Saturday 23 January 2016

Kim's Korean Food Penang - Another outstanding Korean food in Penang

It has been a while since my last post, I hope you guys still remember me~~ XD
I'm gonna share with you guys another delicious Korean Food in town!
Welcome to Kim's Korean Food Restaurant!

They are so attentive to prepare nice and comfortable waiting area for peak hours.
Very Korean style, isn't it?

I visited them on Christmas Eve and this Santa Claus definitely had caught my eyes!
How could I not taking picture with him?!

Oh my~ There's too many good food to choose from, where should I begin with?

I love their cups design, with some Korean words on it making me feel like dining in Korea. XP

Let's have a cup of water first, water is always the most basic yet important lubricant for our body!

Let's start with our menu of the day with their first page displaying latest tasty menu.

Do you want some Dakgalbi?
I always love to have this as it comes with a lot of vegetables, that's my fiber source!

Or some beef? Korean dishes are always well known with their beef.
Perhaps, people with high cholesterol or uric acid may want to think twice before ordering?
Don't worry, they have plenty of choices for you~~

A la carte menu of rice and noodles.
If I's coming with a bunch of friends, we'd definitely order each of them to try out. XD

Did you spot my favourite in the menu? XD
It's gonna be my next choice there!

Tasty snacks and beverages are waiting for you~~

When I looked at the alcoholic menu, I thought of trying some of them. XD
On a second thought, maybe next time?XP

Here they were, side dishes for the day!
I was like, WHAT? SO MUCH? even that fish?? We did not order any fish?!
Then the waiter confirmed with us that's actually the side dish for December, Grilled Sanma Fish.
I doubted and trying to look around. And, he's right, every tables were served with the same fish!
Other than the fish and cheesy corns, the rest are refillable.

Let me tell you what, this is absolutely great!
I have never try corn with cheese, especially looking at the cheese melted in the pot was really amazing!
But, this is not refillable. So, I savored every bite of it! Yummy~

And, of course, my favourite Kimchi. 
Their Kimchi tasted authentic, right combination of sour and spicy. 
One of the best Kimchi in the town!
Do you know that Kimchi is a good source of antioxidants? That's good for aging prevention.
However, it's high in sodium as well, may not suitable for high consumption for people with hypertension. 

We ordered Kimchi Jeongol, a Kimchi Hot Pot with enoki mushrooms, pork meat, noodles, dumplings and a lot of vegetables. 
It serves 2 persons, quite a big portion even for 2. 

Aside from that, we had Dak Gangjeong, the Glazed Spicy Chicken.  
I like their recipe in this, incorporation of nuts in this recipe makes it crunchy and nutty, enhanced its flavour to the max.
On a separate note, it's also meant for 2-3 persons portion.

A piece of fruit per person after meal to complete My Healthy Plate, sweet and juicy watermelons.

Other than delicious food, I'm also very impressed with their interior design.

Every corner and pieces are made to create comfortable and relaxing dining ambient, even when you're lining up for washrooms.

It may not be appropriate to show a washroom picture for a restaurant, but it really impressed me.
It made me feel like home, so comfortable even in the washroom.

A perfectly decorated Christmas Tree for the festival.

The Reindeer was saying: "I'm sure you like the food here just like how you like me!"

Impressive decoration~~

First time taking photo with such a huge Christmas Tree~

Oh my god! This is totally out of my expectation! 

They have a secret garden inside! 
If you dine in here, mustn't forget to get yourself a nice portrait here!

The owners for this restaurant are a pair of Korean sweet couple.
Thanks for their attentive service and delicious food prepared.

They open certain hours for lunch and dinner only, don't come at the wrong time ya.
They open everyday, except Tuesday lunch time.

Ohya, they don't accept reservations, so come earlier for your great dining experience.

Address: 2, Jalan Tavoy, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact no. : 04-226 6033


research paper service said...

I have never had Korean food but i think i have to give it a try because it looks absolutely delicious! The restaurant looks like such a cute on too! will definitely be trying this!

Justbejess said...

You should try it out! They have a new restaurant that serves buffet in Penang too!