Saturday 6 January 2018

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Royal Inn Taipei Nanxi: Heartwarming Stay with Thoughtful Services

Hi everyone~
First travel blog post in year 2018!
Hope everyone had a great celebration for New Year!
My last sharing on travelling was about Royal Inn Linsen.
This round, I'm going to introduce Royal Inn Nanxi.
Like Royal Inn Linsen, Royal Inn Nanxi is also part of Hotel Royal Group, 
which had been briefly introduced in my last post here. 
The cover photo above has a strong sense of retro right?
Do I look like lady in the 80s?
Let me tour you around to this RETRO FASHIONED inn, 
I'm pretty confident that you'll be impressed!
This inn located at Nanjing West Road, which is only about 10 minutes walking distance to the one at Linsen North Road. 
And, what's more? It's just 1 minute away from the nearest MRT?!
Another key factor, this MRT is just 3 stations away from Taipei Arena, 
where the concerts always being held!
Dear friends who are very into concerts, this is your best choice!
OH YA! Not to forget, it's very near to Ningxia Night Market~
Similar to the one at Linsen North Road, its main lobby is not located at ground floor but 8th floor. 

After checked in, the Manager suggested to tour me around to different room types. 
It was a great opportunity to showcase their rooms in my blog too, for all of you~~

Standard Room - Double
The first one to introduce is the Standard Room - Double, which fits 2 guests. 
The only difference of this room as compared to others is that, it doesn't have a window. 
Other basic facilities are more or less the same as others, which I will walk you through later. 

All rooms came with a piece of full length mirror, which reflects their attentiveness towards guests' clothing etiquette.

Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room fits two guests andis either came with a double bed or two single bed,
it's up to the guest.
This room has a window which allow sun shines into the room itself,
that makes the room looks brighter.
A little tip to share with you, DON'T NEED TO BE AFRAID OF DARKNESS!
They provide emergency flash lights at every single wardrobes,
which will light up after taking out.
Totally save time and perfect for emergency use!
Their emergency measures impressed me a lot since I found ESCAPE SLING is available at every floor.

Hey! Did you spot the air freshener?
I have shared this in my previous blog, 
it's one of their thoughtfulness to make sure their guests leave the room with pleasant fragrance.
Family Room - Twin
Looking a place for entire family?
Don't worry, there's a Family Room here with twin double beds. 
It fits well for two adults and children, quite spacious even for a family of four. 

Deluxe Business Suite
Finally comes the most classy room of the inn, Deluxe Business Suite!
This suite is very different from the rest, it comes with a living room, a bedroom and a HUGE bathroom!
There is a sliding door to separate living room from bedroom, 
which allows some privacy in the bedroom when there's any guest around.
Ratio of living room, bedroom and bathroom are of 1:1, they are equally HUGE!!

Well, to certain extent, I feel like their bathroom is even bigger than bedroom!
The dresser impressed me a lot!
It's just as spacious as if it's another bathroom!
Awesome~~ 😍😍

Other than the bathtub, there's another shower area in the bathroom. 

Not only does it has a huge bathroom, it comes with a more uniqueness.
First one is the iron board designed for men's pants, 
with the consideration that their pants get wrinkled easily, 
this iron board makes sure that their guests dress up to their best extent for all occasions. 
Did you notice the weighing scale?
I believed that's for ladies~~😝
Lastly, the 80s alarm clock!!
I feel so nostalgic~~

Business Room: Twin Bed
Welcome to my room, Business Room!
It looks so cosy and classy isn't it?
I strongly recommend this to couple or bff, you can either go for a double bed or twin single beds.
Generally, all rooms are designed with grayish colour and of Japanese style, simple and neat furnishing.

All rooms are equipped with proximity lock using smart card system, convenient yet highly secured.
Other common amenities such as LED TV, duvet, luggage rack, desk and bathtub, 
are all well-prepared for their guests. 

I could easily spot the air freshener, emergency flashlight, digital safe, 
indoor slipper and shoe horn in the wardrobe. 

Full length mirror is a basic amenity too!

I never worried about my toiletries, these were prepared neatly for me. 

All rooms come with international sockets, 
increase convenience level for guests coming from all around the world. 
And, of course, hair dryer for long-hair ladies like us (Ops, mine is considered medium-length. 😜).

Last highlight of this sharing is the Zojirushi vacuum insulated food jar.
Japan has strong environmental awareness, so does Taiwan.
Royal Inn does not encourage daily change of bed sheet, but if you need, definitely can request for it. 
Other than that, they also prepare vacuum insulated food jar for guests to pack their food, very environmental friendly. 
I feel like every single needs are well taken by them, very lovely and caring.

It's time for a relaxing bath, for a goodnight sleep 😴

I found a secret garden that I couldn't resist to take some good photographs!
This secret garden is located at the corridor next to the main lobby. 
It uses bamboo, pebbles and stones to bring up a strong Japanese ambient. 
At some point, I thought I was in Japan! (rub eyes~😅)

There's a business centre customized for guests who needs public computer set with free internet and document print out by consumption.
OH MY~~ They are all APPLE products~ look so classy!
Other than that, there's a digital touch screen in their lobby,
to introduce all hotels under Hotel Royal Group, as well as surrounding information for travelers like you and me. 

Both Royal Inns provide FREE self-service laundry room for guests who have limited clothes, and need to keep changing clothes. 
It's located at 10th floor and equipped with both washing machine and dryer.  

Royal Inn also comes with complete facilities, 
which include a spacious meeting room that equipped with necessary facilities. 

At the entrance of lounge, there's a reading area which allows guests to do some magazine read up, surrounded by fragrant coffee aroma. 

It's breakfast time now!
They serve complementary buffet breakfast from 7am to 9am during weekdays, 
7am to 10am during weekends and public holiday. 

Interior design of the lounge is very close to the one at Royal Inn Linsen, 
simple and retro feel. 
Other than breakfast, they offer 24 hours FREE coffee, tea and snacks for their guests too. 

WOW~~~ Variety of side dishes~
It's time to prepare my breakfast now!

Breakfast menu is mainly oriental and Japanese style, 
where I could get hot porridge and miso soup, add on with some appetizing side dishes. 
If you prefer western style, you can opt for bread with fruit jam, salad, omelette and some cereals with milk. 
Seaweed, natto and dried kelp are some nutritious side dishes that you could easily get it from Royal Inn.
Last but not least, FRUITS!!!
I must have fruits everyday, to stay away from the doctors!😋

Simple breakfast can be nutritious too, it gave me an energetic morning to start the day. 

One highlight that I must not forget, they offer FREE POSTCARD!
I know most travelers have the habit of writing themselves a postcard, so then I. 
Their postcards are very impressive yet meaningful, I had a hard time to get myself one. 

This was my choice, I LOVE TAIWAN!
Don't you think I'm as cute as the girl inside?😏
After writing on the postcard, you can send in to main lobby and pay NTD10 as postage fee. 
I received mine after 2 weeks!
Reading the messages I wrote for myself, I teared.
Well, I think it's a good idea to send yourself a reminder of what you want in life. 
Leave a good memory with great motivation during traveling is a good move. 

In overall, I'm impressed with Royal Inn Nanxi. 
I like their thoughtfulness on small little things, especially the emergency measures. 
And, of course, the attractive yet meaningful postcard which allows guest to bring the memories along and share with their loved ones. 
This was my first time to get postcard during my stay in Taiwan, instead of buying myself. 
If you do have similar experience, feel free to share with me. 
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If you are interested, find out more via following channels:
Official website: Royal Inn Taipei Nanxi

Happy New Year 2018!

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Longwell Kort said...

Went here for a great all-you-can-eat buffet and they held nothing back. Their food, service and mostly the staff were truly amazing. I was starving and am one of those voracious "sampling" type eaters who has to try everything in a buffet, and at the party venue I couldn't make it!