blossomed flowers outside the building really caught my eyes!
Reading culture that I will never see in my countries due to hot weather and "screens" effect (TV, smartphones, tablets, laptop). 
10 degree Celcius!! So what do you think of my response when I came from a country that is 27-30 degree Celcius all year long? I was just CHILLING and SHIVERING!
The other thing that I really enjoyed my days over there was, there were beautiful scenery, artistic building design and relaxed living environment everywhere. 
5. Oslo City Hall
Oslo City Hall. This is located nearby the harbour area. If you notice, you can actually find a lot of naked sculptures everywhere, mostly humans. So liberal, isn't it?
My pretty new friend that I first met in Oslo. She is from another beautiful country, Italy!
6. Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park 

There are boats outside their houses with a river in between! They can easily travel to the sea to enjoy the sunlight and breeze. Cozy life!
Housing area nearby the Modern Art Museum with some high end cafes. In Norway, every building has to be in different architectural designs to "Design" the city.

A viking ship! It was so huge and looked like having a very historical design. When I saw this, I knew my brother would love to see this. His favourite subject is history, despite of his current profession!

Opps? Boobs? NO, YOU ARE WRONG! This piece of art is named as "THE EYES".
A scenery view taken from the direction of the harbour. Cozy life.
7. The Vigeland Sculpture Park
 I started my journey with wonderful flowers again!
A super huge park that has abundant of naked sculptures everywhere. They have men, women and children. To them, this is ART. Every piece of sculpture carries their own message.

A panorama view of the nature. "Nature and Life"
 Attractive flowers that absolutely melted my heart.
My first time sitting on the grass, facing a river and blue sky, enjoying the breeze, looking at couple who were fishing , barbecuing and making hamburger on the grass while dating. Wow, this is LIFE! 
This is their landmark for the park. A very tall sculpture that comprised of few hundreds or maybe thousands of sculptures.
8. The Royal Palace
At the time, guided tour was not opened to public yet, as the royal family were still staying inside. Annually, the palace will open to public for guided tour in their summer.

Oh my! White horse prince? Well, I'm not too sure what is his name anymore, but I remember that he was a Norway King. 
My lovely white pigeon! You were finally caught by my camera! How you dare to escape?!
This kind of white pigeons were flying in the sky when it's near to the evening time and it's so difficult to capture, they were just too sensitive to their surroundings
9. The Norwegian National Opera House & Ballet. 
It was a about 10 minutes walk from the hotel and I visited them at night about 10pm. It was still so bright and going to sunset. I couldn't take a good selfie until I found a place to hide from the strong sunlight. (Eyes could hardly open even with the sunglasses)
Please ignore my funny face. It was just too bright to take a selfie. But the scenes were just amazing.
The Norwegian National Opera House & Ballet. This was the place that I capture this sunset photo. 
Oslo has a lot of nice outdoor places to go, which are all FOC. If you are a budget traveler, these are the places you should visit. If you are a photographer who loves scenery, don't miss these places, you'll regret!
Of course, there are also some indoor places that you could visit. Some of them are FOC, while some are not. I will highlight some on my next post. I believe you would love it!

Oh ya, forgot to introduce you guys some of my amazing friends. All of them are world class medical professionals from Norway, and Taiwan! Brilliant, dedicated and outstanding professionals whom I really admire. 

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