Thursday 6 April 2017

Singapore Michelin Awarded Restaurant: Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant (Bugis)

Hello readers~
It was pretty long since my last food review blog post.
NO WORRIES! I'm going to bring you to Michelin awarded restaurant in a while...
I got to know this from a bunch of good friends, 
who enjoy delicious food a lot more than I do! XD
I'm pretty blissful to have them ever since I moved to Singapore. 
You guys who know me well should understand that I am not good in searching delicious food. 
But, whenever I found one, I will definitely recommend it in my blog. 
So, here's one - Alaturka, a restaurant that found in Michelin Guide Singapore 2016!
To be honest, I know NOTHING about it when I was first told. 
The only thing that I know is, it's Michelin awarded restaurant. 
First thing in my mind, it must be EXPENSIVE huh!
That's fine, if the foods are really DELICIOUS!
Let's reveal its actual taste now..
Are you ready?

Alaturka is a restaurant that offer Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. 
I have to say, they have LIMITED, VERY LIMITED dining area.
So, you better call to reserve a couple days before!
Even that, we had a little drama happened. 
I will tell you in the end of this post. 
Let's look at the restaurant interior design now. 

This restaurant is well-decorated with strong Turkish atmosphere, 
by a good combination of the carpets and lamps on the wall. 

Did I tell you they can fit a maximum of 10 persons in a table?
And, it's like only 1 or 2 tables can fit that. 
A big group like us, had to split into two tables. 

Once we sit down, menu was handed over to us. 
Looking at the menu, I'm impressed with the emphasis of plant-based food they have. 

Oh~Turkish pizza looks awesome!

Is there anyone a big fans of lamb and beef?
Nah, no beef for me please, but I'm good with lamb occasionally. 

You can also order a mixture of meat options.
More options for you.. 
I can't even name them~~~

Bread section!

Maybe, you can consider order a dessert after meal?
Looks yummy though!

Highlights of their beverages: Turkish Black Tea or Turkish Mint Tea!

Honestly, I prefer their Turkish Apple Tea, though it's sweeter. 
*There is no refill available for Apple Tea and Mint Tea in pot. 

This is Lavas!
A puffy long bread of Turkish that looks like balloon when it's served hot. 
And it is topped with sesame seeds!
Do you know sesame seed is one of the source of healthy fats?
It's good for heart health!

Okay, if you want to take a good picture of Lavas, you better do it quick.
It flattened in a couple of minutes!
And, it wasn't served on its own.
This carbohydrate was served with a healthy protein dish, as shown below. 

Meze Tabagi: Assorted platter of hummus, babakanus, saksuka, ezme, yaprak sarmasi & rus salatasi.
This is the large version that served with the Hot Turkish Lavas Bread. 

This is a small version of Meze Tabagi. 
I love their hummus, it was so smooth and appetizing!
Do you know what makes hummus?
It's CHICKPEAS! Another good source of healthy fats that combo with dietary fibres. 

This is Ispanakli Pide, made with spinach and feta cheese.

It was pretty crunchy in texture, with spinach and cheese hidden inside. 
A great match indeed!

Baklava: crispy sweet pastry that made of thin filo layers that filled with pistachios in sweet syrup. 
Okay, I heard pistachios! Another good source of healthy monounsaturated fats!
Sweet syrup... hmmm... I chose to ignore! XD

Another good stuff to recommend: Imam Bayildi.
It's made of whole eggplants stuffed with tasty vegetable stew and baked with melted cheese. 
It's just so ME! My style~~
No doubt, this is very flavourful and nutritious!

Karisik Kebab: a mixture of succulent beef, lamb and chicken kebabs spread over a traditional Turkish silver platter. 
Hmm, this happen when I'm going out with a bunch of guys~~~XP
I tried the chicken and lamb, they were nice though. 
And guess what, I was one of the few who took the side veggies from the platter. XD

Mussaka Chicken: Sauteed layers of eggplant and potato slices oven-baked with a topping of melted cheese with Chicken filling. 
My friends purposely ordered this for me as I don't eat beef~
And I tell you what, this is my favourite dish in the restaurant!
I just can't resist the combination of cheese with potato~~
Dessert time everyone~~
Kunefe: It is made of thin vermicelli pastry baked in soft cheese and sweet syrup.
It's my first time to see vermicelli in dessert!
That kinda opened our eyes till max when it was introduced.
But I put down my fork after two bites, it was a bit too sweet for me. 

In overall, we enjoyed the dinner except the drama happened upon our arrival. 
So here is the drama:
We called for reservation a couple days before but ended up they wrote the wrong date for reservation. 
We had quite a tough time talking to the lady owner, 
and ended up given two tables instead for 8 of us. 
Yet, we had to finish our meal in a given time due to other reservation was made. 
But we are glad that the owner gave us some discount due to the error they had. 
So, an advise for all of you - let the staff tell you the date that you reserve to make sure they recorded properly. 

It's a good recommendation for the food. 
Healthy options with nutrient dense food available, especially for vegetarians. 
However, personally I think they need to improve in term of customer service.
And, the space is too narrow for big group gathering. 
The food was pricey but value for money wise was pretty satisfied.
That's my review towards this Michelin awarded restaurant in Bugis.
Give them a call if you want to try them out!

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