Tuesday 7 June 2016

The Shinise Cafe & Bistro - a health-conscious cafe

Hello readers~~
After some time of searching a cafe with healthy yet yummy choices, I have finally found one in Penang! Wohoo~~
I'm gonna share with you this amazing cafe that use WHOLEGRAIN for their food! OMG! 

This is really a good stuff to share with my readers who really enjoy healthy and yummy food!
So, I'm gonna share this out LOUD!

Shinise Cafe & Bistro launched about 11 months ago in Penang. 
Pretty new huh! I considered that as new because yet to celebrate their birthday! XD

My first trishaw ride~~~ 
That's their signature exterior design!
Are you ready?

Something interesting to share. Many people always confused with "PULL" and "PUSH" as if they don't read the signs.

The owner use cute info-graphic to educate the customer on these two words which are frequently used, but commonly confused.
That's creative!

This cafe is owned by Sekeping Retreats group, which owns guest houses and bed & breakfast rooms. 

In fact, they have some good own-produced artworks to explain to customers on the difference of coffees.
Wow! I guess this would be great to customers who don't understand the types of coffee very well.

And, they're selling TWG Tea here!!
Awesome, isn't it? 
I heard that's a really luxurious kind of tea lately in Penang.

And this one! Classic Ho Lan Shui (soft drinks) in classic packaging!
This reminds me of daddy and mommy's time, the 70's retro style.

A comfy sofa and seats setup as another corner for customer to chill with beverages.
The overall interior concept is unique, putting it in a retro style yet relaxing and nature-friendly environment.

They have plants everywhere, as if you're actually relaxing in a small garden.

When it started to operate, there's no AC installed.
Their concept is to offer a close-to-nature ambient. Some fresh air flow with door opened that fits into their idea of offering a close-to-nature ambient.
Somehow, for the past three months, Penang's weather had gone crazy and shot up till 35 degree Celcius and above.
They then started to installed AC to make sure customers are comfortable during their visits.

Using natural sunlight for the cafe, making it feels like an outdoor cafe. 

Ops, don't get me wrong.
 It's not an open-air cafe, it's just a transparent roof that allows natural light to come in.

Hmm... Let me think what do I want for my meal.. 
**I'm not sleeping**
**I'm just thinking**

The menu is here!
At my first glance, I feel their price are pretty reasonable.
You'll be totally impressed by the value for money later!

While waiting for my meal to be served, let's have a thorough look on its interior design.

The wall portraits strong heritage feel with small little flags hanging up there, reminded me of my childhood birthday party! XP

Magazines are available for reading!
I say, cafe is always perfect place to read.

They do sell some little things other than tea and coffee.

If you are a plant lover, you can go for this, very unique vase they have.

Oh! Flowers! 
Guys, you could give your girl a little surprise even it's in a cafe!
No girls will say NO to flowers, I bet! XD

This is an amazing concept, displaying some artworks on the wall by using clips and string.

Oh my! This gives me a strong classroom feel.
We used to have nice artworks displayed in classroom every time after our art class, and that's exactly how it looks like!

**I love days when my only problem is coffee or tea**
I wish I could have simple days like that too!

Hilarious messages on the wall made my day!

Sometimes, they do have live band for entertainment.
If you could bump into them, that's very lucky of you!

Alright, it's time for my lunch now.
I can't wait to eat!

Tada~~~ our meal today! 
Does it looks gorgeous? Yes, they do!

Iced Doicetto, RM12.90.
Doicetto is a Thai style coffee that offers a combination of taste that could totally fulfill your taste buds, that's its uniqueness.
Sweet, salty, a little sour and ends with a little bitterness. 

Abracadabra, RM12.90.
This is their signature iced beverages, a must-try item!
This Bluechai Blue Tea (made from Butterfly Pea Flower & Lemongrass) offers slightly sour and sweet, with some sparkling taste.
It refreshed my mood instantly! XD

Another specialty about this is its colour transition!
From blue to indigo and to pink! (with just a drop of lemon or lime juice!)
How adorable~~~
Just a second, I need to share with you, these are 100% NATURAL colour from the flower Bluechai itself. 
**Side note: Butterfly Pea Flower can be used in cooking and baking with plenty of health benefits too. (click here)

Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Egg & Toast, RM18.90.
Here comes my healthy lunch!
The boss told me some customers feedback and said some of the dishes was bland. 
I don't understand this until I see the meal served.
I realized the food wasn't bland at all. In fact, it contains its natural and freshness taste, with some spices and herbs for taste enhancement.
Then I understand. It wasn't about the food, but Malaysians' taste bud. Somehow we are so used to strong taste with lots of sugars, salts and oil added. 
Our food culture somehow doesn't allow us to appreciate the natural taste of food, which is much healthier. 

For all the restaurants and cafes that I have visited in Penang, I could say Shinise has the greatest grade of freshness of ingredients they use.
I could taste the sweetness from the super fresh vegetables served, with some spices sprinkled on top.
Not to forget, they served wholemeal bread!
It is the first cafe I visited which served WHOLEGRAINS stuff!
So now, you could understand why did I say it's really worth for value for money and its quality?!
Even the salmon was freshly smoked a little, juicy and very flavourful. 
Since smoked salmon is a little salty, it's actually meant to serve with the wholemeal bread and salad.
The taste blends really well after all!

Egg Benedicts (Chicken Delights/Turkey/Bacon/Salmon), RM18.90
Another dish of the day, egg benedicts!
You can choose from several options: chicken, turkey, bacon or salmon.
We chose to have bacon, since we had salmon for the previous dish. XD
Bacon, of course is not an ideal or healthy choice, but sometimes when craving strikes, once in a blue moon is fine. XP

Egg benedict tastes salty, creamy and very flavourful. 
Poached egg topped with Hollandaise sauce, wrapped by bacon and served with vegetables and bread, serves a complete meal requirement. 

Oriental Chicken Chop, RM18.90.
Another dish for the day, my friend's order. 
I didn't really try out the dish, but it looks attractive to me though. 
Having just a small bite of the chicken, I found it was pretty palatable for my next try.

Frankly speaking, I was totally impressed with the amount of vegetables they offer for their dishes. 
They are pretty generous in giving the salad and spices to enhance the nutrition and taste.
The portion offered was big enough to feed a big eater like me, just a plate, not more than that. 
I'm in love with their concept in making an effort to serve healthy dishes, yet to keep the deliciousness. 
It's never an easy task if you're into this, but they make a significant one.
What they impressed me the most, is their freshness of ingredients, especially the salad!
I have never seen salad served could be that fresh, so far in Penang, nope!
So, I thought this is gonna be a great place to share with my audience!

Don't miss them out in the town area. 

They are just opposite to The Ghost Museum, you can easily see them here.
Facebook: Shinise
Instagram: theshinise
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am-11pm
Address: 62, Lebuh Melayu, 10100 George Town, Malaysia.

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