Friday 21 August 2015

Let's go K-Pot!

Do you know about K POP? Yessss....
Today I'm going to introduce you K POP! Ops, sorry, it's K-Pot!
Ever since I came back from KL, I did not feel satisfy with the Korean food available in Penang.
Simply because they couldn't satisfy my taste buds, and they are just so OVERPRICE!
Until my bestie introduced this to me 2 years ago. Yes, you didn't get it wrong, it has been 2 years!
I've been enjoying their food for 2 years! 
I brought people around me there and they love it too! 
Including those who are picky, new to Korean food and Caucasians!
Let's find out where is this now...

It's a Korean Fusion Restaurant and Cafe. It's own by a Korean couple. 
The two pretty Korean ladies (the one in purple and the one in white + grey) are sisters. The lady in purple is the owner.
The man in blue with yellow collar is the owner. A Korean guy who likes to learn local language, KAM XIA was his first try.
One thing that really impressed me is the owners served their customers themselves, though they have difficulties to speak fluent English. They take order, serve food and clean the tables. 
Unlike local taukes, they make use of every opportunities to provide customer the best dining experience.

So now... are you hungry? Time to take order!

A variety of menu to choose ! 
Having problem visualizing their menu? No prob. 
The attentive owners have foreseen this issue and prepared photo-menu book.
Latest menu offered since May 2015. I'm going to try this out soon.

Just a few? No... 
There will be real picture as you scroll down.

While waiting for my order, I's served with their rice tea with this elegant cups.
Ops? there's a familiar face on the right?
The reason why I fell in love with Korean food is that they always serve healthy Banchan, and often they serve a lot of vegetables. Though their Banchan is limited to 3, that's more than sufficient because it's unlimited refill.
As a nutritionist, I like Korean concept of refillable side dishes (Banchan). Having much vegetables or plant based protein provide you enough fiber for health. 

*Every individual should consume 20-30g of dietary fiber as guided by Malaysian Dietary Guidelines (1998) in line with healthy eating habit.

*Dietary fiber only exists in plant, not animal. It gives you fullness, reduces overall energy intake, ease constipation (insoluble fiber) and reduces cholesterol level (soluble fiber).

*Kimchi 김치 is a fermented cabbage and vegetables that full with antioxidants, minerals, fiber and it's very appetizing. It's recommended for individuals who are lacking of appetite, overweight and constipating. However, due to its high sodium level, it's not recommended for individuals who are having diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and hypertension. 

Yummy in the Tummy! But my tummy was so noisy! Can't wait to taste the food.
Their promises to customer in serving the best food.
What is slow food? 
A definition given by Mr. Google is "food that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high-quality locally sourced ingredients" 
My first attempt in their restaurant was their Kimchi Stew, tasted salty, flavorful and spicy.
My all time favourite since my first try on Korean food!
It's usually served with Tuna (a healthier option) for RM16.
If you prefer pork, you could add them at an additional price of RM3. 
Kimchi Fried Rice 김치 볶음밥 with a bowl of soup served at the price of RM16. My colleague always had a special order, until the owner could recognize her every time she steps in. XP
Not having enough for Toppoki? Add on with K Pot Kimbap and make it a set of RM15 only.
Rappoki! Ramen + Toppoki at RM 16! An excellent combination, one of my favourite option too! It taste sweet and a bit spicy.
My second attempt in this restaurant was Sundubu Jigae 순두부 찌개. It's actually soft tofu stew with seafood, RM16.
Unlike other Sundubu Jigae in other Korean restaurant, it tastes sweet and spicy. It has become my must-order dish until now.
Bibimbap 비빔밥 at RM16. This dish does not contain any meat, it's suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians. With lots of vegetables served, it turned out to be a very yummy and healthy dish.
If you are currently managing your weight, you may choose this.
Rainbow-colored dish.
**You can easily find high Vitamin A content in most of the red-orange-yellow foods. As shown in the picture, carrot and eggs are part of them. It promotes vision, formation of skin, and play important role in reproduction and growth (retinol plays a role in sperm development in men and fetal development during pregnancy). However, except for individuals who are diagnosed Vitamin A deficiency: night blindness, blindness and keratinization (a condition where skin become very dry, rough and scaly), supplementation is not recommended as toxicity occurs easily. Best still, get a medical advice from doctors on the supplementation.

**Especially for pregnant mother, toxicity of Vitamin A could cause birth defects in your baby. So, the theory of "the more the merrier" does not apply here.

**Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin (Vit A, D, E, K) where it will store in our fat tissues. Meanwhile, water-soluble vitamins (B, C) usually are excreted out from the body through water.
Gochujang 고추장, Korean red pepper sauce to make delicious Korean dishes.
It taste sweet and spicy.
To eat bibimbap, first pour in the Gochujang served. 
**For individuals who are managing their weight, don't put too much.
Step 2: mix them around. Then, you can eat now!
The first dish introduced by my bestie was this, Spicy Hot Ramen. It's really SUPER SUPER hot! Served with Kimbap at RM16. That piece of cheese is not included ya, additional RM1. 
Dessert: Baby Patbingsu 팥빙수 RM3.50. Though it says in the menu it serves only 1 person, but if you have your main meal and refilled your Banchan, it could serves 2-3 persons. The lady owner called it BIG BABY!
It looks similar to Malaysian Ice Kacang, but ingredients used are healthier. It contains red beans, raisins, almonds and sunflower seeds.

If you realize, Korean dishes like to use sesame seeds throughout their dishes.
**All nuts and seeds, including sesame seeds contains high mono-unsaturated fat which is helpful in lowering down cholesterol level. After all, they are rich of dietary fiber and cholesterol-free (all plant based food are naturally cholesterol free).

I love to visit them because they are friendly, provide good service, maintain cleanliness very well, speedy food serving, availability of delicious yet healthy choices, comparatively cheaper Korean food and lastly,
Note: Sometimes they are quite packed during lunch time, you may want to ring them out and try reservation.
Oh ya, don't go on THURSDAY, they are CLOSED!

Don't go to the wrong K POT, there are 3 in Penang. This is the Fusion Restaurant in Prima Tanjung.

You'll never regret to pay a visit here!

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