Thursday 17 September 2015

My [hairstory] starts here

Long hair? Short hair?
Curly hair? Straight hair?
Dye? Natural black?
These are questions that keep bothering ladies like me.
If you are lady, I'm sure you agree too!
Perming and hair-dying are always ladies' choice to become prettier.
But those questions only occur if we've HEALTHY HAIR.
I started to have this concern when new mothers around me kept complaining about their SERIOUS hair fall after giving birth.

That's the greatest part about mother, isn't it? 
They could sacrifice everything for their children, even their health.
Well, I'm not yet a mother, but I've hair fall issue too!
I've decided to give my hair a break from perming and shifted my focus on scalp care. 
(I like perming so much, I like to see myself with curly hair. >.<)
This is how our scalp looks like under microscopic lens.
Looks disgusting from the second picture onward (yew!)
Healthy scalp has a curved-in shape that allows the hair follicle to breathe naturally and grow healthily.
Hairdresser told me a healthy hair follicle should have a curved-in shape, it's like a cup!
Each follicle on healthy scalp produces 3-4 hairs. (so many??)
The normal hair fall is about 50-100 hairs daily! (Sounds too much to me)
And I was told, each hair follicle has about 25 cycles before it comes to the end.
What does this mean?
It says the hair follicle can only produce the hair for 25 times for our entire life!
That's the reason why we're not advised to pull our hair, especially white hair!
Just realized how pulling 1 white hair out could lead to the production of 3 white hairs!
Simply because the hair follicles nearby are affected once you pull!
This is how my scalp looked like when before and after I did my scalp treatment.
I have very oily scalp, making my hair couldn't remain fresh within 24 hours. 
That always make me so upset~~sob~
Did you see some super fine hair? That's the warning sign of hair dying soon!!!
I'm glad that at least I could still see some deep 'hole' after the scalp treatment. XD
That's a good sign!

(Please forget my noob face~ XP)
I've been to a few salons for scalp treatment but still find this is the best place for me.
Simply because they are not-so-expensive and worth for value of money.
Why did I say so?
Let's take a look..

This pretty lady helped me with scalp massage after putting the scalp cleanser.
Along with the head massage for almost half an hour, my scalp felt so cooling and calm.
She has an excellent massaging skill, not only calmed my scalp but also been so helpful for me to  distress!
Headache is gone! Such as relief!

Then, continued with shoulder massaging. This is the highlight part of their scalp treatment!
Actually after my first visit to them years ago, I found them having this service whenever I wash hair or do treatment. 
And, I thought all salons do that. Then, I realized that I'm WRONG!
Not all salons do that, even yes, their skills are far behind here!
(Maybe I've high expectation.)
This pretty lady has a very good skill in this. 
Usually people dare not to massage me comfortably as they worried that they'd break my bones.
It's because I look way too skinny with fragile bones. XD
But, she did a very comfortable yet sufficient strength massage to relief my stone-like shoulder!
I was in total relief after that! XP
If you prefer strong massage, you could consider looking for her next time. 
I'l reveal her name later...

After an hour of massaging followed by hair washing and blowing session. 
Ops, a handsome guy had spotted me when I was trying to capture the moment. XP
Introducing my favourite hairstylist, Mr. Derick Ooi - the Founder and Managing Director of Hairstory International!
He has lately won the Malaysia Creative Young Entrepreneur Award!
My first curly hair was done nicely by him years ago. 
I really like his hairdo! Well, I started to miss my curly hair.

There you go, my curly hair blown by Mr. Derick and Ms. Jia Jia.
I think I'd look better in longer curly hair.

Of course, let me introduce you Ms. Jia Jia from Hairstory International Ayer Itam.
She has been there for years and one of my friend love her skill so much!

Many friends of mine went after my recommendation and they were in love totally with this salon, including my Caucasian friends.
Hairstory International is my favourite choice of salon ever since my first visit to Mr. Derick at Air Itam branch, which was back in 6 years time.
Make a guess, how many outlets do they have now? 
Scroll up, and you'll shall see the answer.
I like this salon simply because everyone of them serve you as you are, they don't hard sell something expensive but not necessary or not suitable.
Their service are very consistent and efficient.
They informed customer on every suggestion and fee before customer make their decision.
I'm sure meddle-income office ladies like me would probably watch out our budget all the time right?

They have branches everywhere in Penang, I'm sure there's one nearby somewhere for you.
For more information, visit their:
Official website:


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