Sunday 4 October 2015

Instant noodle - eating it in a healthy way [with video]

"Instant noodles are bad for health", I told my clients.
And yes, they are not nutritious simply because they are high in sodium and serve nothing else other than refined noodles. 
But, but, but... There are times when we couldn't resist instant noodles:
no time to cook proper meal or craving, for whatever reasons that you could name it.
So, now there is a way to prepare your so called "Instant Noodle" to be a healthier meal.
Quick, appetizing, delicious yet nutritious instant noodle recipe - Korean style.
I name it "Kimchi Ramen - Jess version".

After a short video clip, now let's start! 
(My tummy starts making noise !!)
Prepare some healthy ingredients such as:
1 shallot and about 2-4 cloves of garlic (depends on individual's taste). You could slice or cut them into small pieces.
Onions and garlic are good spices to flavour dishes. 
Apparently, they are also high in phytochemicals and antibacterial properties.

2-4 tablespoons of Kimchi.
Kimchi is my favourite fermented vegetables, tasted salty, sour and spicy. 
(super yummy XP)
As I shared earlier on for [Let's go K-Pot], it's an excellent source of antioxidants for aging prevention.
Simply because it contains a lot of vegetables and spices.
However, people with high blood pressure are not advised to overeat.

1 pack of Enoki mushrooms, bottom part removed and washed thoroughly. (saliva dropping)
Enoki mushroom is my another favourite plant-based food that serves as a source of fiber, potassium and protein.

1 pack of tofu.
It could be soft tofu or egg tofu, depends on which one do you favor or its availability.
Tofu is a plant-based protein which is naturally free from cholesterol and DOES NOT contribute significantly to uric acid spike in your blood.
So, don't be frighten off by the ridiculous "he said" or "she said".

1 egg for a person. (I was cooking for two)
The egg is optional if let's say you have tofu.
I'm trying to gain some healthy weight, so I put it in. (XD, don't beat me please)
For those who has high cholesterol, my personal advice is no more than 3 egg YOLKs a week ya.
Remember to always rinse the egg before you crack it, the egg shells may contaminated with Salmonella (bacteria)!
1 pack of instant noodle. ONLY ONE PACK!
Bear in mind that you're not eating plain instant noodle, so you don't need to use more than 1 pack.
*This is the healthy way of eating instant noodle, portion does play a role.*
If you use typical instant noodle, you may want to boil it separately (not too long) and transfer it to your soup pot.
Instead of buying the usual type of instant noodles which are mostly fried, go for AIR DRIED noodles.
(I'm not promoting this brand ya, there's a lot of brands for air dried noodles. Pick one that suit you best.)

1/2 stalk of spring onion
Similarly to shallot and garlic, spring onion has rich properties for its antioxidants too.
It helps to spice up your dishes perfectly.

1 tablespoon of Korean Red Pepper Paste. (Ops, blurry ^_^"')
If you like sweet spiciness, then add another spoon.
Be mindful of sauces too when we are talking about calories . ^-^
This can be found in most supermarket such as Jusco, Tesco, Sunshine or even some Korean marts. 
Alright, let's gets started.
Heat up the saucepan and get 2-3 teaspoons of cooking oil.
I would recommend to use Sunflower, Canola or Olive oil (healthier cooking oil), definitely not Palm and Coconut oil.
Then, add in Kimchi together with some Kimchi juice and stir fry it for a while.
Be careful, the juices pop up as soon as you add them in.

After a minute, add in cut shallot and garlic. Stir fry for another 1-2 minutes.

Time for seasoning!
Add on the Korean Red Pepper Paste and mix around.

When it's mixed well, the whole pot should look bright red-orangy.

Pour in about 2 cups of water, it would then become your soup for the ramen.
You may gradually increase the water content as you need all ingredients to be submerged in the soup.

Then add in the Enoki Mushroom.

Now, it's time for our instant noodle! 
Let it boil for a minute or two, not too long until all the noodles become too soft.

Add in sliced soft tofu. 
Don't stir them too much now, they are just too soft and fragile like lady.
Be gentle to them ya XP.

Lastly, poach an egg and turn to low fire and wait for about 5 minutes to set the egg.

Poaching of egg

Looks like the egg is set. Ready to serve now! 

Ta da~~~ My delicious yet nutritious instant noodle - Kimchi Ramen.
A complete meal done within 20 minutes.

 What goes best with Kimchi Ramen? 
Of course, it's Running Man!

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I have never thought to made own kimchi noodle before and I should try it. Thanks for sharing.