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The Twelve Cups - Specialty Crepe and Eatery Cafe

Hello people~~
Twelve Cup is now back in town!
Do you miss them? I think so right?!XD

Today I'm going to share with you on their latest menu.
I'm sure the photo above would definitely stimulates your saliva glands to work immediately. XP
Twelve Cup was closed sometime ago from August to September.
And now, they are back in town with new interior design and more delicious menu!

Their menu board was displayed at the entrance, feel free to flip through.

This is a good spot to enjoy your cup of coffee and scenery at the same time.

Newly designed menu for their customers.

Don't you think this colourful menu would really stimulate your taste buds even more?

I love this two quotes hanging on the wall, they're very inspirational.
Have you been creating something in life that worth to share?
Well, I'm doing one right now. XD

White background has successfully created a very relaxing yet elegant ambient for their beloved customers.
I'm one of them! XD

Beverage list is displayed on the menu board, you could choose a cup of drink (coffee base) with a piece of delicious cake. 
That would be really a perfect match! Yum Yum~

Variety of choices for dear ladies who love cake, you shouldn't miss this out!

Both my favourite, bitter sweet cakes, my taste~

I personally in loved with this side dining table as it makes me feel laid back during my meal, especially during the weekend when we just want to enjoy time leisurely.

Free flow plain water is served for every customers, 0 calorie and healthiest drink.
Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated!
A cup of water before meal would also help to reduce your food intake, a tip for weight reduction.

The most attractive part is coming now!
I can't wait to share with you on their new delicious menu!
Let's now start one by one~

Two signature beverages: Rose Latte and Almond Macademia Latte

Rose Latte, RM11.
A cup of latte came with rose flavour and fragrance.
An elegant lady with a cup of nicely served rose latte.
The fragrance and coffee art would have made your tension go off immediately.

Almond Macadamia Latte, RM11.
Almond and macadamia are nutritious nuts which are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Also, they are both high in monounsaturated fatty acids in nature, thus protective towards cardiovascular health.

Next, I'm getting you some smoothies and frappes.
Berry Banana (mix berries, apple and banana), RM13.
Though smoothies carries some calories, it is not an empty calorie beverage after all.
Smoothies provides some fiber from fruits, protein from milk or yogurt and some vitamins as well as minerals.

Little bear said:"I want my favourite drink!"
Alright, there you go...
Passion Fruit Lychee Smoothie, RM14
Both passion fruit and Lychee are good source of vitamin C, very helpful in skin collagen formation and heme iron absorption.
It'd be a great option for you if you're under stress lately, its antioxidants could help in reducing free radicals and boosting immunity.

Greentea Latte Frappe, RM14
My choice of the day, green tea latte frappe.
The reason I chose this is because of green tea and of course, I love latte. XD
Green tea is very well-known of its antioxidants properties. 
But right, pure green tea has a big difference with this ya, which is calorie content.
Pure green tea is 0 calorie, but not this latte frappe. 
Well, that doesn't mean it's bad. Everything should be moderation.
Oh ya, it doesn't taste sweet after all. 

Next: Infused Tea & Hand Crafted Coolers
Apple Rose Tea, RM13
Infused tea is considered as low calorie beverages, lesser than pure fruit juice. 
It could also serves as one of the healthy beverages too. 

Coming up: Juice
Fresh Orange Juice, RM11
Fresh fruit juice is high in vitamin C, but lack of some fiber content when compared to fresh fruit.
Generally, it's a healthy choice for us as healthy individuals.
Perhaps, Apple Rose Tea, Almond Macadamia Latte and Rose Latte would be healthier options for customers who have sugar concerns. 

Wild Mushroom Soup, RM10
With toast panini (sandwich) and saute roasted mushroom, it enhanced the fragrance of the soup.
It tasted creamy and rich, with a piece of garlic bread, it could be quite filling too.
Generally a cup of mushroom soup gives about 96 calories, depending on the ingredients used.

Aglio Olio Pasta, RM17
My favourite dish of the day -- Aglio Olio!
I found their aglio olio is really superb!
They made this with olive oil, garlic, little chili, chunky duck piece, house special roasted mushroom and some secret ingredients for more fragrance and flavouring.
It tasted a bit spicy and salty, a totally perfect taste combination for me.
I would say, their aglio olio is a must eat item!XP
**for people with high uric acid, you may not want to finish the duck pieces.

Crab Seafood Pasta, RM22
Crab seafood pasta is a tomato-based pasta cooked with crab meat and spices, with half cooked salted egg on the side and topped with crab claw meat.
The mixture of pasta and the sauce made it tasted salty, sour and sweet. 
It's quite appetizing, but I prefer my aglio olio because I'm a spicy person. XD

Savory Crepe
The Signature Shroom, RM21
I would call it "mushroom crepe" because it is prepared with a few types of mushrooms: portobello, brown and white shimeji, brown and white button mushroom, and abalone mushroom.
Mushroom lovers, it's a dish for you.
I like their concept of separating the dressing, enabling customers to take without dressing, especially those with calorie concern.

Smoky Samurai, RM18
This is a messy dish. Ops, no, it's actually a healthy dish. XD
It is a spring onion crepe that came with braised grilled bbq hickory chicken, onion, garlic flakes and lastly served with green salad.
Did you notice half of the plate is actually vegetables? and 1/4 for each carbohydrate (crepe) and protein (chicken)?
Yes, surprisingly it match MyPlate concept, that's a good news for me.
Though it looks a bit messy here and there, but it is a healthy yet delicious dish to try out.

Shifudo Crepe Yaki, RM19
A crepe that prepared with crispy cabbage, seafood, egg, salmon slices, dancing bonito flakes and seasoned with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.
A combination of sweet and salty creating another worth-trying menu.
Though salmon is a good source for omega-3, it's also high in cholesterol and uric acid.
If you have concerns with cholesterol and uric acid, share this with your friends. 
Sharing is caring. XP

Do you want some "Snacks for buddies"? Here we go...
Truffle fries, RM13
Fries served with melted cheesy sauce, customized for cheesy persons. 
Ops, not cheesy persons, but people who loves cheese.

Portobello Sticks, RM13
Portobello sticks are mushroom fries that served with roasted capsicum sauce.
I like the fragrance of the roasted capsicum sauce, it's rich in flavour.
I would prefer this to be my snack, simply because the sauce is healthier and perhaps, lower in calorie.
You could click here for a healthy roasted capsicum sauce recipe.

It's time for "All day brunch".
What did we have?
The 12th, RM22
A typical western breakfast that comprised of jumbo sausages flavoured with garlic herb and cheese mushroom. 
At the side, a scramble egg is served, but you could ask for sunny side up or 63o egg too.
And, yes! Half plate of vegetables: grilled baby tomato, saute mushroom, spinach, min salad and grilled sweet corn, with garlic bread and roasted tomato sauce.
So now, who said vegetables are not possible for breakfast? XD
Creativity makes impossible become "I m possible".

Life of Pi, RM19
Toast panini (sandwich) topped with my favourite food, smoked salmon, 63egg and hollandaise sauce. It's then garnished with sesame salad and lemon slice. 
I enjoy the flavourful smoked salmon topped with 63egg.
To me, this is also a healthy brunch to kick start the day, compromising our nutrient needs.
A healthy hollandaise sauce recipe to share here.XP

Daffy's Pride, RM19
Initially we thought Daffy's Pride and Life of Pi are the same, because they looked so alike!
The truth is, Daffy's Pride is served with smoked duck.
So, make sure you get the right order! XP

Time for Cakes~
Tiramisu, RM11
Other than aglio olio, this is another favourite item that finished within seconds!
You can imagine how delicious it is right?
This Tiramisu is different from the one I usually had, it's made in layers and thus you could taste a stronger coffee taste.
As you know, I don't like sweet desserts. 
Tiramisu has always been my favourite simply due to its bitter sweet, and here has one of the best Tiramisu in town!

Hokkaido Chocolate Crepe Cake, RM11
Obviously this wasn't my order, because I don't usually fancy chocolate.
I gave it a try due to its attractive food art. XD
For chocolate lovers, I'm sure this would satisfy your taste buds to the max.

The Twelve Cups signature: Dessert Sweet Crepe
Berries on the Cheese, RM16
Crepe is folded into pocket size with mix cheese filling, and topped with berry berry sauce.
They also garnish this menu with plenty of blueberries, superb generous!
This crepe would definitely a yummy choice for you to enjoy the cheesy taste and berries' sweetness. 

Cocoa and Marchy, RM15
Can you see what's inside??
Chocolate and marshmallow lovers, this is something that you shouldn't miss out from their menu.
Chocolate crepe stuffed with chewy melted marshmallow and served with choco ball, choco curl and plenty of strawberries.
I doubt chocolate lovers could resist this.XD

HoHoHo~ Christmas is coming~

In line with upcoming Christmas, The Twelve Cups has launched a series of Christmas menu!

Santa Parade, RM22
Turkey? Nope, it's brine chicken drumstick.
It's served with roasted mushroom sauce, fruit vegetable salad and julienne sliced crepe.
Can you find the crepe? 
It's underneath the chicken drumstick, but it looked like pasta to me. XD

Candy Tower, RM17
Can you see the cute cute little Santa? I call it strawberry Santa!XP
This dessert is made from crispy sugar baked mini crepe, and topped with cinnamon apple crumble.
Oh ya! Are you aware of the other cute creature on the plate?
That's vanilla ice cream! 
I like their creativity in making a Christmas-deco by using food art!
The moment I looked at it, my jaw dropped. XD

Sunbathing Olaf, RM15
I have to introduce Olaf to you, say hi!
It must have took the chef a lot of time to design this.
My day was enlighten by this little Sunbathing Olaf, it's just too awesome!
Olaf is sunbathing in a blue sky soda syrup ice blended with lemon juice.

Gingerbread Man's Adventure, RM15
Our last menu is honorably taken up by this extraordinary greenish Gingerbread Man.
It's made of green tea mint syrup ice blended with whipped cream. 
On top of the drink, it's topped with mint ice cream, kit kat, oreo crunch, ice cream cone and candy cane.
I tried this and the taste to me is not bad, a combination of green tea and mint, made my breath so fresh. XP
What attractive me most was the food art behind this, amazing!

Couldn't resist the temptation of attractive yet delicious food?
Then start to build up your calorie allowance today by doing more exercise!
You could still maintain your body shape while eating like mad during the festival.
For friends who has some concern on their glucose level, always remember that sharing is caring.
If you care about your friends, share with them! 

The Twelve Cups is another great place to hang out, especially to spend weekend leisurely.
Healthy menu are available in the house together with leisure ambient and coffee fragrance.

Good news people! We have changed our business hours to everyday for the time above instead of closing on every Monday!...
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