Saturday 5 September 2015

CRES Wellness Gurney Paragon Grand Opening Ceremony

Dear pretty ladies, a great news for you.
Another awesome beauty centre is now in Penang - first outlet of CRES Wellness!
If let's say you take a picture with this background and LIKE their Facebook page, they will give you 2 pieces of Intensive Silk Mask for FREE!

How did I get to know about this? this credit has to go to a bff of mine~
I'll introduce this beautiful lady later.

"Total Women's Treatment Spa" is the slogan for CRES Wellness.
It provides all kind of services for women's wellness: facial, body and spa.
Their head office is located in PJ and Gurney Paragon Mall is their 10th outlet in Malaysia!
Grand opening ceremony is from 4 to 6 September at 1st level atrium in Gurney Paragon Mall.

They are having some exclusive offers and goodies for members, worth up to RM1000.
Aside from that, they are also offering you first trial facial or spa or full body massage as cheap as RM49.90!
If let's say you visit them during Happy Hour, you could get RM0.10 for one of their services. 
(different offers for different days)
For example, a milk bath scrub for about RM200++, but it just cost you 10 cents. 
What can you buy with 10 cents nowadays? 
So, to me, that's very worth. 
Sometimes, you just have to be good to yourself after working so hard.
(That's why people say it's always easy to do women's related business)XP
Anyway, ladies, be calm and steady, ok?
Choose the services that you really need, be a wise consumer. 

Some trial sessions are also offered to their potential customers during the grand opening ceremony.

Goodies bag that gives you several cash vouchers to redeem for buying products and services.
A nicely designed cup with the promise from them "See you younger in 6 weeks".
And of course, a box of Intensive Silk Mask from them. 
Sooooo generous!

I'm sure they want to grab the Penang market, that's why they are being super generous to their potential and existing customers upon their grand opening.
So, grab the chance if you're a person into women's wellness, 
or you just want to pamper yourself sometimes, like me.
So, this is the bff whom I was talking about. 
I'm glad that she introduced me this, I enjoyed their service, you'll feel like being pampered nicely.

Tomorrow will be their last day, don't miss the chance. 
They will be there from 10am to 10pm.

For more information, you could visit their
Official website:

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