Wednesday 14 October 2015

St. Giles Wembley Penang - How's the food?

Last two weeks, I was invited to attend a nutrition-related seminar after work. 
Other than the interesting topic, the venue is the most attractive part!
Look at my excited-look, I was heading to the newest grand hotel in Penang!
St. Giles Wembley Penang!
I heard it is equipped with a heliport, first one in Penang!(I think so.. XP)

Elegant lobby

Outside conference rooms.

Not forgetting visit the ladies and get myself well prepared.
Now, let's take a look of my dinner of the night.
Scroll down...
Can you guess what is this?
Meat? Yes, it's meat.
To be accurate, it's red meat - lamb!
Lamb is separately decorated on the other side, with two spot lights set.
I took a piece and tried out. It did not turn out as good as I thought. It's too tough to cut and had a very strong game smell. Perhaps, I was not use to it.
Lamb, similar to pork and beef, is red meat that contains high cholesterol, saturated fat, uric acid and sodium.
Therefore, it's not advisable for frequent consumption.

All kind of salads are served, inclusive of my favourite KIMCHI! 
(I had too high expectation on it >,<)
Several healthy ingredients were served: corn, carrot, cucumber, celery, peas and olives.
Dressing were separately served at aside. 
Salad could be healthy and low calorie, but not when we add a lot of dressing such as mayonnaise and thousand island.

Ow~~ Dessert, fruit dessert!
I love the mango dessert, it tasted smooth, sweet and satisfying.

I don't eat those refined dessert, as I don't fancy over-sweetened food.
But, I couldn't stop myself from taking picture on this amazing food art.

haha~ I can't stop myself to take a selfie with the beautiful food art!

Probably because the attendees were all nutritionists, dietitians and health educators, thus it was not well appreciated by us. XD

Tomato and Mozzarella with Pesto
I was quite satisfied with the tomatoes, but I did not take much cheese.
I only favor Brown Cheese after my visit to Oslo. (nostalgic~~)
Cheese is dairy product made from animal thus it contains cholesterol too, despite of its high calcium content.

German style Potato Salad with Green Onions
I liked this potato salad, it was so delicious. 
Smooth, fragrant and flavourful.

Before going back, I found their escalator is super huge and came with a huge mirror!
Of course, took another selfie again!

For more details, please visit their official website: 

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