Saturday 2 September 2017

【旅遊開心事|My Travel Log】4 hours adventure in Macau WITHOUT MOBILE DATA!

Looking at the news lately about how typhoon had caused a serious damage to Macau, 
I felt complicated. 
Other than feeling sad and sympathy for what happened in Macau, 
I am grateful that I had the opportunity to travel to Macau last April, 
to witness the beauty of this city before the catastrophe strike in. 
I hope and pray for the city and people for a full recovery soon.
Having said about this trip, it was indeed a CRAZY ONE!
As we only managed to spend 4 HOURS!
ONLY 4 HOURS, before I could merely made it for a dinner, 
an occasion where I met Moses Chan and Amy Chan!😍

Another thing that I need to highlight here was the weather and my outfit of the day.
It was a good LAUGH and CHILL~~
The temperature was shown about 25 degree Celsius before I departed from Singapore!
But... it became 18 and came with rain!
And... I thought I could survive with my shorts and sleeveless top, 
which ended up shivering all the way~~😰
Hence, an advice for readers, always get yourself additional outfit for countries with 4 seasons.

We went to Sheung Wan to purchase TurboJET ticket to Macau, which was about an hour of journey. 
That was a good reminder from my colleague in Hong Kong, 
silly me thought I don't need the passport since both Hong Kong and Macau are part of Republic of China. 

We needed to clear at the immigration counter from the terminal. 
I remember we were so panic due to the long queue at the immigration, and we were almost time to board the ferry!
Well, the officers were so cool and told us nothing to worry, won't miss the ferry. 
Ya, the ferry was kinda delayed in departure time. 
I think that's the reason why the officers were so calm while the crowd was so panic.😜

The ticket ran out quite fast in the morning, it's better to purchase earlier over counter or via kiosks.
It costs us about HKD 177 per person, about SGD 30. 
You may check out from their official website: TurboJET

It's time to board! 

Okay, another thing that I just discovered before boarding...
If passport needed to pass the immigration, meaning to say, 
Hong Kong sim card may not be used in Macau?
I prayed hard... and tried.. 
And, ya, I's RIGHT!
Well, since nothing can be done, just sit back and relax...

Hello! Macau~ We finally met!

Luckily I did check with my cousin on how to get to my destination before boarding. 
From the ferry terminal, we went across to the bus terminal.
There's a lot of FREE shuttle buses from different hotels. 
Just pick one and board?
Of course not!

We chose Grand Lisboa Hotel, which is nearest to our destination, Ruins of St. Paul's.

Wow~~ the casino looks so grand!

Okay, this two girls were about to start the adventure in Macau with NO MOBILE DATA!
Did we panic?
But, we were EXCITED TOO!
How did we survive with that?

Nah~with the most primitive way, PAPER MAP! (when GOOGLE MAP is not available)
And, our mouth to ask for directions. 
People in Macau often speaks Cantonese and Mandarin too, 
it was not an issue for me. 

The architectural's design was a great fusion of Portuguese and oriental culture. 

We could easily get a nice shot down the street!
Credits to my photographer 💓

This looks so familiar to me, were they been shown in some Hong Kong drama before??

Their trishaw was rather advanced and sun-protected, as compared to those in Penang.

Did we lost?
Yes, we obviously did and tried our very best to figure out the correct ones. 

I like the street view in Macau, very artistic and photogenic to me. 

Finally, we were so near to our destination!!
Ops, it's just my thought, you know?
Still some walking distance to our final destination. 

Hmm... I assumed we should go to the right?
But, wait, let's check out what else was available.

We found a Cathedral here, looked historic yet impressive. 

Alright, here was the real challenge began, 

We were literally brisk walked through the crowd, as the clock was ticking!

And, we got it!!!
The landmark and signature food in Macau!
I miss the Portuguese egg tart! 

It was tough to find our ways there, and cut through the crowd.

But it was indeed a worthy one!
Look at the historical landmark, it must have witnessed the past and present.
It'll still be here to be with us in the future. 
It's hard to take a photo without any stranger in the shot, 
those up there were considered minimal counts. 

Impressive view from the top of Ruins of St. Paul's, breathtaking. 
And, the crowd looks like ants, so tiny yet lively. 
Did you spot the Grand Lisboa Hotel where we came from?

If you are a big fans of Hong Kong drama, you know it's a must to get some souvenirs from this shop.
They have 15 branches in total, covering both Hong Kong and Macau!
In Macau, I spotted them like 10 times in 30 minutes.
You can spot one every 50 steps, and every shop was crowded with people!
I just got to know they do own a branch in Singapore Chinatown. 
And, seriously, their peanut biscuit is DELICIOUS!!

After getting our souvenirs, we rushed back to the hotel, hoping to get 
the free shuttle bus back to ferry terminal, to catch our ferry in time. 
Unfortunately, free shuttle bus service ONLY provided to their guests from casino with a voucher given to them. 
It was not a big deal, cab is always available and it is just a 5 minutes drive. 

The adventure in Macau kind of brought us back to ancient time, 
being primitive rather than being so advanced with gadgets on hand. 
With no mobile data on hand, we had to rely on our navigation and communication skills. 
Well, though girls usually do not have excellent sense of navigation, but we dare to ask around. 

I'm glad to have this girl with me for the entire adventure. 
Thanks for being patient, and took great photos for me. 
My all time partner-in-crime (for food and travel adventure), Natalie. 

Check out my Vlog from my youtube channel!

We were glad that we able to return on time. 
Because I got to meet Amy Chan and Moses Chan during the dinner!
Check out my stay at Hong Kong to find out more!


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