Thursday 16 February 2017

[Singapore] Casa Verde @ Botanic Garden - It was a perfect and healthy breakfast time here!

Hello all~~
It has been some time since my last English blog post!
And yes, I'm back!
Everytime when I need to talk about food and nutrition, 
I would prefer to use English rather than Mandarin.
(Even though I think my Mandarin command is better😆😆)
Today's blog is about finding a JEWEL in forest.
That is...
Casa Verde in Singapore Botanic Garden!
It was a weekend when I had a date with two crazy pretty ladies👭
(Don't kill me ya..XD)

Casa Verde means "Green House" in Italian.
This is definitely their concept in providing a relaxing atmosphere and dining place
in this cozy yet close-to-nature garden landscapes. 

If I am not wrong, it's one of a few dining places in the Singapore Botanic Garden.
But they offer something exclusive for their clients!

If you feel like enjoying the sun and food together, you can always opt for their picnic set promo, $30.
And, they also provide you a picnic basket!
Wow.... I wish we found out this earlier, my housemate is a big fan of picnicking. 

For those who own lovely pets, there is no issue for you to bring them in together and enjoy your meal!
It's a PET FRIENDLY dining place!

Before we ended up here, we kind of spending 2 hours walking and shooting in the garden. 
So, we were definitely in hunger!
Let's find out what do they offer from their menu!
Oh ya! They only serve All Day Menu from 10am onward!
Initially, we wanted pasta for our brunch, but was then turned down by this reason. 
No choice, have to re-look at the menu again. 

This dining place runs a self-service concept, 
so you need to take note of your table number before start queuing.

It's so long queue!
And so, our lovely Lilian volunteered herself to queue up. 
She looks so cool here!

And I was waiting...waiting... and waiting...
While my stomach was making noise...nonstop. 

So, I decided to distract myself by shooting my friend!
And this was a candid shot by friend instead~~

Finally the food was ready!
She had this: Omelette with Country Bread!

It was served with Mesclun (mixed salad with young salad green leaves) 
with the choice of 2 toppings (either bacon, ham, cheese, capsicum or mushroom), $11.50.

Hot latte was still my preference even though the day is hot.
I am not a big fan of coffee but I only take it when I feel like relaxing.
Coffee lovers: 3 cups of coffee is the upper limit for daily intake ya!
Too much caffeine does not benefit your health.  

I was so lucky to be fed by her! XD
It was Eggs Benedict from her, 
served with toasted English muffin, ham, two poached eggs, mesclun and hollandaise, S16.

And finally it's my turn!
~Al Forno~ $15
The name itself sounds so~~~ grand~~~
And yes, it did not put me on disappointment. 
It was served differently in a special bowl. 
The ingredients are two skillet-baked eggs (MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!),
 tomato sauce, grilled cherry tomato, grilled zucchini and garlic bread!
All those vegetables are my bias!
And I tell you what, I was in loved terribly since my first bite!
It tasted a bit sour sweet (natural sweet from the vegetables), very appetizing. 
Who said we couldn't get vegetables for breakfast? 
This is exactly how we can incorporate them into our eating habits. 

Healthy eating is always a choice of life. 
You choose your life, you decide your health. 
I will definitely pay my second visit just because their foods match my profession perfectly!

For more information, you can always visit their official website .
Casa Verde always GO GREEN!

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