Saturday 15 August 2015

Unique items found in Oslo

Recall my trip in Oslo, there's a few things that I found it unique and may be exclusively found in Norway.

Look! "Parking is reserved for camels and dromedaries"
You can find this in Karl Johans Gate. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to see any camel or dromedary. That's sad.  >.<

What else?
Let's continue...

City bikes are available everywhere along the street. Then you may ask... is that free? The answer is... NO! For visitors, you need to pay for NOK 100 plus NOK 250 deposit to get a bike rental smartcard.You can buy the card from Oslo Visitor Centre. It's for 24 hours! 
Other than your legs, it would be your CHEAPEST transport in Oslo. This is the best offer, provided you know how to CYCLE.

Of course, if you wish to have a city tour, you can look for this. I call it City Tour train, it looks like the toy my niece and nephews play. For a 24 hours ride, it cost about NOK 500. 
Another option if you want to have a city tour. I forget how much they usually charge but it is not recommended by the Oslo Visitor Centre, saying that visitors were complaining about their punctuality and reliability.

Have you seen this? I think it's still an alien to most Asian countries. So, what is this for?
It's actually a recycle machine that available everywhere, including groceries stores, shopping malls and railway stations. I've seen people insert the recyclable items into the round hole. Then, they receive some money from there. It's very environmental and user friendly! If you want to earn some pocket money, you could do so.

Another thing that I would like to highlight here is the auto-pay machine in groceries stores. It saves manpower and shorten the process of making payment. Oh right, did I say you can use credit card everywhere in this country including public washroom? Correct, that's how they usually make the payment.
When I was there, I saw from website that Malaysia Tesco started to have this. But, question here. Can the mentality of Malaysians support this auto-pay machine which fully rely on human trust?
I guess we may not be ready yet.
Another automated machine that helps Norwegians to check in their flight, print luggge tags and boarding pass. 

Last item, it can only be found in their washrooms. I believe most you would know what is this for. But the unique thing is, you can't tear off after wiping off your wet hand. You can only roll it in. Another word, recycle it. I have no idea how this would ensure the hygienic issue, but I guess they have the technology to do so.

That's all for today!
Happy Saturday!

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