Sunday 31 January 2016

G Hotel Penang: Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner

Monkey year is coming very soon just in a week time!
Are you guys ready for it?
First of all, I wish all of you have a great Monkey year ahead with a lot of blessings throughout the year.
During Chinese New Year, there'll be a lot of family dinners and company banquets going on. 
If you are looking for a place with excellent food, relaxing ambient, high privacy yet HALAL certified, this would be definitely a great option for you: G Hotel Penang.

I'm very honoured to receive invitation from G Hotel Penang on their review of Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner. 

Their dinner packages are available starting from 1st February to 29th of February 2016, a whole month celebration. 
Unlike the traditional Chinese restaurants, they don't specify the time for dinner reservation. 
They prioritize customers' time flexibility, dining experience and the food quality.

Throughout the month, it's applicable for a Private Function Room only with a minimum reservation of 3 tables of 10 persons each.
However, there's an exception given during Reunion Dinner on 7th February at Grand Ballroom, with a minimum reservation of 1 table of 10 persons. 

Other than Chinese New Year dinner, they also offer Wedding Reception Dinner with 15 tables available in the Grand Ball Room.

Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner in G Hotel Penang offers 3 packages with 8-courses dinner, namely Happiness (RM1288 nett, GST inclusive), Prosperity (RM1388 nett, GST inclusive) and Longevity (RM1488 nett, GST inclusive).
On that day, we had Prosperity package for our blog reviews.

Of course, if let's say you would like to replace certain dish with the same value, you can always contact them in advanced and discuss with them on the possibility of replacement. 

Every package comes with free flow Chinese tea and Fruit Punch, while liquor is charged additionally.
I personally enjoy their Fruit Punch, it was so refreshing.

Fatt Choy Salmon Yee Sang
First dish of getting Prosperity is Fatt Choy Salmon Yee Sang!!
Chinese believes that Lou Sang during Chinese New Year brings great wealth and income for the year.

Other than the fresh and thick Salmon served, it also comes with seaweed and pomelo, add on more fibers to the dish.

Other than Salmon which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, it also incorporates olive oil for tossing, which provides lots of monounsaturated fat that's also protective for heart.

Braised Seafood Soup with Eight Treasure 
Second dish from Prosperity presents you the Braised Seafood Soup with Eight Treasures.
This happened to one of my favourite dishes for the night, yummy~~
It's very flavourful and delicious without much seasonings added into it, but the natural taste of the ingredients. 

The soup will be served in a big portion of 10 rather than single portion as shown in the picture, it's a special arrangement made for the night.
The small fire underneath actually helped to make the soup stay warm until the end, it's a very attentive service for bloggers who were all busy taking photos XD.

The Eight Treasures in the recipe are fish lips, sea cucumber, dry scallops, fish maw, crab meat, water chestnut, mushrooms, and bamboo fungus.
This soup appears to be a healthy choice as low cholesterol fish and seafoods are chosen as part of the main ingredient and plant based proteins add up its nutritional values especially in term of fibers. 

Roasted Duck and Roasted Sesame Chicken
Next dish of the night was the Roasted Duck and Roasted Sesame Chicken. 
The roasted duck was quite tender and juicy, its taste was then further enhanced by the side sauce served. 

Roasted Sesame Chicken tasted juicy and delicious too, with sesame sprinkled on top of the skin, increased it's crunchiness by little. 
If the excellent quality sesame seeds were to bake thoroughly, it'd properly increased its fragrance and become more appetizing. 

Fried Shell-less Prawn in Butter Salted Egg Yolk
The first thing that came into my mind was "Is this curry prawn instead?", and I was proven wrong. XP
This is actually Fried Shell-less Prawn in Butter Salted Egg Yolk.
Then my second question was, "Where is the salted egg yolk?", and I found it after my first bite, it's  inside the sauce.
Great point about this other than its flavourful taste was its Shell-less, making it very convenient for consumption, especially ladies who doesn't want to get dirty of their nails or dress during CNY. 

Fresh Scallop stir-fried with Broccoli in Pine Seeds
Fifth dish of the night was Fresh Scallop stir-fried with Broccoli in Pine Seeds.
My first impression was, where to get this big and sweet scallop?!
They actually got the US imported fresh scallops which are bigger in size and sweeter in taste. 

Aside from that, I noticed that there's an unique ingredient, the pine seeds. 
Pine seeds are crunchy in texture and pleasantly sweet in taste, which enhance the overall taste.
Pine seeds are excellent plant protein that give us the fiber, mono-unsaturated fatty acids (protective to heart), omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 
This dish happened to be my top choice of the night, with its natural sweetness from scallop and vegetables, without much seasoning added.

Steamed Pearl Garoupa in Supreme Soya Sauce
How could a Chinese New Year dinner comes without fish that symbolizes "having leftover of money"?
Here presents to you Steamed Pearl Garoupa in Supreme Soy Sauce by their talented chef. 
Different types of fish will be used throughout different packages, namely Red Snapper Fish (for Happiness package), Garoupa fish (for Prosperity package) and Dhafa fish (for Longevity package). 

The Garoupa fish was extremely fresh with its lean and firm in texture, giving a mild sweet flavour on its flesh. 
I personally like its combination taste of fish with the Supreme Soya Sauce, very flavourful indeed.

Hong Kong Fried Egg Noodles with Shredded Smoked Duck
Our next dish came to Hong Kong Fried Egg Noodles with Shredded Smoked Duck, last main dish before we had our dessert.
The moment it was served, I could smell its fragrance coming from the dining table. 
Egg noodles was very well made, offered a great combination of egg fragrance, palatable in taste and tender in texture.

Shredded Smoked Duck magnified the overall taste of the noodle, making the dish so irresistible even it's the last main dish.  

Sweetened Longan with Glutinous Black Sesame Balls
Last dish of the night was the dessert, Sweetened Longan with Glutinuous Black Sesame Balls.
Strong ginger and longan fragrance when it entered the room, indicated that it's going to be very appetizing, and it's true.
Though it's known as dessert, the soup wasn't too sweet after all, it was just nice. 
The Glutinous Black Sesame Balls was so well made, very elastic and the black sesame inside tasted so smooth and pure.

If you were to ask me what would be my nutritionist view on the dishes on the CNY dinner menu by G Hotel, I would say: 
In overall, the ingredients are pretty healthy and nutritious, especially my personal preference on the idea of incorporating vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs in every dishes. 
Moreover, despite of 8 courses, the portion served for every dish was just nice for everyone to complete all courses, very unlikely to overeat. 
Lastly, it's HALAL, hence it's very suitable for company year end or work commencement dinner. 

Other than CNY dinner, G Hotel also presents to you a few promotions during the CNY and Valentine's Day. 

For detailed information, kindly visit them at:
Official Website: G Hotel Penang
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