Thursday 31 December 2015

DCOVA: cafe that you shouldn't miss out in town

Hi people!
Here is the last post before the year ends - my review on DCOVA, another well-known cafe in town!

I got a little excited because that's my second food review with my pretty sister, Joewy.
And of course, I couldn't be more pleased to thank our friend Jennifer for the awesome arrangement made.

This cafe had been reviewed by Tripadvisor and Foodsion respectively, showing their reliable quality of services as well as the food and beverages. 
Is that so true? I'm going to tell you now...

Just before Christmas, I visited them with Joewy, Jennifer, Jazz and Trista for my first visit there.

"Fix me up please!" was attracting me to their coffee bar and pastry. 

A list of caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages on their menu board.
I'll introduce you some later on... XD

New menu design by the cafe. (I thought it was a magazine! XD)

And look at what I found from the menu?!

TVB fans, I'm sure you know who is she right?
She's Hong Kong TVB artist and pageant, Eliza Sam!

I's told by the owner that she came to this cafe for shooting sometime ago.
And I was like WOW! (Ops, being a little overreacted, XP)

Other than the displayed menu board, you could still find lots of beverages from their menu.

Non caffeinated beverages prepared for people who has caffeine allergic, or people like me who sometimes just don't want to stress my nerves. XD
So have you make up your mind on which beverage should you choose?
I'll give you some recommendations as following:

Hot Caramel Sea Salt Macchiato, RM10
This Caramel Sea Salt Macchiato is a coffee made from milk form and expresso, sprinkled with some sea salt and topped with caramel that outline the coffee art.

Take note: a glass of Caremal Macchiato usually gives about 150 kcal.

Aussie Strong Latte, RM10
Shanghai Rose Tea
If you want a empty calorie beverage, this would be a great option.
Calming yet relaxing afternoon tea.

Matcha Latte, RM12-14
My must try item for my next visit. XD

Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio, RM23.90
Oh my!!! This this this!
Other than being a Latte fans, I favor aglio olio as well.
And I tell you, if you're a fans of aglio olio like me, you must try it out!
A little spicy with fresh seafood and prepared with olive oil.
That's mine!!! XP

Terriyaki Chicken Salad, RM18.90
See~ Salad is a must if you dine with a nutritionist! XP
After trying it, Joewy was totally impressed by the freshness of the vegetables.
It tasted natural sweet with the fresh and crunchy vege, mixed with Terriyaki Chicken and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Nust and seeds are good plant protein that gives you 0 cholesterol yet high in omega-3. 
Thus, it's always a good idea to sprinkle some nuts and seeds into your dishes.

Ebiko Alfredo, RM23.90
This is a very unique pasta made with ebiko (Capelin Roe).
The combination of seafood, seaweed, creamy Alfredo sauce and ebiko made the pasta very flavourful.
It's definitely an excellent option for you who like creamy pasta.

Riz Al Nero Di Seppia, RM28.90
This a rice dish that prepared with the squid sauce and seafood.
My first try on this rice cooked with black squid sauce.
Though it didn't look much appealing to me, the taste was a little unexpected. Thumbs up!

If you find pasta is way too heavy for you, there's also some lighter sandwiches that could accommodate your taste and appetite.

So now, it's time for our main items of the day: Desserts.
DCOVA has lately collaborated with Passionis Patisserie from Singapore and launched a few desserts that would definitely melt you heart.
Strawberry Shortcake, RM14.90
If you know me well, I'm a lady who don't like SWEET dessert, I will usually stop after my first bite.
But, I kept eating non stop for the Strawberry Shortcake!
It's so refreshing and the sweetness did not go beyond my threshold, it's was just nice to continue for a few more bites.
They use strawberries from Egypt and Korea rather than local (more sour) to ensure its quality of taste.

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, RM15.90
Chocolate lover! Another good recommendation for you.
To a non-chocolate lover like me, I find their cake very rich (they use pure chocolate rather than compound chocolate).
The bottom layer is crunchy with some hazelnuts. It's very thin yet crispy crepe -- Feuilletine (bottom layer).
Nuts are  nutritious as I mentioned above right?
So, this is for you, chocolate lovers. XP

Tiramisu Classic, RM15.90
Tiramisu is one of the dessert that I would definitely try out upon my visit to cafe.
Their tiramisu are pretty delicious and big in portion, very moist with a little bitter after taste. 
One thing good about this is, they packed it in single bottle so that it's easier for customer to carry and keep.
As you know, tiramisu is always so fragile, just like women's heart. XD

Warmed Apple Crumble with Vanila Ice Cream, RM15.90
Warmed Apple Crumble served with Vanila Ice Cream, an awesome combination of hot and cold at the same time.
Its strong apple taste and crunchy texture with the cold and hot sensation made a perfect match for a delicious dessert.
Well, it's too sweet after all.
Hence, it's my third choice after Tiramisu and Strawberry Shortcake. 

Creame Brulee, RM13.90
A classic French dessert that made from egg yolk, brown sugar, vanila cream and vanila beans.
To certain extent, I like the taste of egg with brown sugar, making a flavourful caramelized dessert.
But, I don't recommend this to diabetic or high cholesterol patients, due to high sugar content and amount of egg yolks used.   

The above 5 desserts are supplied by Passionis Pattiserie are desserts that are not too sweet for me.

Ladies who love sweet desserts would fancy the below desserts:
Salted Caramel Chocolate Love, RM13.90
Gula Melaka Cheese Cake, RM11.90
DCOVA is another hostpot in town that provides appetizing food and beverages.
It's also a great place to chill out and capture good photos! XD

Visit them during their operating hours ya~

Don't forget to tag or hashtag them upon your visit!
Facebook: DCOVA

Special thanks to DCOVA for their delicious yet healthy fruitcake upon Christmas celebration!
Happy New Year 2016 everyone!

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