Thursday 29 October 2015

CRES Wellness - Body Detox Spa

Hi Peeps! It's Thursday again!
Another day to go before our favourite day arrives.
How're you doing?
Got torn by your workloads? 
Well, it's time to pamper yourself.
CRES Wellness had became my recent favourite place for relaxation. 
I wanted to try out a full body spa for months, but price was my barrier.
Being an normal office lady, a spa package that cost more than RM100 sometimes can be very taxing.

It suddenly hit on me when I was attending CRES Wellness Grand Opening Ceremony back in September.
There were several kinds of promotion going on that time. 
But, I was totally caught with Body Detox Spa when I know it's only RM49.90!
Ops, you know, ladies could have more than a thousand reasons to pamper ourselves. XD
So, I was wonder how would that low price spa experience gonna be? 
Let's find out together now...
As soon as I stepped into the center, I was given a cup of welcome tea with a candy.
I'm not a candy person, but I enjoyed their welcome tea so much.
With the calming ambient and essence, the welcome tea boosted up the relaxation feeling.

Here is the consultation room where customers will be assessed, advised and explained regarding relevant packages.

It's my first time to get a full body spa, so I was a bit surprised to see items prepared.
They actually prepared bra, panty and hair cap for customers who take up the body spa or massage.
(Ops, made me so shy *.*)
The Body Detox Spa was about 1.5 hours which includes:
1. Full back massage (half an hour) using essence
2. Full body scrub (half an hour) 
3. Hot blanket and head massage (half an hour)
4. Bath

The part where I satisfied the most were the back massage and body scrub.
I should say, never look down on slim lady, she is quite strong in massaging.
It really helps to relieve my back muscle tension, that's the common problem of office ladies who sit in front of a PC for 8 hours a day.
The service given was so attentive, every gap between my toes and fingers were scrub nicely.

To me, their services are superb. 
I like to be informed of every steps during the treatment given.
Maybe that's the weakness of a Cancerian, couldn't feel secure easily. XP
In fact, during the 1.5 hours, I fell asleep at some points, definitely not during the scrub. 
I hardly fell asleep at places other than my bed and car (sleep like a pig sometimes XP) because of self-security.
The back and head massage was up to the strength where my muscles relieved and cleared up my stress.

Attentive therapist prepared me a cup of hot flower tea, a warm towel and fragrant yet moisturizing hand lotion after taking a bath.

If you would like to try out their excellent service, 
visit them at Gurney Paragon Mall 3rd Floor.
Official website:
Instagram: creswellness

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