Sunday 2 October 2016

HKC Plaza: My Bottle Masks (let's go TOC TOC and be BRIGHT)

Hello readers~~ 
Weekend is time to recharge energy level. 
And ladies out there, don't ever forget to also boost up energy level for your skin!
Today I am here to do an introduction and review on a Korean brand's masks: 
I am pleased to receive masks from HKC Plaza for this blog review. 
It raised my interest when I first knew about this products. Do you know why??
Because it is from KOREA! XD
For those who know me well, I love Korean and Taiwan stuff so much. 
Especially in Korea, their beauty line is so much advanced and effective to keep the ladies there young and beautiful! (I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me, XP)
Let's find out what's in the bottle, oh no, MY BOTTLE MASK....

Are you ready for My TOC TOC Bottle mask?

The reason I started off with TOC TOC because its special name kinda caught my eyes.
It's actually a wash off mask that serve as a take-out spa, claimed to be a natural healing therapy. 
It has BLACK SUPER FOOD inside! 
As a nutritionist, SUPER FOOD sounds a bit too commercial to me. Ops, wrong profession now XD.
Basically, they are referring to black bean as the black super food, along with olive and soda bubble as main ingredients. 
The reason why they tagged it as SUPER FOOD because plant-based food are definitely nutrient-rich, for both body and face. 

It cleanses pore wastes and sebum with its unique carbonated bubbles, meant to help with pore management, blackhead, peeling message, brightening effect and removing waste. 
And, it's in blue packaging, leaving an impression that my face gonna be as clear as the ocean sea. 
Oh my! Can't wait to try out how TOC TOC gonna help my skin~~ 
Let's begin...

I was surprised by a little when I saw only half piece of mask!
I was like, "huh? Where is the other half?" 
Then I realized, it was indicated on the packaging, little icon showing half piece black mask. 
When I looked at the mask properly, it has abundant bubbles on it. 
And, I thought that's it, the bubbles.
Then, I knew that I was wrong!

The mask fitted nicely onto my little face, as I did have some over-sized ones on my face, which I don't really fancy. 
First time trying having carbonated bubbles on my face. 
And you know what, I started to play with the bubbles when I was waiting for timer to ring. XD

After few minutes, my eyes opened to max when I looked into mirror.
The bubbles became double or even triple in volume in just 2-3 minutes!

As so, I was thinking since there's overwhelming bubbles, might as well I spread it over to my forehead - another area prone for blackheads. 
The bubbles are pretty fine and I didn't feel any irritation during the process, even though slight irritation is expected during attachment due to the cleansing process by the carbonated bubbles. 

10 minutes was over, it's time to take off the mask. 
Do I look like I'm having a bubble bath? XD
Oh yeah... my face just had its BUBBLE BATH!
 I believe my face could tell you how enjoy it was for having a bubble bath with TOC TOC. XP

After wash off, it did not leave me any tightness feeling, which means it's not drying up my skin. 
TOC TOC has perfectly impressed me with its cleaning properties, leaving my face a very clean (I can't see any blackheads after this!), brighter (almost get a tone brighter!) and smooth (I love touching my face after that, like baby skin!)
How could I not having second piece of this??XD

Second day after the TOC TOC, I had another mask: My Bright Bottle!
If I were to say TOC TOC is a deep cleansing mask, then I would say My Bright Bottle will be a perfect moisturizing and hydrating mask after a deep cleanse.

The thing I like about this mask is its main ingredients - YELLOW SUPER FOOD: 
Lemon, Orange, Grapefruits!
As a nutritionist, I know all these ingredients are natural fruits with tons of antioxidants that is helpful to protect us from free radicals and keep us young if we have enough of them everyday.
As so, I shall assume the mask shall serve the same purpose too, protecting my skin from the harmful environment.

The mask fitted my face nicely, with its thin yet elastic material.
The essence inside contains few active ingredients which inclusive of:
 Vitamin C (protective corrector with antimicrobial effect), 
Vitamin E (protector with powerful antioxidant), 
Vitamin B3 (Energizer with skin brightening effect),
Vitamin B5 (Moisturizer with co-enzyme to maintain physical growth), 
Vitamin B6 (Cell activator)

 I felt cooling effect during the mask attachment, which it probably gave me some kind of soothing effect too. 
Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes, don't talk or move, otherwise wrinkles may take place!

There's no ugly ladies in this world, there's only lazy ladies.
Or I should say, it's because you don't love yourself sufficiently?
Everything within this body is given by my lovely parents, it's also my love to them if I manage to take good care of this body. 
Don't you agree? 

This is NOT a wash off mask. So I usually will massage my face with the leftover essence on my face. 
And you know what, it was absorbed pretty quick! 
Without any sticky feeling on my face, that's the lovely part.

Bounce~ Bounce~
I felt a better elasticity on my skin after using the mask, which I usually don't.  
In overall, I'm pretty impressed with what My Bottle Mask from HKC Plaza had brought to my skin.
I would highly recommend these to those with normal, combination/oily skin (as I am one of them). 

And ya! They are doing their promotion now!
Enjoy store wide 60% off for first timer by using promo code: -60%
If you are second time users, you may use another promo code (SB06000ECD) to obtain additional 10% off!

Grab them before the promotion ends!
Official website: HKC Plaza
Instagram: HKCplaza

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