Tuesday 16 September 2014

~Snail White Cream~

About two months ago, a friend of mine introduced me one of the most famous yet effective moisturizer recently: 
(Credits to Mr Google for this picture)

(Credits to Mr Google for this picture)
My first thought was...
OH MY GOD! Snail secretion???

So I decided to do some online review before I decided to go into it. Basically, this product claims to have 6-7 effective functions:

1. Good moisturizer for dry skin/damage skin
2. Reduce/lighten acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines and rashes
3. Keep your skin moisturized and yet prevent oily condition
4. Protect your skin from oxidation, UV and other pollutants.
5. Enhance collagen formation and firm up your skin
6. Brightening and firming 
(Credits to Mr Google for this picture)
(Credits to Mr Google for this picture)

Since almost all of the reviews were positive, I decided to have a try. 
The first thing that I usually do when try out new skin care is to try on my hand to observe its absorption and sensitivity (sometimes get sensitive to certain skincare).
It's very hygienic as it's a pump,
 just press to get the cream out.
It looks whitish in colour and
the texture is between gel and cream.

It gives a sticky feeling when
 you first apply to your skin.

After massage for a while, stickiness gone.
Left with clear and bright skin.

After trying on hand, now, on my face and neck.
I tend to have breakouts whenever I am stressed, due to combination skin type.
Usually I get very oily in air-conditioned room and easily get breakouts as outer layer gets oily meanwhile inner layer becomes dryer.
Somehow, after using the SNAIL WHITE CREAM, my skin complexion gets better. Quick recovery from acne, acne scars less visible, face get brighten and whiter, less oily and less breakout. Well, for firming, I don't really feel it, maybe it did but not significant enough in just 2 weeks time. Another point to stress here, my neck wrinkles (goodness, I'm old!) gets lighten, as if the formation of collagen was really enhance as promoted!
Before (25 July 2014)
After (11 August 2014)
Indeed, I personally think that this is a good product to recommend for skin to become whiter and brighter with better complexion.
Good one!

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Marie said...

WOW, I love your post that has a lot to enjoy. Which beauty product do you use?
I use Snail white by Namy Life and seems to be working great. suggest me if you have any in your mind. thanks http://www.easybloggingtip.com/snail-white/