Sunday 13 September 2015

A must go restaurant in September - 40% off for set dinner

Thinking of grabbing dinner at affordable price after working so hard for the day?
Here I have a recommendation for you:
delicious, relax, nutritious
and most importantly, with attractive promotion!
Look at that, big portion right? 
If you want to have light dinner, that's enough for two.
Looking at this picture, you should be able to guess where is this restaurant, right?
Let's take a closer look now...
Ta dang~~
It's Winter Warmers!
One of my favourite places for western cuisine.

I did say they that they are doing attractive promotion right?
Here you go!
40% of for set dinner during weekdays in September!
It's inclusive of soup, main course, beverages and dessert!
They only offer this to following outlets: 
Sunway Carnival, Queensbay Mall and All Season Place.

Winter Warmers is a restaurant renovated in western style.
Its interior design always gives customers a relaxing dining ambient, relieving your stress while dining.

Here's one of the menu for afternoon tea, cream tea, set lunch and set dinner.

For ladies who love high tea, here's the menu for you.
(I'm a office lady, thus no time for that XD)

Here's the set lunch menu where it includes salad, main course and beverages.
If you want cake as dessert, just add another RM4.50.

Now it's the highlight part of promotion: SET DINNER!
You'll get soup, main course, beverages and dessert!
and it's 40% off!
What a good deal!

Their set dinner served from 6pm to 9pm ya, remember that!

If you think you don't like the set dinner menu, perhaps, you can choose from their a la carte menu.
There are plenty of dishes for you.
I've tried their honey oat chicken, Mexican grilled chicken and light spicy garlic chicken.
They are just excellent! 
All of them came with half plate of salad which I really enjoy eating them simply due to their freshness and dressing.
Other than salad, they are also served with wedges (deep fried). 
I always ask for Tobasco sauce to dip with, I'm a spicy person. XD
**Poultry (white meat), somehow healthier than the lamb and beef (red meats), contains lower in cholesterol and uric acid.
**Grilled, roasted, stir-fried, pan-fried and steamed would be better options for those with weight or cholesterol concerns.

For some reason, I don't enjoy their fish and chip. I will reveal the reason as you read through my blog.
Grill fish with white sauce, light spicy garlic fish, creamy butter lemon fish and salmon steak lighted with mustard sauce are pretty delicious, simply because all of them come along with half plate of salad as appetizer and it's very refreshing.
**Fish happened to be the healthiest animal protein as compared to white and red meats. 
It gives us the complete protein but is generally lowest in cholesterol among all animal proteins.
**Deep fried, battered and crusted are often contributing to higher calorie and may spike cholesterol level (especially deep fried).
**Red sauce is often referring to tomato sauce. Though it sometimes contains little amount of sugar to reduce its sourness, apparently it appears as a healthy and low calorie sauce.
**White sauce (Béchamel sauce) is often referring creamy sauce. It's higher in calorie and cholesterol (from butter and milk) as its basic ingredients are flour, oil or butter and milk.

**Baked is also one of the healthy cooking methods too!

Ops, I guess these are more to dessert part.

If you want something light, you can always try their bagel, sandwiches and croissant.
I believe that they should be tasty too.

Honestly speaking, I prefer their previous salad dressing which tasted a bit sweet and sour.
It tasted like orange and lemon, yet it's very appetizing. It was a great option for salad dressing.
Current dressing is a bit too sweet for me.

Don't have to worry that drinking tea at dinner would cause you super-excited at night, because they have a caffeine-free beverages for you.

My experience with Lavender milk tea did not turn out well, it was a bit weird to me.
Royal and Apricot milk tea are pretty good options.

Members of Winter Warmers, here's your exclusive promotion for September!

This guy looked super serious while waiting for the food. 
Perhaps, he was too hungry? XP

Keep calm and get a cup of water. ^_^
**Water is a zero calorie drink. Drinking at least 8 glasses or 2 Litres a day would really be beneficial to our health. For weight-concerns, you may want to have a glass of water before your meal so that you will end up eating less.

Here comes my all-time favourite: Honey Oat Chicken!
Ops, it's crusted and coated with honey. 
Hence, it's higher in calorie. It's okay, I've enough quota for it.

This is the Light Spicy Garlic Chicken, tasted a bit spicy, sweet and sour. 
The chicken is deep fried and coated with the spicy garlic sauce. So, it could be a bit higher in calorie too.
But, it's VERY appetizing. It would be my choice for next visit. 

Creamy Butter Lemon Fish, tasted sour and flavourful. It is pretty tasty and had become his sometime-favourite.

Here you go the Fish and Chips. Have you notice the reason I don't appreciate this dish?
I'm sorry, there's no salad coming along with this dish.
Thus, I had never order them the second time.

There's also other promotion for their beloved members!

Remember, the promotion of 40% off from set dinner only applicable for 
weekdays from 6pm to 9pm at 
Sunway Carnival, Queensbay Mall and All Season Places outlets.
Don't miss it!


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