Saturday 1 August 2015

Korean Food: Ssambap Korean BBQ!

Since few years back, a sister of mine introduced me Korean meal in KL, which was my first time to discover my love towards Korean cuisine. (Perhaps, that's because I started to follow SNSD and Running man show). My friend don't need to ask me what to eat for gathering, they know that I always choose Korean as my first choice. I'm a fan of Korean cuisine! I can keep eating and eating non stop Korean dishes few times in a week. To certain extent, I think I should have a interval between my Korean meals. Otherwise, my pocket will get a big big hole. XP

Here comes the new Korean restaurant in Penang lately. Looking at several comments on its cuisine, I just surrender to my desire of trying this restaurant. Korean again!! (Oh my god!)
There's a Korean teacher commented that the Korean cuisine here is very authentic, made me wondering how "authentic" is the Korean cuisine here. (because I never been to Korea, I have no idea how's "authentic" taste like. sob...)
Ended up, I brought along my boyfriend to try this out. It's located at Krystal Point, nearby Queensbay shopping mall and industry area. Looking at it closely, I realized that it was the previous Korea Palace that I celebrated my friend's birthday almost 2 years ago!

Pretty Joewy and handsome William!

So, what's the menu?

Alright, coming back to this Ssambap 쌈밥! A well-decorated menu, simple and nice.

Let's see what do they have..
Are you serious?? Only RM19.90 for a weekday set lunch that include bbq, side dishes, rice, soup and drink? (at that moment, I again, regret that I did not become an engineer >,<)

If you don't like their set lunch, you can always go for a la carte. They have plenty of choices for you...

Saliva dropping...

I'm not a beef person, so this is not attractive to me at all. For people who takes beef, you could give it a try.

Casseroles and noodles soups are just too nice to have it when it's rainy day. Warm soup serve is just so awesome!

Well, there's only 2 of us and their credit card machine was under maintenance. It seems like we had picked a wrong day to try out. So, we only ordered soft tofu stew and Kimchi fried rice, our all time favourite.

While waiting for our dishes to serve, lets take a look on its surroundings. 
We were sitting at table 6!
A picture that presents you about the traditional Koreans in the past. Hanbok 한복: ladies with long braid and long, fluffy dress while men were wearing long, loose clothes with a hat on their head.
If you come in a group, it would be a good idea for you have a room instead. 
Oh my god.. Stomach was protesting. Where was my food?
Nah~~~ side dishes 반찬 were served! A total of 8 dishes: anchovies (sweet), bean sprout (slightly salty), long beans with carrot (slightly salty), radish kimchi (sour and a bit spicy), black beans with sesame seeds (sweet and fragrant), sausages (flavourful) and of course KIMCHI (sourish spicy).

A close shot on its radish Kimchi. I love that!
I heard that if a Korean women could make a good Kimchi, then she would be a good lady to get married with. Seemingly, Kimchi is a very important side dish in Korean culture. (I made good Kimchi too, ㅋㅋㅋ!)

Finally my Sundubu Jigae was here! It's quite different from the one I had in the other Korean restaurant. It appeared to be a bit milky and oily on the surface, but kinda clear inside. Not much ingredients were found. Only a few slices of pork, with tiny cut tofu, and some enoki mushrooms. It was not up to my expectation (maybe I am just too used to the other way of cooking). It tasted sourish with a bit of spiciness, not much. It's not so rich in flavour and it's considered as light taste to me, a Malaysian who really like spicy foods. Perhaps, this is authentic taste? I have no idea until I make my trip to Korea (yeah~~gonna plan soon).

His order was here! Kimchi fried rice!Hmm.. It taste a bit bland, and only tasted Kimchi that mixed in the rice. Not much taste after that. The sunny egg was nicely made with some sesame seeds on top. a little bit of Kimchi and onions that fried together. Plus, a piece of salad leaf. It did not meet his expectation as well. Perhaps, we are just typical Malaysian who has heavy taste buds to satisfy. 

Well, overall speaking, the food is not bad but it may not satisfy heavy taste buds like us. Their customer service are pretty good too. Very clean environment and foods are served. 
Perhaps, I'm going to come back for its bbq and let's see how it goes.

You may find them at 1-1-24, Krystal Point, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang. They operates everyday from 11am to 3p and from 5pm to 10pm. If you would like to make a booking, you can reach them at +60164712133.

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