Friday 23 October 2015

K-Food - local or authentic taste?

Hi peeps! It's Korean time again!
I've accidentally found this place during my weekend food hunting couple weeks ago.

Enjoying my favourite Kimchi Jigae.
Want to know how's the food?
Follow me now..
Their menu reminded me of school textbooks, CONTEXT page!

Steamboat menu!
It would be the best choice during rainy days.

All kinds of dumpling~

Korean rice cake - Tokpokki!

Korean noodle -Ramyeon!

Bab 밥 - rice

Rice & soup set

Some other snacks for you~

3 Banchan served by the restaurant: Kimchi (Of course!), anchovies and fishcake.
I like their Kimchi, tasted a bit sweet.
Their anchovies were a bit salty and sweet. 
It tasted too salty on its own but went well with rice.

The fish cake tasted salty to us too. ~.~

Fishcake skewer was not salty but was served with a salty soup base.
*According to Ministry of Health Malaysia, recommendation of sodium per day is about 2000mg.

Dipping with the sauce that tasted a bit spicy and salty again.
*2000mg of sodium a day can be found in 5 g or 1 teaspoon of salt.
Sodium helps to regulate blood pressure and electrolytes balance in our body.

Their Kimchi Jigae was perfectly served with rice, I think this was the best among all we've ordered.

Ramyeon + Tokpokki. It tasted fine with me, a bit sweet and spicy.
The Tokpokki was soft and chewy, just so perfect to me.
But it was too sweet to him, he did not really enjoy it. -.-

We craved for dumpling due to the Runningman show lately. 
Due to the temptation, we decided to try out because not many Korean restaurants serve dumplings.
I would say, the dumpling went better on its own. The sauce, salty.
But, I'm glad they separated the sauce. 
Then, I was given an option to go without the sauce. (one of the eating out skill XP)
*Excessive intake of sodium raises blood pressure and may cause electrolytes imbalance.
Sodium not only found in salt, but all animal products, processed food and packaged food.

To us, the taste was a bit too strong. 
It was totally different from those we had before.
Shall I say they have adjusted to local taste?
Maybe we have too high expectation? XD
Looking at the owners, they are not Koreans but local Chinese who speaks Hokkien very well.
So, I guess maybe the chef is Korean? I've no idea. 

The bottle of water really helped us calming down our taste buds after having a flavourful meal.

Everyone has different taste and expectations towards food.
So, you can always find out if this taste good to you. 
It's located at the Elite Avenue, same place as Coffeeric. (I miss their coffee!)
Enjoy your weekend!^^

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