Friday 6 January 2017

My Hair Day with Twiggy Salon Macalister - thanks for the 50% off promotion code from bestie!

Hello everyone! 
I was thinking what to write for my second post in 2017 after some travel posts earlier on written in Mandarin. 
I decided to take a break and bring you girls to an awesome and reasonable hair salon in Penang!
Ever since I moved to Singapore, it has been quite challenging for me to pay a visit to hair salon due to busy life schedule. 
Hence, I always fully utilize my time when I am back to hometown to pamper myself. 
And yes, hair salon is a must!

That's right! 
It's Twiggy time!

Scalp treatment is a routine for me every 2 months (used to be every month last time), 
as stress stimulates more hair falls!!
And ya, healthy scalp produces healthy hair.
That's the right way to treat the root cause of hair fall.
So, I REALLY and HAVE TO take good care of my scalp for beautiful hair. XD

Alright, coming back to the highlights of today's post. 
After my hair dresser assessed my scalp condition, I was told that my scalp was sensitive as the surface was too dry and that caused more stimulation of oil (that's the natural defense of our body). 
In short, my scalp was losing its oil-moisture balance. 

Hence, she recommended Shiseido Scalp Lifting (Original Price RM180++) for my scalp to restore moisture and establish oil-moisture balance.  
First step, apply Firming Cream on my scalp and followed by....

It promotes a healthy scalp with resilience and moisture, creating the foundation for beautiful hair.
Oh ya, I forgot to introduce my pretty hairdresser, Sharon. 
She has good massage skills to relax my head and scalp from tension. 

After rinsing, followed by hair treatment - Aqua Intensive (RM215++). 
It started with 2 procedures that allowed me to still relaxing on the chair. 

The first procedure for hair treatment was to recharge moisture of my hair inside out, 
creating a base to make supple and richly hydrated finish last. 

Step 2 was with Aqua Intensive Hold that holds moisture inside the hair and fixes it in place while restoring lost proteins.

It's time for PAO ZOU PO (landlady!) 
Steam steam steam for about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 3 was with Aqua Intensive Shield.
This step continuously hydrophobizes and coats the hair surface to make the supple and richly hydrated finish last.

Last step of hair treatment: AQUA INTENSIVE Multi Care Milk
(Multi-use treatment)
It thoroughly repairs various types of damage and instantly improves hair quality to make the hair more supple.
It looked like squeezing mayonaise on my hair! XP

After final rinsing, I got my last step for my scalp treatment. 
Power Beauty Drop for oily scalp, it helps to prevent stickiness and itching, to create a healthy scalp environment for beautiful hair.

This is highly recommended for those with sticky scalps, concerned about scalp odor
and those who want a clean and refreshing sensation

Lastly, finish up my hair treatment with this - Oil Unlimited Velvet, a leave-in hair treatment. 
It is a 2-layer hair oil of moisture layer and oil layer that fills hair with moisture and gives a lightweight, silky texture that lasts.

Chinese New Year is coming up soon!Nice and smooth hair is a must for ladies. 
They have two branches at Pulau Tikus and Macalister Road respectively. 
So them out from their FB and Instagram!
Facebook: Twiggy Hair
Instagram: twiggysalon

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