Tuesday 29 May 2018

【Real Nutrition】How husbands can help their wife to overcome their menopausal challenges?

When I studied nutrition, I realized women's nutritional needs varied from one stage to another, which is due to different transformation and growth to fit themselves into different roles in life.
This round, let’s talk about how women can overcome their menopausal challenges easily and healthily.
 To all men out there, you may read this up to help your lovely wife!

The optimal age for women to establish peak bone mass is between 20-30 years old, after which the ability of calcium absorption slowly begins to diminish. At time of menopause, the risk of osteoporosis is greatly increased due to the change in female hormones. In terms of diet, we encourage high-calcium foods such as fresh milk and dairy products, vegetables (green leafy vegetables, seaweed, cabbage, etc.) and sesame, as well as calcium-fortified wholegrains and soy products. Needless to say, you must have sufficient Vitamin D concentration and exercise to maximize the absorption of calcium. At this time, husband plays a very important role. You may take your wife out and accompany them to do some exercises which can effectively aid the calcium absorption and strengthen the bones!

In addition, female hormones are the main defence line against heart disease. After menopause, women may have double the risk of heart disease than men! Therefore, husband can prepare more of high-fibre whole grains (such as brown rice, whole wheat food, corn, and whole-grain cereals) and fruits and vegetables, to increase the intake of fiber and antioxidants. Moreover, try to minimize consuming food with high saturated fat content (seafood, red meat, deep fried foods, and cured meats) to avoid the cholesterol level from increasing and thus lead to higher risk of heart disease. Conversely, we can encourage them to ingest more of healthy-fat containing foods such as nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) and seeds (seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.) to keep their heart healthy while may help to delay brain degeneration. 

When women are in menopausal age, we need to anticipate their changes in terms of emotion and physical. At this point, a balanced diet and regular exercise not only does help to relieve the hot flashes, improve mood swings, but most importantly to reduce the risks of chronic diseases. Husband’s role is very crucial at this time, you need to encourage them to achieve balanced diet and regular outdoor exercises, which will benefit them in relieving menopausal symptoms, as well as enhance your relationship with your lovely wife.

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