Saturday 26 September 2015

IAM A Million Little Things

Lately, I was invited by a best friend to attend a talk show, so to say very life-inspiring.
My first thought was, it's a right timing! I truly need some inspiration to get a breakthrough from my valley. 
Well, life can never be prefect, always full with peaks and valleys.
And so, this talk show was like a booster to me, I's totally impressed with its impact on me.
Health includes both physical and mental, as well as emotional health.
Having said that, inspiration talk is the nutrition to our mind and soul. 

Here I was, didn't break my promise to myself, for "A Million Little Things".

Are you ready? Of course! Let's enjoy the show now!

What is IAM stands for? Ideas Agent Meetup.
Click in the video and it shall give you an answer.

So, let's start the journey! 
We started the session by staring at two art pieces displayed in the hall.
What? Staring? No, I should say FEELING.

Look, my bff was trying her very best in feeling the art piece.

After feeling the art pieces, then we expressed our feelings by writing it on a paper, but only 3 words are allowed.

But often, even at the moment of writing, we hesitated. 
We worried that our feelings might be WRONG, that might not be the massage from the artist.
It was truly an exciting yet hesitating moment to me. Trying to feel the artist, but I know NOTHING about art! People who know me, you know that I really mean it. 
I only know the art of my face and hair, that's ladies' natural artistic field. XD

While waiting for the speaker to start, you guess what? I found an art piece on the ceiling!
It's so beautiful...

A gorgeous interdisciplinary artist of the day, Ms. Annabelle Ng was the first speaker.
The moment I looked at her, she gave me a extremely strong artistic impression. From dressing to expressing herself in words, she is truly an ARTIST. I believe no one would disagree this.
On one second, I thought she is a Japanese. XD 
Ms. Annabelle shared her topic of "NOT Understanding Art".
From her talk show, I certainly agreed that art is hard to explain. People often making their best effort to understand what is the artist trying to convey through their art piece (I'm one of them, XP).
But, experimental art to her is a relationship with the audience, it should be a two way communication. 
To an artist like her, she would appreciate more if people could tell her what could they feel from her art pieces rather than kept guessing the message that she was trying to convey.
Art, has no right or wrong answers. It's a feeling, a thought or an expression, they are just too abstract to put on words. 
So now, I can be confident to say: I know ART though I'm not an artist! ^^

Second speaker of the day, Ms. Rebecca Wilkinson, a local artist and cultural enthusiast who is also the current owner of Penang Tropical Spice Garden in Batu Feringghi. 
I enjoyed her sharing on how she took an interest on her family history. 
Being an offspring of a Caucasian and a Chinese, she treats everyone else the same, regardless their skin colours. 
Understanding that globalization did not commence since 10 or 20 years ago, but perhaps it was started about thousand years ago. Similarly, mix marriage happened since thousands years ago too, whenever wars or trades took place. Having said that, you and I might also have ancestors who came from else where with different skin colours and blood. So, what's wrong with that? We are still citizens who live under the same sky and on the same earth. 

Young generations often not showing appreciation to their family history. What replacing that are technology, gadgets and present life. 
She is strongly convinced that story from older generation passing on to younger generation not only build connections within the family but also to the other cultures. Living in the world ain't an individual or a family matter, is the society and community instead.

Finding our root would help us understand better on our genetic memories, the inheritance. 
Knowing our genetic memories are always be with us and it's good to activate it and make it our strength. 
Family history gave her the motivation and life inspiration to overcome life challenges. 
I suppose we could do the same too. Remember that motivation and inspiration are part of nutrition that boost up our mind and soul.

Ms. Oga Chan who is a teacher with Psychology background. (Health related professional like me! XD)
She is one of the organizers for several community platforms, inclusive of, a website that is created to make the ideas happen. 

Some teachers always have a lot of ideas but lacking of grant is the main reason that holding them back.
Ms. Oga wants to put these ideas to a real world, hoping that every children would get a chance to get a better education.
Here comes the UBER Penang Founder, Mr. Goh AC.
A short introduction for UBER: A company that provides service on rides sharing around the world with the strong concept of "Efficiency Moves The Cities". 
This creates convenience to all Penangnites who always encounter traffic jam and parking issues.
(I personally hate both these issues!)
Rides sharing helps to improve the transportation condition around the island, creating a more environmental and economical friendly transportation system. 
(Sounds good right? Help our pocket and planet at the same time! XP)
Penang is now equipped with a new transport system which allows convenient transportation at low rate.
Looking at the presentation slide, there's so many UBER drivers around the island! 
You can just grab one nearby you. Yeah~~
Promo code given: UBERIAMPENANG
Look at it now for Singapore, OMG!!! There's abundant of drivers there!!!
It's like 7-11, there'll be one beside you. 

Let's take a coffee break with the pretty ladies!

Next speaker would be another gorgeous lady, Ms. Gabija who talked about Urban Exchange.
She is the executive curator at Hin Bus Deport Art Centre in Georgetown who organizes Urban Xchange in  2014, the first public art festival in Malaysia.

She is of the opinion of "art shouldn't reflect culture but redefine culture and everything people do is culture".
She is getting the second public art festival Urban Exchange 2015 launch soon in October 2015, check it out if you want to volunteer yourself to art!

Chiropractor of the day, Mr. Koay Teng Tat was sharing something related to my field, health.
HEALth has the word of HEAL, where healing is the natural process that takes place in our body when certain mechanisms go wrong.
I like his way of expression on improving health is just like to find the light in a dark room. 
We just need to find out the root of illness and the right mechanism to recover the condition.
A good example that my clients or the public always confused:
Sweating = Exercise?
The answer is NO. 
 Sweating happens to bring down our body temperature through cooling effect to the body.
 Knowing that water actually has good heat capacity that could absorb heat and leaving our skin a cooling effect.
Example, we sweat standing under the hot sun and siting inside the sauna. 
We don't exercise at those situation right? But, we SWEAT.

Proudly present to you a best friend of mine, an excellent speaker, Mr. Winston Liew!
With a strong background as a debater, a graduate from law school, and being very passionate to the community, this makes who he is today.
I like his title: Stop The Glorification of Busy.

Being BUSY making us feel so proud of ourselves, sort of proving our high productivity and self-worth values. 
So, did you always claim that you are too BUSY do commit in other things?
Yes, I did. I believe everyone did that.

In the society, if you call yourself busy, it presents to people around you on your capability and productivity. 
If you are free, it gives people a feeling that perhaps, you are not that capable.
This is a dichotomous thinking, either-or situation with no spectrum in between.

The society always link busy with money. 
They get their life busy simply because they want to earn more money.
Is that true? Well, I guess most of us are wearing that shoes. 
But, we could make a different BUSY-ness by implementing our passion into it.
One of the way is to make your own Life Quest.

To find out our life quest, start with meeting the new souls.
He took up a challenge to get into new souls for every opportunities he has. 
Getting self-encouragement to accept new people, new thinking and new ideas.
Second step is to "do snack-sized learning" everyday, knowing the fact that everyday in life is about learning. 
With the advancement of technology, we could easily learn something new from the internet (of course, make sure it's reliable source).

I like the one of his step of "TheMinimalistic Challenge". 
To achieve long term goal in life, we often need mapping on smaller goals that lead us to the destination.
So, minimize our challenge to make it realistic, practical and achievable. 
With that in mind, piece by piece, we'll definitely complete the jigsaw puzzle one day.

Remember, we don't have to glorify busy, it's actually the broken promise to ourselves.
I quoted him on this "Life is to getting the right things done", not tons of thing done.

A Million Little Things makes a small idea.
Many small ideas make a big idea happens.
Everything shall starts with "A Million Little Things".

I felt like I was doing the right thing at that time by attending the talk show. 
It inspired me by learning different thoughts from different professionals in the society.
I believe that positive attitude and passion would be the main criteria to make them who they are today.
IAM A Million Little Things: A life inspiring talkshow.


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