Friday 25 December 2015

Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa - Wholistic Wellness Menu (Nutritionist Review)

Hi internet!
And this time, I'm very honoured to be invited for a blog review on their specially designed Wholistic Wellness Menu.

This Wholistic Wellness Escape Program is a wholistic health getaway program customized for executives who are busy with works yet concerned about their health.

With collaboration with Penang Adventist Hospital, Wholistic Wellness Escape Program covers all aspects of health including health check, lifestyle consultation, yoga, meditation, body spa, pilates, gym, healthy food and etc. 
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This round, I'm going to review in detailed on their calorie-controlled wellness menu, exclusively for their customers who take up this program.
This wellness menu creation is a great effort by the dietitian and chef. 
These two profession collaborated perfectly and produced a series of menu which is healthy, tasty, appetizing yet attractive in appearance.

Taste, nutritional value and food art are the major components to make a healthy yet tempting menu.

Let me, a nutritionist blogger, introduce you some of the dishes from the Wholistic Wellness Menu.

My nutritious beverage of the day -- Avocado Smoothies.
It tasted very rich and fibrous, a little natural sweet from avocado and a little creamy.
I would definitely get my second cup if I have a chance. XD
It was my first attempt on avocado. Despite of its nutritional value, it's price is always my barrier of getting it. (I'm sure you know if you looked for it before XP)
But, I'm going to tell you why it's worth for the value of money.
1 avocado (332 kcal) contains: 
20g monounsaturated fat (MUFA-beneficial for heart health), 
4.3g saturated fat, 
0g cholesterol, 
13g dietary fiber (beneficial for heart health, prevention of obesity, management of hypertension and diabetes)
15mg of sodium .
Comparing with another good source of MUFA which is salmon. 
1 fillet of salmon (824kcal) has: 
14g monounsaturated fat (MUFA), 
12g saturated fat (indirectly increase cholesterol), 
218g cholesterol (increase risk of high cholesterol, blood clotting, and heart disease), 
0g dietary fiber
234mg of sodium (increase blood pressure).
Conclusion: Avocado has higher nutritional value, outweigh its pricing concern.

My second dish was from the Breakfast menu: Albumen Mighty, 84kcal.
This dish contains very high amount of dietary fiber, made me felt so full after eating.
It is made of egg white omelet with mushroom, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and boiled potatoes, low fat yogurt with berries and honey, muesli. 
A nutritious breakfast kick starts your day energetically.
From weight management point of view, it's always better to have heavy and nutritious breakfast and keep dinner as light as possible.
I like their concept of incorporating egg white. Why?
Unlike egg yolk, egg white does not contain cholesterol, hence it's a good and complete protein option.
Boiled potatoes and muesli serve as carbohydrate (wholegrain) sources, egg and yogurt as protein options while mushroom, broccoli, tomatoes and berries make up vegetables and fruits, respectively.

Next menu of mine: Banana Walnut Cake with Mango Sorbet, 195kcal. (from lunch menu)
This cake tasted naturally sweet and nutty due to its main ingredients: banana and walnut.

It served with all kind of fruits that provides plenty of dietary fiber, potassium and vitamins that's essential for health from several aspects.
Dietary fiber helps to prevent constipation, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease as well as colon cancer by cleaning up the bowels regularly.

Potassium is very helpful in regulating normal blood pressure while vitamins like A, C and E help to boost up immunity and anti-aging.
If you want a good skin complexion like me, eat more vegetables and fruits, that'd really help. XP

Appetizer from dinner menu: Tuna Bites, 200kcal.
The combination of tuna and spinach created a perfect match for the menu.
Natural saltiness of the tuna is compensated with fresh vegetables and sweet dried cranberries, created a perfect taste as an appetizer.
Tuna is another type of deep sea fish that provides high in MUFA, considerably lower in cholesterol and sodium while rich in vitamin B-12, an essential vitamin for normal brain and nervous system functioning as well as blood formation.

Main dish from dinner menu: Spinach and Feta Cheese Baked on Pita Bread, 350kcal.
Feta cheese is made from goat or sheep milk. Though higher in saturated fat and sodium, it's an excellent source of calcium.
For individuals who doesn't have cholesterol concern but osteoporosis (low bone density), it would definitely be a wonderful choice.
Don't forget to get some Vitamin D from sunlight for better calcium absorption!

Soup from dinner menu: Avocado Soup with Crab Meat, 145kcal.
Another avocado menu, another favourite dish of mine. 
Other than the reasons mentioned above, avocado is a great source for potassium too. 
Potassium is one of the major nutrients in hypertension management, never ignore it especially when you're under stressed (blood pressure will shoot up during stress period).

Dessert from dinner menu: Fruity Berries Yogurt Trifle, 170kcal.
I chose this dessert simply because I like berries, and of course, it has very much to do with its nutritional value.
Why do I love berries? Here is the answer:
Low in calories and fat, rich of vitamin C and dietary fiber yet high in potassium, antioxidants and manganese (especially blueberries).
How low is the calories? 
50 berries only give you 39 kcal, that's even less than a piece of apple.
Berries don't limit its benefits on eye health, but extend further to weight management, anti-aging, skin health, hypertension management and bone health.
So, how could I resist berries at this point? XP
Yummy, for my health, eyes and skin!

Health is the basic of life. 
Without health, we could make nothing at all.
Thinking about wealth? 
Then, you should prioritize your health.
Because, health makes wealth, but wealth couldn't buy you health.

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