Saturday 21 November 2015

Korean Style Short Hair, without perming. (Special promotion for haircut now!)

Hello people!
How're you guys doing?
I just had a short hair cut recently and received a lot of compliments about it. 
XD So Happy!
A lot of my friends asked me about it.
So, I'm going to reveal my secret weapon(Hairstylist) now!

Due to budget constraint (because I rather spend more during travel), so I decided to get simple transformation.
I's so lucky because this salon is doing promotion!
I'm very pleased to get Mr. Derick Ooi, the Director for Hairstory, to help me with my haircut.
Mr. Derick was my first hairstylist who did my first transformation back in 5 years ago, my first curly hair. 
He was so attentive to ask a lot of questions on my typical dress up during normal days, in order to get a suitable hair perm.
And, I was totally in love with my first hair perm!
And my second time with him was 2 years later, to cut my waist-long hair to shoulder length!
I remember my only request was, could you make it shoulder length yet curled-in without perming?
And, yes, he did it for me! (OMG, I looked so tired with my bare face XD)

So this time, I wanted him to help me with making decision because I had a huge dilemma.
Before that, I was in a dilemma. shall I remain long hair?
But my hair has a lot of split-ends, not healthy anymore. Yet, was having 2 tone colours.
And to colour long hair, it's costly! (Wanted to save for my trip, XP)
Shall I cut? But I will miss my long hair.

After some discussion with him, we decided to get my hair cut to shoulder length, AGAIN!
Of course, I wanted a Korean style.
If you know me well, you know I'm in love with Korean culture. XD

And of course, getting my hair dyed is an essential part of making a Korean hairstyle.

Make a guess of what was the colour I chose?
It's Ash Brown! 

Hair dye often damages our hair, especially causing dryness.
In order to ensure I have nice and smooth Korean hairstyle, hair treatment is a must after hair dye!
Recent hot item for hair repair and protection -- Argan Oil!
Argan Oil is produced from Argan Tree, widely found in Morocco.

This is the Argan Oil Hair Mask that used for my hair treatment after hair dye.

Hair cream to apply after hair washing and blowing.
Don't be afraid because it's cream, it's easily absorb by hair and leave me smooth and shiny hair.

Shampoo from the same series of Argan, you could try out too. 

I'm so glad to get two handsome hairstylists to help me with the hair treatment! 

Became Rental Lady (包租婆)look!

Then.. became rental lady with astronaut helmet?
Nah... It's the steamer to start on with my hair treatment.

After treatment, Mr. Derick trimmed my hair for final time.
And here you go!

This is my Korean style LOB hairstyle with Ash Brown colour!

I was pleased to have Mr. Derick for this short hair cut.
We all know it's very difficult to get curled in shoulder length hair cut, especially without perming.
He never failed me with curled in shoulder length hair cut.XP

It's easy to handle even I did not have salon type of hair dryer during my trip in Taiwan.
Just blow it dry and it'll curled in by itself.

I'm glad I made a right choice to get a shoulder length hair cut @Hairstory by Mr. Derick Ooi
Sometimes, we just need to be brave for changes.
After all, hair will still grow.
To friend who wanted a shoulder length hair cut, just do it!

Their Argan Treatment was truly helpful to make my hair soft and shiny.
Don't forget to get their FREE VIP card, you'll be entitled up to 10% discount for weekdays, 5% discount for weekend and special discount for birthday month!
And tell you secretly, they seldom release their VIP card, it's not available except certain promotion period!
**Call them for details ya!

Protect your hair today with Argan treatment!

Find them at 
Official Website:
Instagram: Hairstory Penang
They have 8 branches, you may reach them at:
1.Egate 04-6598807 
2.Air Itam 04-8286807 
3.All Season 04-8287807 
4.Q.Bay 04-6437558 
5.Prima Tanjung 04-8990558 
6.Automall 04-2966948 
7.Paragon 04-2189179 
8.Island Plaza 04-8909807

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