Tuesday 29 September 2015

Miam Miam - A healthy choice? Or not?

It was dinner time, for two pretty ladies to comfort their tummy after getting some for their beauty and skin by CRES Wellness.
That's ladies, a lot of things are necessary. XD

So now, our tummy's turn.
Miam Miam ~ that's the sound when we eat delicious food.

Look at how blissful was my bff when she flipped through the menu. 
I guess she must be super hungry at that point, actually I was too. >.<

What should I order? Soup or Salad?  I'm not really into soup, it's fine. Salad, maybe? 
The Japanese Wafu Market Salad looks healthier than the MM Caesar Salad (simply too much protein). 
Sometimes, I just prefer to taste the vegetables' freshness. 
Its antioxidants help in preventing aging (ladies' lifelong project).

Sandwiches? Toast? Japanese Curry?
A lot of bacon, ham and syrup - high salt and sugar choices.
The Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches looks good to me, I would probably make it my next choice.
Japanese Curry looks appetizing too. 
With a combination of Baguette (bread-Carbo), chicken curry (protein and side salad (vege), that makes a perfect meal.
Hmm, but... those to me are more to breakfast and lunch menu. Skip!

Rice? It looks delicious though!
But it seems to be so rich in protein and lacking of some vegetables. 
You could get a separate Japanese Wafu salad to top your vege portion.

Oh god, I was in dilemma~~~ 

Sourdough bagel? This one sounds like a healthy choice to me.
Carbohydrate, protein and VEGETABLES!
Smoked Salmon & Omu Egg Bagel and Sauteed Mushrooms Bagel were catching my eyes.
Simply because they are nutritious.
Shall put into cart then.

Pasta? My favourite pasta! I'm a typical Asian who loves noodles.
Before this, I've tried Seafood Aglio Olio and Miam Miam Spaghetti. 
They were just perfectly done! Except that it contains too much protein.
Dish 806 Al Funghi is more nutritious with seasonal mushrooms and olive oil. 
My bff should try this, she's a mushroom person. XP
A side note here: their pastas are very big in portion, sharing would be an excellent idea.

Plenty of them!
Lobster Bisque was delicious but it's just too much gravy yet short of some vegetables.
Gravy counts into calories too!

Oh my! The main point that made us came here was because of the delicious Souffles!
I have tasted Matcha Souffles once and that kept staying in my mind.

Parfaits? Desserts? I prefer parfaits, somehow lighter in calories and healthier!
Their parfaits are served with some natural ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and fruits. 
But of course, they have a devil yet ladies' favourite ingredient inside, chocolate.

If it wasn't a dinner, I would probably try out their Matcha coffee.
I just chose not to stress out my nervous system at night, it's time for relaxation.

Fruits and smoothies~

I thought of having wine too, but too bad, I don't like to take alcohol if I have to drive myself home.

Seems like we had made up our mind, waiting for our food to be served!

Here came her order: Sauteed Mushrooms Sourdough Bagel!

Look at her smile, then you'd know how contented was her with her mushroom bagel.
She told me that she wants to try out all kind of mushroom in this world, a mushroom person! XD
If you come across any pleasant mushroom dish, feel free to introduce to her.

Meanwhile, I had my Aglio Olio. I was so tempted to get their Aglio Olio.
However, it did not come in a complete meal. After all, only carbohydrates.
That's sad. >.<

Luckily there was some olives served.
I wanted to get a Japanese Wafu Salad to top up my vege but the Aglio Olio was way too big portion for me. 
Perhaps, next time I should share pasta and salad with my friend, then we will end up with complete meal.

Why did I look so happy and satisfied?

Because our Matcha Souffles was here!
I fell in love in their Matcha Souffles since my first dining experience with them.
People who knew me well would know that I'm not a typical lady who loves dessert,
Simply because I don't like it to be too sweet, most of the time I would prefer fruit based desserts.
Apparently, their Matcha Souffles did not taste too sweet to me. 
With the bitterness of Matcha, their souffle was just nice in taste,
Bitterness with sweet after taste = Perfect!

What happened to our souffle!!!
Nah... That's the outcome of ladies' strength - chit chatting non stop!
So 15 minutes after the souffle was served, it became like that. T.T
That tells us that it's better to finish food when it's just served.
However, it did not affect its taste, aside from a bit coldness.
Simply delicious!

Eating out is sometimes a need and norm in this city, when all of us have too little time to prepare our own dinner after work.
Despite of that, eating out could be healthy too. 
After all, it's our choice to nourish our body with nutritious food for health, or to pamper our taste buds and forgetting all about "Health make Wealth".

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