Tuesday 26 February 2019

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Taichung Hotel Recommendation: Aeris International Hotel (Special Dinner was AWESOME!)

Hello, everyone~
It has been long long time after my last travel blog (OPSSSSS)
Here comes to March/April, which is a perfect season right after CNY. 
Why do I said so?
Because this it the great season to travel to Taiwan!! XD
Let me bring you guys to a tour in Taichung today, and lookup for a "hidden" hotel that I would like to recommend to you, located somewhere near Liuchuan, Aeris International Hotel. 
Check out the preview as following:

The hotel exterior design looks ordinary to me, however, it's totally a different story internally. 
By entering the lobby, you can easily spot their trendy yet simplicity interior design, adding on with strong artistic ambient that comes from the books, creating a very comfy feeling in overall. 
They showcase a lot of books in their lobby, which carry one similarity!

You can easily tell what's the similarity from this picture alone, can you guess?
Hehe, I will reveal it in the end of my post... (Be secretive!)

WOW! What's in front of me?!
I'm quite impressed to see there is infused water provided to hotel guest, what a sweet move. 
Okay, impression score increased!
If more colourful fruits, herbs and vegetables can be added, it could be even better.
Ops, my professional hazard😅

There is a nice spot next to the lobby, which is a pub that comes with strong romantic ambient. 
My heart melted once I saw the decoration here at the pub, simply just fell in love. 

Lifted my head up and I spotted handsome bartenders!!😍
Hmmm... I better behave, otherwise, someone could have jealousy. 
There's another highlight that would draw your strong interest.
Just scroll down...

The pub has filled up a small floral garden by the side, which makes it very intagrammable!
I was just not in time for good shots due to the dim light at night. 

Other than serving alcoholic beverages, they also serve tea and coffee, operating from 8am to 10pm. 
With the relaxing music they played, I could feel so much relief and enjoying. 
Honestly, I was quite regret to have a tight schedule and being not able to enjoy my moments there😣.

Other than the lobby and pub's design, the building interior design had really caught my eyes. 
At the 👉of the above photo, it's actually hollow space in between. 
As a person with acrophobia, I am definitely saying a no to look down the building. 😆

Let me now introduce you the Ramble Classic Room that we have stayed during our vacation. 

The overall ambient in the room was very relaxing and comfy, which was very much due to the overall design of the room. 
Room design was very much incorporated with the local culture, which perfectly combined the modern and traditional cultures into the room.   
The perfect fusion of both traditional and modern factors had created a lively yet gorgeous outlook. 
There are four major design factors that the hotel has incorporated into their room design, which are Hakka printed cloth, original inhabitants’ totems, paper-cutting art, and blue-dye cultural heritage techniques.

Frankly, the one large bed option is truly HUGE in size.
Well, that's perfect for couples or married couples with infant. 
Other than this option, you may also opt for 2 single beds, a triple room or 2 double beds to fit up to 4 persons in a room. 

There is a desk provided in the room, with room service menu displayed.
If you don't feel like going out during mealtime, you can definitely order on your convenience.   

Other than the usual beverages provided, they have taken the extra miles to provide fresh fruits to their guest!
This is a lovely move indeed, especially to a nutritionist like me. I felt like my health was well taken care of even I was away from home. 
And there is a very nicely written quote which says: 
"I wish every stops of yours would be the best time of your life"
Absolutely, this is what live in the moment means. 

Aside from the high quality hangers, emergency torch light and a safe, guess what else did I find out from the room itself?
I don't usually see any hotel provides weighing scale as part of their facilities, especially in the room.
Guess what, my husband immediately check on himself on the weighing scale! XD lol
Well, I'll definitely give them a good rate for this!

Something amazing that could best fit for the couples is that, 
the bathroom could be transparent if you were to roll up the curtain from inside. 
And, there you go!
Good view from inside or outside the bathroom 🙈
I noticed that I could even watch the TV program from the wall-mounted Panasonic 50-inch HD Smart LCD TV with internet surfing function!
It is such a good relaxing way for us while taking shower. 

The bathroom is attached with the toilet, separated by a bathroom door. 
Therefore, no concern over wet floor after showering. 
Thinking about packing your toiletries to travelling?
No, you don't have to. 
They have prepared all you need, including the Panasonic hairdryer for the ladies. 

The most satisfying part of staying inside the hotel is that, I could enjoy the city view from my room!
That made me feel so much relaxing in slowing down my pace during vacation, 
and truly live in the moments. 
Perhaps, you should try it out, too!

We went to their restaurant located at ground floor when it was dinner time. 
Looking at this arrangement, I felt like I was walking down a red carpet! 😂

It was just nice that we were in time for their Christmas Dinner Special Promotion during our stay. 
The menu looks so romantic to me, with the purple-pink colour tones!

The dining table arrangement was simple yet elegant, providing a comfy ambient for best dining experience. 
Did you realise what's the similarities from the dining table setup?
It's the rabbit!
If you are observant, all the books showcased at lobby were all incorporated with rabbit design!
Isn't that special??

Before we started off with the meal, let's get a glass of aperitif. 
🥂Gorgeous Christmas Aperitif
By mixing white wine and apple juice, it created a very smooth aperitif that's very appetising with its sweet and sour fusion taste. 

🌰Rose Caramel Flavoured Walnuts
Walnut has very high nutritional value loaded with tons of unsaturated fatty acids, protein and antioxidants, making it one of the best snacking options.
 By nurturing with rose flavour, the walnut flavour were further enhanced that created naturally sweet yet fragrant snack. 

🥗Warm Pear & Pomelo Salad served with Ginger Bread and Balsamic Vinegar 
My eyes told me that this dish could be just so so.
However, my tongue told me the other way on my first bite!
Oh GOSH! How can an oriental salad be so delicious?
The main ingredients used were pear and lady's finger, impressive!
The salad gave me a natural sweetness with a little sour after taste which comes from vinegar.
Interesting part is that, you smells good after eating this!
Highly recommended by me as a Nutritionist cum Food Blogger 😋

🍲Mushroom Soup served with Truffle and Mozzarella Cheese topped with Milk Foam
Mushroom soup itself was very rich and smooth, the flavour and texture was just nice to consume.
A very traditional way of serving mushroom soup, with creative milk foam to enhance the food presentation. 

🍝Zucchini Lasagna  
Every layers comprised of every little efforts from the chef, with detailed ingredients arrangement and taste combination, it provides a significant satiety. 

🍽 BBQ Charcoal Tomahawk Pork Chop served with Cinnamon Apple Sauce Lining Bacon Breadcrumbs
This was a very creative dish by using not-easily-acceptable cinnamon as the sauce.
I'm definitely a lover of cinnamon, but not my hubby. OPS.
So ya, cinnamon lover, here is the dish that's definitely fit your taste. 

🍽Sautéed Sea Bass with Ginger and Lemon Juice served with Bouillabaisse and Toasted Breadstick
This soup dish tasted flavourful and fragrant with the lemon juice added, was pretty appetising.
Though I was almost full when this main dish was served, but I finished it because it was truly palatable!
Thumbs up!

🍮Bitter Sweet Chocolate Brownie served with Berry Ice Cream and Esmeralda White Wine
Here came the dessert!
Well, both my hubby and I were 90% full when we finished our main dish, hence we only got one serving instead of two to cut down on food wastage.
If you know me well, you should know that I'm definitely not a chocolate lover, but this combination was perfect!
Slight sweetness without feeling greasy, with a bitter sweet after taste.
It was apparently one of our favourite dishes of the night!

🍵Citron Tea
A cup of warm yet fragrant citron tea was served before we ended our dinner, that's a good one to keep our body warm over the cooling night. 

We truly appreciated the Christmas Dinner arrangement by the Aeris International Hotel.
I'm quite surprised with the overall dining experience in the hotel restaurant, as most of the hotels only emphasise on the dining ambient, less likely on the taste. (OPSSSS)
I would highly recommend to try out their upcoming special dinner arrangement in the future, and please share with me of your dining experience at the comment box below!

Side track, that was Winter Solstice when we arrived at Taichung. 
Hence, my hubby was craving for Tang Yuan.
We just simply approached the waiter and tried our luck to find out a little recommendation. 
Who knew that the waiter helped us to asked around and even offered to pack for us instead. 
Wow, we were very amazed by the service attitude they have!
They are truly passionate in their service and always prioritise customer's needs. 
We somehow rejected the offer politely and took the opportunity to walk around and burn off some calories. 
Very thankful to have Aeris International Hotel for their great dinner arrangement and had made a wonderful night for us. 

The first thing that I do on every morning is to drink a cup of warm water. 
Well, that's my personal lifestyle habit, to replenish body moisture loss over the night. 
After that... Of course is to get a nutritious breakfast!

Complementary breakfast buffet is provided to all hotel guests during their stay, available from 7am to 10am in the morning at the second floor. 
Dining hall is equipped with long dining tables that can fit at least 4 person and above, suitable for a big family. 
Personally, I fancy the sunlight shining into the dining hall, that made me feel energetic in the morning. 

There is a wood carving being displayed in the dining hall, which is craved by a world-known Taiwanese artist. 
This art piece showcases the dancing pose of Bodhidharma, where the expression conveys the sense of peacefulness from Zen.
I can't shift my eyes away from it, as I felt much peaceful looking at it. 😜

Right after entering the dining hall, the first place that I headed to was the healthy vegetables section. 
A nutritious breakfast is not complete without colourful vegetables. 
"Different colours of vegetables provide different nutrients and antioxidants, hence eat a rainbow is essential!"
Especially, vegetables grown in Taiwan are naturally sweet. 
In this section, you may find all natural seasonings like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cheese, almond flakes and raisin. 

Separately at the hot food section, there are a lot of oriental food selection such as vegetable, egg and meat dishes.
And, not to forget my favourite baked sweet potatoes 🍠, which is a good source of complex carbohydrate!

Hot porridge and soup are non-negotiable when it comes to oriental breakfast, together with the sides dishes such as meat floss and wolfberries. 
Definitely, a breakfast without fruits is also incomplete. 
Don't forget to increase your fibre intake by taking more fruits!
Hmm, I started to feel hungry....

Western breakfast lovers out there!!
Here is your bread and cereal section for breakfast.
Other than milk, you may also choose soy milk (must drink healthier option in Taiwan) to pair with your cereal.
I have intolerance towards milk, hence, soy milk is a better choice of mine. 

Aside from milk, soy milk and fruit juice, you may also choose coffee, tea or the infused water ya!
It'll be even better if there's more colourful fruit slices and herbs added in to the infused water. 

A good day start with a complete breakfast!

It looks small in portion? Well, that's just a starter plate for me... hehe
I was too hungry after that, hence foods ended in my tummy than going into my camera. 

Egg is bad??
Nope! My breakfast is not complete with an egg, which is a good protein source. 
No food is bad, it's just nutrient density that differs. 

After our breakfast, let me tour you around to the two suites in this hotel, namely Scenery Suite & Time Suite. 
Scenery Suite
This suite has been designed to be more romantic, which is very suitable for wedding ceremony and honeymoon option. 
The dim lighting is quite comfy for relaxation. 
Just imagine that you are holding a glass of wine and enjoying the night city view with your partner. Isn't that a cherish-able moment? 

This suite is about double the size of a usual guest room, with a wall partition in between living and bedroom. 
Most of the furnitures are wooden made, making the guest feeling so close to the nature. 

A small kitchen and bar counter were built next to the living room, making one's like home. 

There is a huge bathroom attached to the bedroom, which offers a luxury bathtub and a showering area.  
The bathtub is indeed tempting....
Well, the only time for ladies to stay inside the bathtub is only during vacation, to get themselves out from their daily routines. 

Not only does the bathroom is equipped with luxury showering facilities and bathtub, but also with electronic bidet toilet seat. 

What is more when we could have a customised brand of toiletries for the suite.

Time Suite
Unlike the Scenery Suite, Time Suite comes with more trendy and minimalistic design, more towards a trendy look. 

There is no wall partition in between living and bedroom, but only a desk is placed in between. 
This opened-bedroom concept has somehow make the suite looks more spacious, even it's the same size as Scenery Suite. 

The bedroom design is truly a minimalistic style, nothing much other than the bed and the wall-mounted lights, which makes the bedroom turn up absolutely comfy.
As compared with Scenery Suite, Time Suite has a smaller bathroom. 
However, what's provided in the bathroom are the same. 

There's bathtub here, too!
A more artistic one!

Not only does the bathtub carries the artistic feel, but look at the lighting at the bar counter, isn't that seem like customised for the suite?
It looks perfectly matching with the suite!

Well, I think this could be one of the best option for most of the ladies, because the suite itself is very Instagrammable!

Did I not tell you that you may rent the bicycle at no cost?
Oh yes! you can just approach the lobby if you need a bicycle for outing. 
They will just need your ID card to proceed with the complementary bike renting. 

The hotel itself is located at town area, but is considerably quiet at night.
I would highly recommend it for people who wish to just slow down their pace like me. 
Both my hubby and I are very grateful with the arrangement by Aeris International Hotel in Taichung, making our trip very memorable yet relaxing. 
It's indeed a good place to recharge ourselves.

If you are planning a trip to Taichung, I would highly recommend you to spend your nights here, which are very comfy to recharge yourself during your trip. 
Official Website: Aeris International Hotel
Facebook page: Aeris International Hotel
Instagram: aerishotel

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