Saturday 25 November 2017

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】Taichung La Vida Hotel: Simple Nature Makes the Greatest Living

Hello everyone!
It has been more than a month since my last update, I'm so sorry!😅
I have been crazily tight with my working schedule over the past month, and to plan my vacation!
If you ever follow my Instagram stories (for those have not, you may follow me by clicking here!),
you could have known that, yes, I had my GETAWAY!
Ops, no... I returned to my comfort place, which is TAIWAN.  💓
This round, I chose a place where I have been, and pretty familiarized, TAICHUNG. 
And, guess what? 
I found an accommodation that could have rated 5 stars from a few perspectives like services, dining, and interior design!
Let me tour you to La Vida Hotel now!

I was impressed by La Vida Hotel's concept during my first visit to their official website.
La Vida means "be happy in life" in Spanish, and that's why their brand story has been emphasized heavily on a well living. 
"By having a good break and returning to the simplest nature of life, we are able to achieve more aspirations in the future" is exactly my only reason of getting away from the busy life. 
No doubt, this is my style. 

As I arrived, I went to register myself over the counter. 
The professionalism, friendliness and sincerity of the staff warmed my heart right away. 
At that point, I felt that "I'm back home" from the bottom of my heart. 😍
I have chosen Deluxe Double Room for this trip, as the introduction and photos from the website really enticed me. 
Let's check it out in reality now!

Northen Europe's simplicity is the key concept of this hotel's interior design. 
And when it combines with wooden-made furniture, 
it portrays a relaxing ambient, yet looks elegant and glamorous. 
Smart card system allows the guests to unlock the room by sensor, 
as easy as ABC but possesses high security level. 

The bed was HUGE~~~~
Due to frequent back and neck ache issues, 
I'm pretty particular with the quality of bed and pillows provided. 
And, I have to say, they were perfectly fine for me! Superb!
I felt so fresh the next morning, without any aching concerns.
Taiwan is always well-known of their strong environmental awareness. 
In order to save the planet, the hotel has introduced a policy where they only offer replacement of bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers upon request. 
Personally, I don't see the need of changing it in a daily basis, 
which is a common practice in many countries. 

Another great highlight of the room, there's a big sofa and glass window next to the bed. 
From the room, you are able to enjoy the street view via the French windows.
What attracted me most, was the pendant lights, it was so glamorous. 
I wished I could have it in my room!

I'm a sunny lady, room with morning sun is always my top priority, as it energizes my day.
My morning could be as simple as this, and I felt in love with myself. 💓

Other than a nice wardrobe where you could fit in your luggage, 
the hotel prepares indoor slippers, a safe and unexpectedly shoe shovels and bathrobe!
I tried the bathrobe after bathing, and its texture was pretty soft and comfortable, 
as you can see form the first photo that I have featured on top of this post. ☝

The other side of the room was filled up with a desk, kettle, uncompressed silent refrigerator and 46-inch TV!
Do you know what you must do in Taiwan?
That's is to watch their local TV shows!
Because they offers more than 100 channels, which cover news, drama and shopping channels. 
The hotel understands that guests may be confused with all these channels, 
hence prepares an index of TV channels for all guests to refer easily.
As I turned on the TV, I saw a welcome message with my name on it! 
(Ops, I removed my name, XD) 
Such a good etiquette they have!
There's some beverages inside the refrigerator, but they aren't my choice at all time. 
I'd go for the tea bags offered, Taiwanese tea are always my first preference!

One thing worth to take note, is that they even equipped with international sockets, 
it was covered secretly in the desk. 
 I got to know this only when I was searching my international adapter to charge my camera and handset. 
This is an essential information for guests like me! 
If I were to know this earlier, 
I'd probably saved my load of bringing two international adapters with me. 😆
It'd be even perfect if there's a slight distance between the two sockets, 
as it's slightly space constrain to fit in two plugs at once. 

First highlight of the bathroom is the ceramic bathtub!
It'd be a nice if I could get myself into a hot bathing after a day of travelling...

They even prepares a BATH TABLETS for their guests!!!
This is so unbelievable!
It's gonna be a serious crime if I didn't get myself a good bathing with such caring services. 
There's another reason why you must get yourself a good bathing here, 
which I'll reveal later. 

How grateful was I to enjoy this bathroom alone!
I felt in love with the mirror at my first sight, it came with white cool light.
This is the greatest dressing mirror for ladies like me, especially for make up use!
And, let me tell you what, it was transparent between bathroom and bedroom!
You can look into bedroom while you are in bathroom and vice versa. 
Sounds so romantic for couples!
 But of course, you are not staying with your partner, feel free to close the curtain. 
All kinds of toiletries have been well prepared and layout neatly, that included hand lotion (my total life saver!) and cotton swabs.
Towels were also neatly and nicely prepared in a basket. 
I noticed there's a bag next to the dressing table, I was wondering was that some kind of lucky bag? 
Well, I must had been too tired after flying for few hours 😅.
It's actually a hair dryer!!

Another thing to take note when you are travelling to Taiwan:
DO NOT THROW tissues into the toilet bowl, regardless pee or poo. 
Hence, the hotel is attentive to setup a TOTO washlet for their guests, which is presentable yet very technologically advanced. 
For me, it serves more of a hygiene purpose where I could wash off my intimate part hygienically, 
and stay off from the possible bad smell.
One thing that enticed me a lot with this technology is I could adjust the temperature, preferred location, water flow and drying speed at my own preference. 

Other than bathtub, the bathroom also came with a walk-in shower area,
which is totally isolated and so, minimize the slip and fall risk in the bathroom.

As a nutritionist, I'm definitely familiar with olives.
But, it's definitely my first time to see hotel serving olive-extracted shower gel, shampoo and conditioner!
Oh yes, conditioner not commonly provided by hotel, but it's a MUST whenever I travel to Taiwan!
This is due to Taiwan has a cooler weather, it often causes my hair to get frizzy easily. 
Another travelling concern of mine has been resolved! 

Another secret selling point of this bathroom is, it came with a bathroom LCD TV!!!
You would have probably spotted it on the photo from official website. 
But, wait, they also got me a remote control for the TV!
Hooray~~ I can anyhow change channel while I soaked myself in the hot tub~(woohoo~~)
I have to say, it's my first experience to enjoy TV show while I's bathing!
And, you know what, my favourite actor appeared on screen when I's naked in the tub. (*blush*blush*)😊

Personally, I feel bathtub is an important factor during travelling. 
As I had my hot bath, I felt so much relaxing and soothing, that prepared me well for a good rest throughout the night. 

La Vida hotel offers great international breakfast buffet for their guests.
Their Viva restaurant was an impressive one, which had been designed to be spacious, simple yet glamorous and fashionable. 
It doesn't serve solely as a restaurant, but a multi-functional space where meetings and events can be held too, with all the necessary equipment provided. 
They even extended their services to cater for business meetings, year end party, birthday party or even wedding reception!
It's a good option as it can fit up to 150 pax!
Coming back to the restaurant part, they have attentively prepared baby's high chairs for their guests, 
to allow highest safety level even to the little ones. 
It's just passed Halloween when I visited, hence the restaurant carried a very strong Halloween ambient. 
If you were to visit them now, I believe the entire restaurant now is well-prepared for Christmas.

If you were to dine in with a big group of family or friends, 
and hoping to get a little more privacy, you can choose to dine in in their VIP rooms.
Just approach their manager to make this arrangement in advanced, 
I believe they are more than happy to assist. 

The breakfast buffet include all kind of cuisines, such as oriental, Japanese and Western style.
Variety of food choices are made available for all guests.
And I realized, they provide most of the healthier options, 
from salad to side dishes, dressings as well as nuts and seeds!
Most importantly was, they kept their offering very organized, hot and cold offerings are segregated well for the convenience of guests. 
For vegetarians, you could easily identify them by checking on their food tags, 
if it's lacto-ovo vegetarian or vegan option. 
Even for beverages, they do offer both hot and cold options.
And what enticed me to the max was their beverages were mostly healthier options, 
where I could get myself 100% fruit juices and Yakult. 
They even served a lot of famous fruits in Taiwan, which really impressed me!

For bread lovers, the bread jams are meant for you!

I found a magic book over the food counter!!!
Guess what?
This magic book told me the stories about different cheeses and their way of serving. 
When I took of the cover, I felt like I's opening a Christmas present, with all the beautiful cheeses served. 
Frankly speaking, I have never seen a hotel other than the one in Norway, have served and explained different types of cheese during their meal offerings. 
My heart was melt immediately and my Norway memories came back!💗💗

I miss this, the Passion Fruit Dressing!!
It was so tasty and healthy!
Not too sweet, but fragrant, definitely my type.

Well, I spotted this, another superfood from Taiwan, Echeveria!
I have never seen this in Singapore nor Malaysia, that's why I felt so curious. 
I got to know this from the introduction message displayed next to it, 
pretty surprised to know that how the hotel take charge to share some knowledge with their guests. 
It's a Superfood with high nutrient density which has abundant of minerals, vitamin B and C!

Other than buffet style, they do provide freshly cooked on order service for their guests.
There's a menu served on every dining tables, listed were the hot foods that chef could prepare upon request for the guests. 
It's like a Live Station concept to me!
And, it's served to my dining table, queue was not needed at all!
I believe La Vida hotel would like to deliver an important message here where even little things like breakfast, 
they see it as important as guests' stay-in experience, 
and they are more than happy to take this extra step to make guests feel like home to kick start their lovely day. 
Needless to say, their ramen was so palatable!

The healthiest eating habit is to have sufficient breakfast to commence the day with adequate energy and nutrients. 
That's how I start off with my energetic day!

Let me tell you a little secret here:
There's a Secret Garden in this hotel!
Its location is really isolated, 
you can only discover it when you open the door towards the end of the hotel. 
And there you go, an impressive one!

My sharing has not come to the end yet, not until I share with you on their business center and gym. 
Business center is tailored to guests who are on business trip. 
All kind of magazines, desktops and complementary wifi are always made available for guests, 
with comfortable couch and cafe bar. 
The hotel have considered so well for the guests, all possible needs are well covered by them. 

Oh right! Last thing in the lobby!
The digital weighing machine for luggage is made available for all guests, 
that can prevent guests from having overweight luggage while checking-in at airport. 

Another reason of choosing this hotel, they have gym!
Travelling shouldn't be the excuse of not exercising. 
In fact, I enjoyed the street views when I exercised.
This shall be the meaning of traveling, to reboot lifestyle and relax to max. 

The most crucial point is, the location is so strategic!

Just 3 minutes walking to FengJia Night Market.
So I would say, this is the best accommodation for travelers!

I read a lot of good comments about this hotel, before I went to them. 
All accommodation websites has high recommendations towards them. 
They have won the following prizes in the past:
2015 Expedia "Rookie of the Year" Award
2016 TripAdvisor Top 25 Hotel In Taiwan for Travellers' Choice Award 
2016 Award of Excellence and Guest Review Awards
2017 Agoda Gold Circle Award 

A 4-star hotel with 5-star services, 
how dare you miss out a great deal like this? 😝
If you like it, you can make a booking or contact them via their:
Official Website:逢甲商旅 La Vida Hotel

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